Saturday, February 23, 2019

Olympia receive half-a-million dollar government grant

Photo:  Olympia president George Mamacas (fourth from left) with FFT officials, Minister Jacquie Petrusma MHA (fourth from right), and coach Alistair Russell (extreme right) and players at yesterday's announcement [Photo courtesy of Olympia Warrior FC]

Santa Claus has come again.  Whether he’s early or late is a moot point.

Suffice it to say that Olympia Warriors are the latest beneficiary of government largesse.

The club has been given a ‘Levelling the Playing Field’ grant of $500,000, which is not to be sneezed at.

“These funds will be designated towards the upgrading of the Warrior Park facility,” said Olympia president, George Mamacas.

“Specifically, we intend to improve the existing change rooms and add more change rooms designed for females.

“Also envisaged will be a new media room and seating for the viewing public.

“Construction is likely to take place towards the end of the 2019 winter football season.

“The club thanks the State Government for their consideration of the grant.

“A big thank you to our club’s General Manager, Sarah Black, for the tireless work she put towards the final draft of the grant application.

“I also recognise the efforts of the FFT board in assisting us and would like to thank FFT Board member, Jim Lange, for his personal help with this project.

“Olympia FC are proud to be the leaders in women’s football in the State of Tasmania.

“Olympia FC look forward to a successful Super League campaign in 2019.”

Photo:  Olympia Warriors women's squad and coach Michael Moschogiannis in their new Puma gear [Photo courtesy of Olympia Warriors FC]


Anonymous said...

Great to see futbol clubs getting grants.but as a European its 2019 & facilities for clubs have been so far behind the rest of the world here.perhaps its not taken seriously as its only seasonal here.& you have the longest preseason in the world

Brian Young said...

$$$ for South Hobart, KGV, Warrior Park. Anyone smell an election in the air?!