Monday, May 13, 2019

Lakoseljac Cup semi-finals draw made today

Photo:  FT CEO Matt Bulkeley and Neridene Lakoseljac conduct today's draw [PlessPix]

South Hobart will host Olympia Warriors at South Hobart Oval, while University will welcome holders Devonport City to Olinda Grove in this year’s semi-finals of the Lakoselajc Cup.

The draw for the semi-finals was made today at KGV Park by Football Tasmania CEO Matt Bulkeley, assisted by Mrs Neridene Lakoseljac.

University are the only non-NPL side in the semi-finals and are up against holders Devonport City, one of whose main weapons is super-sub Miles Barnard, a former University player.

University are having a good season and they are not to be trifled with at Olinda Grove, where Olympia almost came unstuck in a cup encounter a few seasons back.

South Hobart drew 3-3 with Olympia in the league a couple of weekends ago and the cup semi-final between the two sides should be just as thrilling a contest and may well go to extra-time.

Photo:  South Hobart coach Ken Morton fronts the media after today's Lakoseljac Cup draw in which his side drew major rivals Olympia Warriors [PlessPix]

The complete semi-final draws in all three State-wide cup competitions are:

Lakoseljac Cup

South Hobart v Olympia Warriors

University v Devonport City

Women’s State-wide Cup

Kingborough Lions United v Olympia Warriors

Northern Rangers v Hobart Zebras

Under-20 State-wide Cup (Men)

Launceston City v Olympia Warriors

Beachside v Northern Rangers


Meanwhile, former Kingborough Lions United and Hobart Zebras coach Gabriel Markaj has been shown the door at Victorian women’s club Galaxy United FC.

He was in his first season as coach at Galaxy United FC.

And, Kingborough Lions United’s academy coach Ben Horgan has also left the club following the departure of head coach Greg Calvert.


New Town Eagles president Grant Nutting leaves tomorrow to attend Saturday's FA Cup Final at Wembley between Manchester City and Watford.

Nutting has been a Watford supporter ever since his mother bought him a Watford Shirt when he was child.

Enjoy the game, Grant, but Watford seem unlikely to win against the rampant Light Blues or Noisy Neighbours.

But, we have seen some real miracles in football this week, so anything is possible.


Edwin Starr said...

What a cracker south v warriors no prawn sandwiches in this one

Parents said...

Feel 4 Borough academy players they said three year plan both walk could have waited till got replacements.cant see any club hiring these in future

Anonymous said...

Not just Barnard, but there's quite a history of ex-Devonport players/juniors who play for Uni when they come down for study- a tradition that is still strong today, although as a former Vic Tuting winner and club chairman there's definitely a soft spot there, and there's a bit of a spiritual connection at the clubs(the kit colours too).

That said there should be an interesting match up of first place in each league, will be a tough game for Uni but should be a well played an hard fought game, a true cup tie.

Anonymous said...

The reason Gabriel Markaj was fired Because "his attitude towards the women's game did not align with club values"
Very very disappointing

Anonymous said...

Where do Horgan and Calvert go? Surely not many paid roles left in Tas

Anonymous said...

Kingborough kept that quiet about Ben Horgan.
Why is that? If he left at the same time as their coach why wasn’t
it announced at the same time ?
Appears weird and lacks transparency from the clubs perspective.
However that must be the norm based on how the club handled
the coaching situation at the start of the year.
Disgusting .
Same old same old same old.

Nathan meyers said...

Kingborough board seem to be the biggest thing holding that club back. Hiring Calvert back and then letting him go again is the definition of insanity (making the same mistakes but expecting a different result) but to see Ben Horgan go shows utter contempt for pretty much their entire program.
No quality player or coach for that matter will want to go anywhere near them, May as well give Gab a call and see if he's interested.

Anonymous said...

It is hard for a Board to operate if a head coach and TD give commitments then walk because it gets all to hard. This is not the Kingborough Boards fault.

Anonymous said...

They both walked leaving everyone in limbo ar short notice

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.22.
Of course the board will say it’s not the boards fault.
If the board make the appointment then fault lies with the board
just as all the credit would go to the board if the appointments
were a success.

Anonymous said...

Markaj back to Borough? haha

Anonymous said...

Kingborough could do a lot worse than Markaj

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.52 am.
Yes Boro could do worse and they most likely will.