Saturday, February 16, 2019

Friendlies on Saturday, 16 February 2019

Photo:  Olympia skipper Maddie Black (left) in possession as Beachside's Chlow Williams moves in [PlessPix]

NPL Tasmania Friendlies

Hobart Zebras 3 (M Pace, M Sanders, L Burt) beat Riverside Olympic 1

Kingborough Lions United 5-1 Glenorchy Knights

Launceston City 2-1 Northern Rangers

Challenge League friendly

Kingborough Lions United 0-4 Glenorchy Knights

 Photo:  A South Hobart player is tackled by a Taroona opponent [PlessPix]

Women’s Summer Cup

South Hobart 4 (P Choi 2, M Coy, K Dutkiewicz og) beat Taroona 0

Olympia Warriors 7 (Heather Russell 7’, 38’, Madison Chambers 10’, Jade Williams 49’, Josie Mamic 65’, Olivia Bomford 74’, 82’) beat Beachside 0

Hobart Zebras 4 (Isabella Ferrier 42', Zoe Nichols 44', Allie Berry 58', 60') beat Clarence United 0

 Photo:  Olympia's Olivia Bomford crosses the ball in the game against Beachside [PlessPix]

Photo:  South Hobart on the attack against Taroona [PlessPix]

Photo:  Zebras keeper Kacee Ponting thwarts a Clarence striker [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Clarence keeper Amelia Davie dives at the feet of Zebras' Allie Berry, who rounded her and scored from an acute angle [PlessPix]


Matt le tizz said...

Not sure where knights are.they have lots of players but how many are good enough for Npl.

Anonymous said...

Riverside looked better this week
Keep pushing roos its coming

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Olympia Woman will go undefeated in 2019.

Anonymous said...

The Knights supporters are suddenly very quiet. Not the romp in the park they were expecting.

The Phoenix said...

And someone thought Knights would finish top( not you Walter) they got found out today. Definitely a bottom 3 side but will finish at least 2 spots above my lads I think.

Anonymous said...

Knights were smashed by an ordinary side

Anonymous said...

A few quick to jump on the Knights. Wouldn't read much into it, 6 or 7 first team starters absent or injured from this line-up. Sit tight.

Anonymous said...

How about 9 or 10? You may as well go the whole hog. Good commitment from senior NPL players.