Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday results - 26 May 2019

Photo:  Olympia's Jack Ryan rises to get a header [PlessPix]

Lakoseljac Cup Semi-Final

South Hobart 5 (Hamlett 8 pen, 46, 48, 66, Berezansky 13) beat Olympia Warriors 2 (N’Koso 38, 81)

Photo:  South Hobart's Adam Gorrie almost kicks Olympia's Joffrey N'Koso in the head [PlessPix]

Women’s State-wide Cup

Kingborough Lions United 3-1 Olympia Warriors

Northern Rangers 0-6 Hobart Zebras

Photo:  South Hobart centre-back Oscar Thomas tangles with Olympia centre-forward Jack Ryan [PlessPix]

Southern Championship 3

South Hobart 3-2 Brighton Storm

Hobart United 2-5 Metro

Photo:  South Hobart goalkeeper Graeme Wright blocks a shot from Olympia's Joffrey N'Koso [PlessPix]

Photo:  South Hobart's Nick Morton attempts to stop Olympia's Nick Mearns from crossing the ball [PlessPix]

Photo:  South Hobart youngster Sam Berezansky celebrates his goal, which gave South Hobart a 2-0 lead [PlessPix]


Achilles heal said...

Olympia defenders to slow today and kept passing back just putting more pressure on yourselves.teams that play you away from warrior tiny pitch know you're not quick enough

Anonymous said...

What was olympia coaches tactics i agree first 20 min we just passed back all the time

Anonymous said...

Really poor from Olympia and smart tactics by Kenny M. South sat deeper than usual to prevent Olympia getting in behind. Olympia kept belting it in the air to Ryan who had Oscar Thomas on him and was going to out jump him all day. Olympia's fitness also looked questionable in the last 20. And well done to the five u18 South players who hd a run either from the start or off the bench

Anonymous said...

Port and South miles ahead of the rest. Olympia were complete garbage today.

Anonymous said...

Is Jack Ryan worth the $1000+ a match they’re paying him? Oscar Thomas has the bloke on a string today

New kids on the BLock said...


Anonymous said...

Olympia too many egos. Having a crack on the field is not cutting
down a young player from behind seconds after the ball has gone.
Ref no guts to show red card. It’s also about time the Olympia
supporters know when to yell out and what to yell out.
There are two sides out there and when one is thrashing your team
generally it is not the referees fault. I feel for Rob Clarke.
Many of them need a rocket up you know where. Some of the younger ones
must learn when to try and beat players and where and when and where not to.
Olympia woeful today.

Anonymous said...

New kids...

You're correct. Kenny is king of the kids. They ran all over Olympia yesterday. The plastic pitch boys looked slow and heavy.

Don’t panic said...

Keep calm. Olympia you’re back next week on that claustrophobic pitch and your players will look fast

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the imports have become to accustomed to our way of life .

Possibly Tasmania is not as competitive as the U K thus leading to a more relaxed lifestyle and dedication to training.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.54 pm. It is the club’s role to set the expectation and drive dedication and discipline.
You can’t just expect the players to do so. Especially the imports who are pretty
well paid. The pressure should be on them to set the example and drive the others.
After all isn’t that why they come down here? They don’t come for a holiday.
And the more senior players at clubs should pick up on the extra expectation
and push the other locals. Olympia were like this not long ago . But it’s not just
Olympia . Other clubs have had issues with imports and what seems a lack of interest and
commitment. There is one club who drives their players and sets high expectations
but expectations are not just words. They are actual expectations set by the club
not players. If the players want success they buy in. If not they go elsewhere
and get paid the $150 a week that they are not worth and go through the motions.