Monday, February 11, 2019

Lions to engage in Zebras hunt tonight

Photo:  Kingborough coach Greg Calvert says success is winning premierships [PlessPix]

Kingborough Lions United will have their third pre-season hit-out tonight when they welcome Hobart Zebras to Lightwood Park for a 7pm kick-off.

The Lions’ previous two games resulted in a 4-0 win over Riverside Olympic at Lightwood Park, and a 2-0 loss away to champions Devonport City on the artificial pitch at the back of Valley Road.

Lions coach Greg Calvert was not too disappointed at the loss to Devonport.

He said his team had matched the champions for the whole game in terms of work-rate and defensive organisation.

He said Devonport had scored their first goal in the 25th minute after a Kingborough free-kick deep into Devonport territory had been played into the penalty area and then been cleared and they mounted a quick counter-attack.

The second goal came early in the second half after the Lions had made a few changes.

Calvert said his side had been missing five players and they had travelled to the North-West Coast on a very hot day and played on a small, artificial pitch.

“For me, it was pleasing just in terms of the attitude, the effort, the endeavour and, indeed, knowing that we have at least four and maybe five guys to come back into that team,” Calvert said.

“I thought it was promising.

“They’ve got a pretty experienced team.  They were talking about two more imports and they had most of the players from last year, and they had Todd Hingston as well.

“Personally, I think they are absolutely going to be in with a shout of winning the title this year.”

Photo:  Brentyn Muir (right) has joined Kingborough from Beachside and is impressing the coach [PlessPix]

Calvert said tonight’s game would see a few new faces, including Christian Di Martino and Greg Downes.

Downes has been recovering from injury and may get a run for half an hour, while it will be Di Martino’s first appearance of the pre-season.

Calvert is quite open in his vision and plans for the club.

“For me, success is about winning premierships,” he said.

“For me to do that, you’ve got to build a team of really good people.

“Tonight, we’ll be looking to build further team cohesion and also understand what individuals can offer in the roles that are asked of them.

“I want to know how driven individuals are, and how positive they are, and how much energy, enthusiasm and encouragement they can bring to the group.

“I’m looking at team cohesion, and at what I can learn about individuals in terms of what they can offer.”

Photo:  Zebras coach David Smith issues instructions to his players at half-time in the game against Clarence last week [PlessPix]

Hobart Zebras will have Mathew Sanders down from Melbourne for this game, but Luke Huigsloot and Dwayne Walsh will be missing.

“Realistically, it’ll be the same sort of squad that played against Clarence last week,” said Zebras coach, David Smith.

“We’re hoping for another good workout and we’ll be continuing to work on some systems of play.

“We’re looking for quicker ball movement and the timing of runs and the angle of runs and balls into the front-third.

“We’ve been off-side too often.

“We’re not going to change much of what we did the other night and I hope we can be more confident in possession and, when we lose it, try and win the ball back as high as possible.”

 Photo:  Kingborough's new American keeper, Hunter Harrison, will be tested tonight [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Only 3 clubs South Hobart Devonport and Olympia have won all the trophies since 2013.
I predict more of the same in the 2019 season.
In one word boring.

Celtic said...

Could be worse like when south won about ten in a row