Monday, September 2, 2019

Knights claim deserved win against South Hobart in Nester's swansong

Photo:  Sam Berezansky celebrates his goal as South Hobart team-mates Tobias Herweynen and Bradley Lakoseljac move to congratulate him [PlessPix]

(NPL Tasmania, South Hobart Oval, Sunday, 1 September 2019)

South Hobart 1 (S Berezansky 13)
Glenorchy Knights 2 (A Leszczynski 32, N Naden 75)

HT:  1-1   Att:  120   Ref:  T Peart

South Hobart:  Wright  -  Gorrie, Bowman, Ludford, Herweynen  -  Kemp, Foley, Feral  -  Tooze, Lakoseljac, Berazansky  (Subs:  Hallam, Moncur, Evans, Gardner, R Morton)

Glenorchy Knights:  Nester  -  Toghill, Harrison, Clay, Backhouse  -  Marney, Young, Gutierrez, Naden  -  A Bellini, Leszczynski  (Subs:  Sherman, Hart, T Bellini, Kadisha)

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights personnel are joined by South Hobart people to stretcher off Diego Gutierrez [PlessPix]

Fifth-ranked Glenorchy Knights gave goalkeeper Dmitri Nester the perfect retirement gift by beating third-placed South Hobart 2-1 away at South Hobart Oval on Sunday.

This was far from the strongest South Hobart line-up of the season, but credit to the Knights, who played to their strengths and scored the goals they need to win.

South Hobart were without Nick Morton, Ben Hamlett, Alex Walter, Darcy Hall, Gilly Desouza, Oscar Thomas and Kieran Brown.  They also probably haven’t been the same since the departure months ago of exciting winger Iskander Van Doorne.

The current South Hobart line-up is worth no more than third place.  They do have promising youngsters, but it will take time to bring them up to speed.

A club in decline?  There are factors that point to this, including decreasing attendances.  What is certain is that they will have to recruit to challenge for the title again.  Their chances against A-League side Central Coast Mariner don’t look good given their injury list.

Coach Ken Morton was banned from the bench and it was strange indeed not seeing him there rallying his team.

Knights missed a glorious chance as early as the 7th minute when Aaron Marney was unlucky to see his firm header come back off the left-hand upright from close range.

Photo:  South Hobart's Sam Tooze sends over the cross from which Sam Berezansky scored [PlessPix]

They paid for it in the 13th minute when Sam Tooze sent a cross over from the right and Sam Berezansky fired home from inside the box to put South Hobart ahead.

South Hobart keeper Graeme Wright, who has replaced Kieran Brown, who is on a sports scholarship in the U.S.A., has not been entirely convincing since he took over as number one.  His distribution can be erratic at times and, although he can make some stunning saves, he can also commit some howlers.

It was Wright who brought down Alex Bellini in the 32nd minute to concede a penalty, which was easily converted by former South Hobart player Alex Leszczynski to make it 1-1 at the interval.

Photo:  Knights goalkeeper Dmitri Nester punches clear while under pressure from South Hobart's Hugh Ludford [PlessPix]

But, the Knights could easily have led by the break as Nick Naden had a couple of good chances in the closing stages of the first half, including a volley that flew wide in the 34th minute.

The injured Leszczynski was replaced at half-time by Teddy Kadisha, while 10 minutes into the second half, Diego Gutierrez was stretchered off with a bad hamstring injury.  He was replaced by Thomas Bellini.

South Hobart battled to regain the lead and only a brilliant save by Nester denied Loic Feral in the 62nd minute.

Two minutes later, Kobe Kemp released Tooze, but he curled his shot wide and let Knights off the hook.

Photo:  Knights' Tom Young tackles South Hobart's Loic Feral [PlessPix]

In the 73rd minute, Kemp fired a powerful shot straight at Nester when he should at least have worked the keeper.

The South Hobart profligacy was punished in the 75th minute after a neat counter-attack by Knights that saw Thomas Bellini set up Naden for the winning goal with a shot from 12 metres that beat Wright all ends up.

The win was a triumph for James Sherman’s men as it means they will finish in mid-table in their first year back in the top flight.

Photo:  Knights coach James Sherman warms up before coming on as a substitute in stoppage time [PlessPix]

The loss signified to South Hobart that they need some serious rebuilding.  They will also need to examine their fitness regimen as too many of their experienced and best players are sidelined through injury.

Nick Morton, who broke his leg against Kingborough last week, was at the match on crutches.  He could be out for the whole of next season, which is a huge blow for the club.

Both teams lined up as a guard of honour for the departing Nester, which was a wonderful gesture and showed that despite the rivalries and frequent petty squabbles that exist in Tasmanian football, teams and players can come together to honour one of the greats.

Photo:  Dmitri Nester and wife Gemma received congratulations from well-wishers, including Knights stalwart Robbie Baric (centre) [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Not sure I agree that South’s season has been an absolute disaster given they still won the Statewide cup beating bioth Olympia and Devonport along the way, won the Challenge league and finished 3rd in the championship all whilst playing 2 to 3 under 18’s in most games. With some big names out injured. Will be interesting to see if either of the top two teams have any players nominated for the NPL rising star this year, I’d suggest probably no so no real surprise the teams finished as they did.

Brian Young said...

Cool font, Walter.

Anonymous said...

South lost Connor Schmidt to a broken leg in preseason + departures of Alby, Jack Turner, Ryan Cook. Spoke to 3 NPL players from other clubs who’d like to play for Ken but know South doesn’t pay cash money to players. This is the key reason why South is finding it hard in the current meat market called the NPL,

Anonymous said...

It's time for the silver fox to take a position upstairs as director and open up the role for another younger coach.

Anonymous said...

Club in decline? Problem with training fitness regime? Check your facts Walter. What club would cope as well with 9 NPL first choice long term injuries? Declan Foley missed most of the season. Darcy Hall is recovering from hip surgery. Alex Walter's ankle is a long term condition. Connor & Nick broken legs. Oscar got pneumonia on top of asthma. Ewan Larby got a dislocated shoulder last week. Can't train your way out of any of that..

Oxford said...

Anon @ 12:28pm
Agree totally but can't see Ken's ego allowing this. He did try a while back when he moved to 'manager' and had Peter Savill as 'coach' but everybody knew who was making final calls on 'coaching'.

Anonymous said...

10.37. Please spare us the rubbish.
You must not have been around when South
had access to $$$$$$$ to bring in players .
Find out the facts before commenting.

Anonymous said...

2:13 PM Anon - Easy to sound like you know what you're talking about. Where is your proof? Ask the current players if they get paid. South do not pay 2019 players cash. You can crap on till the cows come home, it seems

Anonymous said...

4.15 pm. Read my post closely. It says when South did have access to $$$$$$.
That indicates it was in the past don’t you think?
Sounds like you are the one crapping on.
Ask those that were paid who are no longer there.

Anonymous said...

The silver fox is unlikely to step away despite a poor season. I agree its time to take on a different role or concentrate on the juniors.

There is plenty of coin up at SHFC but the players do not see it...

WeeTam said...

I would say Souths season has not been to their usual high standard but the big picture says it hasn't been too bad. They did win the Statewide cup finished third in the league and have blooded a number of very promising I would say their future is in good hands.

WeeTam said...

I would say Souths season has not been to their usual high standard but the big picture says it hasn't been too bad. They did win the Statewide cup finished third in the league and have blooded a number of very promising I would say their future is in good hands.