Friday, February 15, 2019

Warriors have fair share of play, but Lions win in penalty shoot-out

Photo:  Kingborough's Chase McConnon holds off Olympia's Chris Kumpulainen [PlessPix]

Kingborough Lions United Black beat Olympia Warriors 5-4 in a penalty shoot out in the opening game of the Conference 1 section of the Social Summer Cup tournament at North Chigwell this evening.

The game was goalless in the opening half and ended 2-2 after the regulation 60 minutes.

Olympia had more of the play in the opening half but were unable to score against a resolute Lions outfit.

Photo:  Kingborough's David Cooper is sandwiched in an aerial contest [PlessPix]

The second half saw Kingborough start to get the better of the exchanges and they led 2-1 through goals by Fabian Lampasona and Jak Nuttall.

Nick Meredith was Olympia’s marksman and it was Meredith who hit a superb equaliser near the end to ensure a penalty shoot-out.

Olympia put outfield player Michael Moschogianis in goal in place of Craig Stockdale for the penalty shoot-out. 

Photo:  Olympia's Michael Bulis (left) about to be beaten to the ball [PlessPix]

In the shoot-out, David Cooper, Jak Nuttall, Chase McConnon, Callum Hutton and Geoff While netted for Kingborough, while Jason Williams had his spot-kick saved by Olympia keeper Michael Moschogianis.

For Olympia, Nick Meredith, Lee Mason, Chris Kumpulainen and Michael Bulis scored penalties, but Moschogianis struck a post with his effort and Aloa Abboud had his spot-kick saved by Kingborough keeper Jake Hayers to give the Lions victory.

Photo:  Kingborough's Chase McConnon beats Olympia keeper Michael Moschogianis with a penalty [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Kingborough's Geoff While scores from the penalty spot [PlessPix]

The squads were:

Kingborough Lions United Black:  Jake Hayers;  William Aitken, Sam Williams, Jason Williams, David Cooper, Callum Hutton, Warren Iles, Fabian Lampasona, Chase McConnon, Jak Nuttall, Geoff While, Dominic Winter.

Olympia FC Warriors:  Craig Stockdale;  Aloa Abboud, Chris Kumpulainen, Michael Moschogianis, Michael Bulis, Che Mohamad, Lee Mson, Nick Meredith, Douglas Castaneda, Montajab Chamali, Patrick Doherty, Sleiman Mohamad, Samuel Hills, Youssef Mohamad.

Photo:  Olympia's Douglas Castaneda comes away with the ball as Kingborough's Fabian Lampasona gives chase [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Olympia's Nick Meredith eyes the ball [PlessPix]

Photo:  Olympia's Douglas Castaneda in an aerial duel [PlessPix]

Photo:  Olympia's Nick Meredith on the ball.  He scored both his side's goals. [PlessPix]


Gerry said...

Great to see you at games last night Walter. It was Will Aitken that scored the goal, Fabian is the good looking dude that wins the header in the second last photo.

Kappa said...

Love your enthusiasm for the game at every level Walter.
Your efforts for turning up at our game are greatly appreciated, especially when you don't have to be there. Thanks again for taking some great photos and your match report.