Monday, February 4, 2019

Pascoe Vale again beat South Hobart 1-0

Photo:  Pascoe Vale's Davie Van't Schip battles with South Hobart's Tobias Herweynen and Adam Gorrie [PlessPix]
Pascoe Vale of the Victorian NPL beat South Hobart 1-0 at South Hobart Oval last Saturday in a pre-season friendly.

The goal came in the 20th minute through Pascoe Vale’s Number 16 (no team sheets were available), after a quick counter-attack down the right caught South Hobart’s defenders out of position and slow to react.

South Hobart keeper Kieran Brown, who had made a brilliant save in the opening minutes, was left alone and defenceless and had no chance of saving.

Pascoe Vale had created three decent chances before the goal and deserved their lead.

Photo:  Ben Hamlett works hard against two Pascoe Vale defenders [PlessPix]

South Hobart’s passing left a bit to be desired and their build-ups were largely ineffective.

Their only chance came when Ben Hamlett worked hard to get a shooting angle in a crowd of players, but he blazed high over the bar.

Photo:  Pascoe Vale's playmaker, David Van't Schip, lies injured [PlessPix]

Pascoe Vale suffered a huge blow when their playmaker, Davie Van’t Schip, suffered a leg injury and was forced to come off.

After treatment, he tried to resume, but to no avail.  One wonders why he wears such small shin pads and, indeed, why referees allow it. Incidentally, an English referee from Victoria was in charge of this game.

His injury appeared to be on the outside of the leg just above the ankle, an area a shin pad does not protect, but surely his shin pads do not comply with the laws of the game.

Photo:  Pascoe Vale clear as South Hobart's Nick Morton causes problems [PlessPix]

His departure certainly didn’t help Pascoe Vale’s cause and South Hobart came back into the match after the interval.

They beefed up the centre of their defence by bringing on Hugh Ludford and Oscar Thomas, while Alex Leszczynski also had a run in attack.

Alex Walter squandered a great one-on-one opportunity with the goalkeeper as South Hobart clearly struggled to score.

Pascoe Vale hung on for the 100 win, the same as when the sides met in Melbourne last month.

Photo:  South Hobart goalkeeper Kieran Brown is left to retrieve the ball from the back of the net [PlessPix]

Goalkeeper Graham Wright is back from England and was on the South Hobart bench.

South Hobart travel north next weekend to play Launceston City.

Victorian visitors Keilor will be in town next weekend to play Glenorchy Knights at KGV Park at 7.45pm on Friday, and then Olympia Warriors on the Saturday.

Former Glenorchy Knights player Goran Jozeljic, brother of local referee Ivan Jozeljic, plays for Keilor.

Photo:  South Hobart's Declan Foley, who has signed from Glenorchy Knights, pleads his innocence.  He was lucky later not to be sent off after conceding a free-kick and then kicking the ball into the face of a Pascoe Vale opponent who was lying on the ground.  The Pascoe Vale player needed treatment before he could resume playing. [PlessPix]
Photo:  The Pascoe Vale number 9 controls the ball with his chest [PlessPix]
Photo:  A Pascoe Vale player surrounded by South Hobart opponents [PlessPix]


Percy thrower said...

Darcy street looking worn already season hasn't started.groundsman needs to do something

Anonymous said...

Thought south team looked more like an Npl squad.reckon Ken got them ready for honours again

Anonymous said...

Great to see mainland sides coming here .Thought van’t schip was a class above shame he went off injured

Anonymous said...

I watched the game as a keen neutral and was very surprised by the South Hobart team.
I don't know if they have significant injuries or player absences but that was perhaps one of the worst South Hobart teams that I have ever seen. There were a number of players who just seemed patently unfit while others just seemed to be very average players. Their bench also seemed very light on quality (and fitness). The young players brought on may indeed have bright futures ahead of them but they looked seriously out of their depth at this level (the young lad who came on at centre back looked very composed and was perhaps the exception here).
Could be a long season for South Hobart fans.

Smudger said...

Walter Pascoe Vale goalscorer was (16)Dimitri Hatzimouratis - the disallowed goal in the last couple of minutes was (4) Matt Hennessey son of club Technical director Dean Hennessey who was at the game on Saturday , many may remember Dean's Father Terry Hennessey who was a Welsh international and played for Nottingham Forest and Derby

Gordon said...

Oh My God ,, quote : A Keen Neutral ,, Now I’ve heard it all ! One says the team looks good , and another says there absolute rubbish ?Walter is there any chance you could organise a football game between your loyal followers on here that are not critics of every team they don’t support , and well I guess Versus all the Anonymous ‘s that love to bag every team they don’t support (especially Clarence ) Winner plays Clarence in the final maybe ?

Match of the day said...

The world game is all about opinions.thats why we love it

Anonymous said...

Clarence reap what they sow.