Monday, September 9, 2019

Hobart United showdown with University on Wednesday will decide the Southern Championship title

The Southern Championship will be decided this Wednesday when leaders Hobart United meet second-placed University at KGV Park at 8.30pm.

Two points separate the sides going into this showdown.

Leaders Hobart United have 52 points from 2o games, while University have 50 points from the same number of games.

In this final league game, therefore, Hobart United need just a draw to win the league title.

University must win if they are to lift the trophy.

The stage is thus set for a thrilling encounter.

Other statistics also favour Hobart United.  They have scored 112 goals and conceded just 29.

University have netted 72 goals and conceded 32.

Hobart United are coached by the experienced Andrew Brown, whole his son, Lockie Brown, is on the University coaching staff, along with head coach Jake Undy.

There should be a sizeable crowd in attendance and I just hope it’s a good game.

The Southern Championship 1 curtain-raiser at 6.30pm is also between Hobart United (5th) and University 3rd).


Photo:  Eagles defend a corner against Brighton Storm [PlessPix]

On last Sunday evening at KGV Park, New Town Eagles beat Brighton Storm 2-1 in a Southern Championship 3 game.

Ronan Lomgden and Joe Fracalossi netted for Eagles, while Tat Gill replied for Brighton Storm.

Eagles are third and Brighton Storm ninth in this 10-team competition.

Photo:  An Eagles shot at the Brighton Storm goal [PlessPix]


Shane said...

I hope the Southern championship doesn't change. There's a saying Football Tasmania If it ain't broke don't fix it.
My opinion is that the NPl needs to be Seniors and Reserves otherwise Football in this State wont go forwards as the rumours of the Southern NPL clubs coming into the Southern Championship with NO Promotion/Relegation for three years and if this is the case then it will just ten years of crap.
I don't understand why clubs don't want to travel. If your apart of the NPL then it's part of the deal. If this is such an issue why not just split the NPl into the North and South.

Anonymous said...

One important stat going against Hobart Utd is that their two losses for this season have been to one team - University. Huge game.

Anonymous said...

We waited all this time for promotion and relegation like real football, surely we are not going to dump it?

Anonymous said...

Just like to thank Matt Rhodes for the coverage of the league in 2019 ,The effort and time he put's in is amazing and much appreciate by all .

Anonymous said...

Should be a great game, Uni were clearly the best side in the comp over the first half of the year, and I think got a bit worn down by their run to the cup semi final and pushing Devonport which is still a massive credit to them. Hobart have been probably the best side over the second part of the year - where New Town and Beach could put up a fight against Uni and they had a bit of a wobble, these teams got played off the park against Hobart and have been running up cricket scores against every side. Will be interesting if Uni still have the mentality edge, beaten Hobart twice now, although KGV might favour the Hobart style of play, its also always a pleasure watching Kamba play.

Think both sides deserve to win some silverware this year, but nature of football means there will only be one.