Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Morton has eyes on Lakoseljac Cup as well as on NPL title

Photo:  South Hobart coach Ken Morton believes his team can still win the league [PlessPix]

South Hobart coach Ken Morton is keen to win this season’s Lakoseljac Cup and he was delighted with his team’s performance in winning last Sunday’s semi-final 5-2 against Olympia Warriors.

“There’s nothing more important than the FFA Cup in Australian football,” said Morton.

“That’s the way forward for the A-League clubs and the NPL clubs and we want to be in that next round [Round-of-32] when it’s drawn.”

Winning the Lakoseljac Cup is Tasmanian clubs’ entry to the national FFA Cup competition.

South Hobart have won the Lakoseljac Cup five times since its inception in 2000.

On Monday, June 10, they face holders Devonport City at KGV Park at 3.30pm in this year’s final.

Photo:  Ken Morton (right) with his ace striker Ben Hamlett as a media conference on Monday after the semi-final win over Olympia the previous day  [PlessPix]

Morton will be hoping for a repeat of the 2008 final, when South Hobart beat Devonport 2-0, but he realises this year’s final will be a huge task as Devonport have beaten South Hobart the last time the side’s met in the final.

Last year, on the 11 June, A Miles Barnard goal gave Devonport a 1-0 win.

“They [Devonport] have done very well in the past couple of years,” Morton said.

“We’ve got lots of reasons for wanting to win this trophy, including the fact that we have close ties to the Lakoseljac family.

“Bradley Lakoseljac is one of our first-team players and his Dad, Brendon, is on our coaching staff.

“And then, of course, it provides the winner with entry to the national FFA Cup competition, where we’ve competed before.”

Photo:  South Hobart's Bradley Lakoseljac (left) up against Olympia's Joffrey N'Koso in last Sunday's cup semi-final [PlessPix]

Morton has given his players four or five days off training after winning last Sunday’s semi-final.

Striker Iskander Van Doorne has taken the opportunity to take a four-day break in Bali.

“We’ll then get the players back in and prepare them for the final,” said Morton.

“The final is our next game [South Hobart have a bye in the league this coming weekend] and we’ll look forward to that and have the guys in peak condition for that game.

“We have to get back to winning this tournament, and getting back to winning the league, too.

“Devonport are 5 points ahead of us, but overtaking that deficit is certainly doable.”

South Hobart have won the league championship 8 times since 2008, including a run of seven consecutive title from 2008 until 2014.

“Sunday’s semi-final win against Olympia was a good performance by us,” Morton said.  “We put it together well.

“We’ve played in patches this year, but we were very good against Devonport when we lost 1-0 to them.

“When you’re playing against a top side like Olympia, to win 5-2 is very encouraging.

“This is the time of the year when we have hit a bit of form and you have to keep everybody together, very fit and get some of the experienced players back as well just to keep the depth there, and we will make a push for the league as well.

“Five points is within reach, but you can’t afford to drop points.

“You’ve got to keep winning.

“We’ve got a good squad and everybody worked their socks off against Olympia and got a good result.

“For my part, I have to be super proud of our academy, and Ned Clarke and the staff.”

Photo:  Ned Clarke is in charge of South Hobart's Academy and recommends youth players for the seniors [PlessPix]

Morton said the Academy staff tell him if and when a player is ready for senior football.

South Hobart have introduced several young players in the senior team this season following injury to some more experiences players such as Alex Walter, Darcy Hall and Gilly Desouza.

All have performed well and South Hobart have reached this year’s Lakoseljac Cup Final and are in second place in the league.

“Devonport are an organised side, but one probably missing a Brayden Mann, if anything, but they’re still a formidable team,” Morton said, looking towards Monday’s cup final.

“Credit to University, who pushed Devonport all the way in last Saturday’s semi-final.

“Uni showed good spirit and had a go at them, which was encouraging for the club.

“It’s up to us now.”

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