Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Hamlett looking forward to playing a dramatic role against Devonport and on national stage

Photo:  Ben Hamlett appears to be indicating 'Bring it on" [PlessPix]

South Hobart striker Ben Hamlett scored four goals in Sunday’s 5-2 demolition of Olympia Warriors in the semi-finals of the Lakoseljac Cup.

The 27-year-old said it was very good result for his club and made up for the recent 3-3 draw between the sides in the league.

He is looking forward to meeting Devonport in the Lakoseljac Cup Final at KGV Park on Monday, 10 June.

Hamlett has missed most of South Hobart’s interstate forays in national competitions in the past through injury, so he is hoping that the club will win the cup and compete in the FFA Cup.

“Sunday’s win over Olympia was awesome and a really good result,” Hamlett said.

“It’s what we were after and it wasn’t just a win but it was a strong performance across the whole park, the whole team.

“It was a very good day out.”

Hamlett said the players had been ‘gutted’ by the recent 3-3 draw with Olympia but Sunday’s result has given them confidence and belief in each other.

“We’re building as a team and the Cup means a lot to us so we’re going to go out and give it everything,” Hamlett said.

“When we do that, I think we can test anyone that comes up against us.”

Photo:  Ben Hamlett (right) in action against Olympia's Bay Kurtz on Sunday.  Hamlett was on fire and scored four goals. [PlessPix]

Hamlett said that in some games South Hobart’s intensity had dropped off in the second half and this has allowed teams to come back, as Olympia did in the 3-3 draw in the league match.

“It’s just a lack of concentration,” Hamlett opined.  “But, on Sunday, that intensity that we started with and which was so crucial [in the second half].

“We continued our high-pressing game and being ruthless in front of goal.

“Everybody was really trying for each other, so it was really good to keep the momentum in the second half.”

Photo:  Ben Hamlett and South Hobart coach Ken Morton at a media conference on Monday [PlessPix]

Hamlett is excited at the prospect of the Cup Final and said he could hardly wait for the game.

“I haven’t had a proper go at Devonport this season, so I’m excited for that and am really looking forward to it,” he said.

“I hope we can get back on the big stage where South Hobart belong and stamp our name back up there.

“For me, it’s a lot of unfinished business and wanting to get back on the field, especially at that level.

“It’s really exciting for us as a club, but also for Tasmania, to push the envelope for Tasmanian football.

“Devonport hold no fears for us.  No way.  Obviously, we respect every opponent, but we’ll set the intention and the intensity and see what happens.”

Hamlett, incidentally, holds the record for the most number of goals scored in a single Lakoseljac Cup game.

In April 2017, he scored 10 of South Hobart's goals as they annihilated Launceston United 12-0 in an early round of teh competition.


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