Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Jez Kenth new Lions coach, and other comings and goings and decision making on the run

Photo:  Jez Kenth in his University coaching days in 2015 [PlessPix]

Jez Kenth has been appointed coach of Kingborough Lions United.

The Lions are currently sixth on the nine-team NPL Tasmania standings.

Greg Calvert resigned as Kingborough coach 0n 8 May after a 4-0 away defeat to Launceston City.

He was soon followed out the door by Kingborough’s full-time academy coach and assistant to Calvert, Ben Horgan.

Kenth is no stranger to the top flight competition.

He was coach of Launceston City last season, when the club topped the standings for the first half of the season before finishing fourth.

He has also coached Hobart Zebras in 2017 after Peter Savill resigned suddenly early in the season, having been Savill’s assistant at the start of the season.

Kenth established his credentials with second-tier University and took them to a Southern Championship title before moving into the NPL coaching scene.

Kenth will be assisted by Cameron Ellis and former star player Gary Upton, who had a distinguished career interstate and in Tasmania.

Photo:  Gary Upton in his South Hobart days after leaving Kingborough [PlessPix]

Upton was one of the best players to have played in Tasmania and turned out for both Kingborough and South Hobart.

He was as hard as nails and his technical skills and ability to read the game were exceptional.

Jed Donoghue will also assist with match-day analysis.

Photo:  Jed Donoghue has also coached at NPL level in Tasmania [PlessPix]

 Clarence United defender Odaine Demar has left the club after a handful of appearances this season and signed for Scottish club Gretna FC 2008.

Demar, a former Jamaican international, was in his second spell with Clarence, but he was plagued by injury throughout his career in Tasmania.

Photo:  Odaine Demar had huge talent and ability but his performances in Tasmania were blighted by injury [PlessPix]


Former Devonport City coach Chris Gallo will be back in the North-West of Tasmania in a matter of weeks.

He took Devonport to an NPL title last season and also to the FFA Cup Round-of-32 after winning the Lakoseljac Cup.

He left Devonport at the end of last season after two years in charge to coach new club Magpies Crusaders in McKay, Queensland.

He resigned a couple of weeks ago with the Magpies sitting third from bottom.

Anthony Alexander, who was the youth development officer for Football Federation Tasmania in the north of the State and who joined Gallo at the Magpies, is the club’s new interim coach.

Gallo, meanwhile, has been appointed as the North-West Development Officer by Football Tasmania and will assume his new role next month.


Glenorchy Knights are furious at Football Tasmania’s decision to postpone their NPL fixture against Devonport City scheduled for KGV Park on Saturday, 8 June.

The decision was at the request of Devonport, who are scheduled to play South Hobart in the Lakoseljac Cup Final at KGV Park two days later, on Monday, 10 June.

Glenorchy Knights president, Tony Bacic, was furious at the decision and has soight an urgent meeting with Football Tasmania CEO Matt Bulkeley to protest the decision.

“There was no communication with our club at all before this decision,” Bacic said.

“FT are a shambles.

“When the roster was put out at the beginning of the season, surely FT would have been aware this situation could arise.

“Our club organised the availability of our players and asked them not to plan to go away over the long weekend in June because of the match schedule.

“We have organised rosters to run the bar as we, as a club, planned to stay in Hobart over the long weekend.

“This is an absolute joke and how can FT do this?

“This advantages Devonport in the league as well.

“If a roster was put out in the knowledge that this could happen, surely FT would have advised clubs at the beginning of the season that changes may need to be made.

“For FT to make this decision without even asking us, the home club, is nothing short of another embarrassment.

“The financial implications for our club are significant because of this decision.  It’ll cost us a lot of money.”


Common Sense Fft said...

Don’t think anywhere in the world would have a league match days before a major cup final.Thats just idiotic.
Also I think to suit northern & southern teams as it’s a State cup like champions league 2019 Hobart 2020 launnie or Devonport as champions league 2019 Madrid 2020 Munich.keep taking in turns so you know every year we’re it’s going

Anonymous said...

Oh bacic, stop the whinging. You wanted to play with the big boys so pull your pants up and wipe your nose and just get on with it.

Anonymous said...

FFTs scheduling has been awful for many years know. FFT's unprofessionalism knows no bounds, they are a rabble of an organisation that has done nothing but hold the sport back for decades in Tasmania. Devonport shouldn't have to play two games in as many days but there should have absolutely been a realisation from FFT that this could occur.

Anonymous said...

Boro Dream team Jez gary & JED.just need a Tyler fisher and i can see you flying.got the right appointments this time go boro

Anonymous said...

common sense You are correct no organization in the world would play days before such a big cup final thats Dumber & Dumber.also like alternate cup final north & south save dollars for supporters make it fair play

Anonymous said...

Another dream team for Boro. What a .......

Anonymous said...

What happens when two teams from down south make the cup final.
Would you still have the game played up north?

Anonymous said...

Pathetic from FFT not telling clubs of this at the start of the season when Rosters went out.

Daresay Knights anger has more to do with them thinking they'd play a Devonport side resting players for a Cup final than anything else though. Game presumably still has to be played eventually so how exactly is it costing them money?

Visa versa said...

Exactly same if two northern teams make it when the year it's in the south you know before season started

Anonymous said...

Oh Tony you big sook. You wanted back into the top flight now just suck it up and get on with it. As for the $$$$$ your clubs got heaps and everyone knows it.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Dport will noe travel to Hobart mid week as there is no more weekends off??

Anonymous said...

Didnt the Knights shaft Devonport by pulling the pin at the last minute on an agreed pre season match because they got a better offer? No sooking from the Strikers President about that one. Its called Karma

Anonymous said...

This is absurd. At a Presidents meeting in OCTOBER 2018 it was agreed by all clubs that the 2 finalists would get their league games postponed. Bacic and Joiner were there. Tony stop being a dick.

Anonymous said...

Has the game being in worst shape in the State sadly not for a long time are we sinking yep we sure are and quick .

Anonymous said...

Including the cup I can't remember the last time Devonport had a home game. It must be maybe one against zebras and the the last 6 or so other fixtures down here, sometimes doing the trip over long weekend. Would be extremely rough of them to have to travel down south again twice in 3 days, especially before a cup final. Glenorchy put yourselves in the other clubs shoes, you get to put your feet up and get the week off, could have avoided this situation of no football with making the cup final yourself- Might have been nice to communicate that from FT all the same .

Charles Calthrop said...

Tony this was discussed and agreed with everyone there...please explain your position now?

Anonymous said...

Another coach at the Den, There must be something drastically wrong with Kingsborough's committee, board and their soccer committee as NO club should be turning over such experienced coaches. They need to clean out their board members, not coaches.
They are a social club, not a club that our striving future soccer players will learn at.
Give your NPL licence to Taroona and go to a league where your clubs mentality is at.

Anonymous said...

Its a dummy spit because they see an opportunity to beatma side they couldn't any other day of the week. They see themselves as a top team while everyone else sees them for what they are.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.41.
Hit the nail on the head.

Charles Calthrop said...

And still no response from Knights? Tony? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard Launceston city complaining about their game being postponed against south Hobart.
Knights are just being sooks.
As usual.