Saturday, March 14, 2020

Clarence Zebras' women win the new club a first-ever trophy

Photo:  Clarence Zebras and the 2020 Summer Cup [Photo by Matthew Rhodes]

(Women’s Summer Cup Final, KGV Park, Saturday, 14 March 2020)

Clarence Zebras 4 (I Ferrier 14, Z Nichols 31, 57, 68)
Olympia Warriors 1 (I Michael 23)

HT:  2-1   Ref:  C Green

Clarence Zebras:  Vanderniet  -  Kannegiesser, Dixon, Marmion, Steventon  -  Stalker, O’Brien, Gadon, Burt  -  Nichols, Ferrier  (Subs:  Berry, Burdack, Downham, Gill)

Olympia Warriors:  Farrow  -  Pinkiewicz, Michael, Leszcynski, Haralampopoulos  - M Cane, Johnson, M Chambers, Russell  -  Gubb, Davies  (Subs:  I Cane, C Chambers, Collins, Marino, McConnon)

A hat-trick by Zoe Nichols drove new club Clarence Zebras to a 4-1 win over Olympia Warriors in the 2020 Women’s Summer Cup Final at KGV Park today.

Nichols had the ball in the net after only 4 minutes, but the goal was ruled out through off-side.

But, that was only a temporary let-off for the Warriors, who fell behind in the 14th minute.

Warriors’ new signing from interstate, left-back Zoe Haralampopoulos, gave the ball away to Nichols, who attacked down the right and sent in a low cross to Ferrier, unmarked on the penalty spot, and she knocked the ball just inside the left-hand post to put Clarence Zebras 1-0 ahead.

Olympia drew level in the 23rd minute after a terrible error by goalkeeper Amelia Vanderniet, who allowed a low shot from an impossible angle on the left by Innocent Michael go through her legs and lodge inside the far right-hand corner of the net.

Clarence Zebras shrugged off the set-back and regained the lead after forcing three consecutive corners.  From the third of these, by Georgia Burt and aimed again at the near post, the ball was forced straight up into the air by the defenders and it fell and ricocheted into the net off Nichols’s thigh.

Mia Cane missed a great chance to equalise for Olympia in the 32nd minute when Michael cut the ball back from the right, but she scooped the ball high over the bar from the edge of the 6-yard box.

Cane had another good chance in the 44th minute, but she fired wide of the far left-hand post from the right of the box.

Nichols fired just wide shortly after the resumption, but with Allie Berry on at the interval, Clarence Zebras looked increasingly dangerous.

Clarence Zebras increased their lead to 3-1 in the 57th minute when Olympia goalkeeper Jenna Farrow fumbled Louisa Marmion’s hot from the left and the onrushing Nichols powered the ball into the roof of the net.

Berry went close in the 65th minute when she lobbed the ball wide from Caitlin Stalker’s pass before colliding with Farrow.

The goal of the game came in the 68th minute.  Nichols played a series of one-twos with Stalker up the field and Nichols finished with a great shot to make it 4-1.

Stalker might have added a fifth when presented with a good chance in the 78th minute, but she placed her shot straight at a relieved Farrow.

Bonnie Davies appeared out of form for Olympia and never threatened.  She had the pace but not the distribution and the Clarence Zebras defenders had her measure throughout.

Olympia’s other normally dangerous winger, Maddie Chambers, was played out of position in the midfield and never posed a threat.

Zebras were well served at the back by Zara Dixon, Danielle Kannegiesser, Marmion and Selina Steventon, while Maddie O’Brien and Georgia Burt were excellent as holding midfelders.  O’Brien moved to centre-back to partner Dixon in the second half and they were never threatened.

Clarence Zebras were worthy winners against a Warriors outfit that proved very disappointing.


Anonymous said...

Wow if only Zebras men’s team could win something worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the best team going around in the women's comp. Should win everything easily.

Anonymous said...

This post has nothing to do with the zebras men. This post is about the girls and how well they played. Not everything has to be about the men?

Anonymous said...

Clarence Zebras having co-captains is so lame. Just pick one skipper and be done with it... How ridiculous having two people go up for the coin toss and having them both wear armbands.

Anonymous said...

Did Olympia not get the memo on the pre match festivities for Woman's football week?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.12AM I agree entirely. They act like school children not like adults. If they got a penalty, would they take two spot-kicks, one by a former Clarence player and the other by a former Zebras player? Grow up and stop such childish behaviour. It's a new club now.

Anonymous said...

Oh how we hate seeing even the women’s team being flogged, don’t worry how many captains they have worry about how many trophy’s they are going to collect from now on , I don’t usually watch the Ladies play but a Huge congratulations to the Clebras for playing some beautiful football , I will be watching as much as I can now

Anonymous said...

Yep, some of these supporters are clowns. Having two captain's didn't seem to get in the way of the zebras convincingly playing Olympia off the park. Surprised they are not complaining Zebras like the wrong type of sandwiches or make them with the crust off, or serve them in the wrong place....

Anonymous said...

I must say I was very disappointed with Olympia. Their ball movement was way too slow and held onto the ball too long and no wonder their was injuries. Zebras moved the ball with purpose and speed which Olympia failed to do. Olympia had neither of this and for EX NTC players again very disappointing
Zebras play on a different level here to anyone else.

Unknown said...

Can I just say zebras womens program is fantastic. Our daughter trained with this group last year as part of her preparation and will play Championship this year. The playing group are great mentors.

Mark Ackerly

Anonymous said...

Of course it is and this was seen on the weekend. Some of the Olympia supporters just can't stand losing to their neighbours and become mean and petty.

Anonymous said...

Olympia do not like losing. Exactly right. As a supporter of the club I am proud that mediocrity is not acceptable. The girls will work hard and get better. Peace.

Anonymous said...

5.38pm Get your facts straight. Most of the "EX NTC players" moved on when Olympia were made to play in the Championship league two years ago. A couple even went to Zebras. Most of these girls are teenagers who are loyal to their club, joining the WSL team when the "EX NTC players" left. Give them a bit of credit and stop bagging them.

Anonymous said...

Everyone around the womens game , knows that game has dropped in quality.
Four years ago lot of talent around most have left for uni and the mainland . Not much youth talent around as numbers low and better girls heading to other sports.

Charles Calthrop said...

Dear Anonymous at 2:27pm...who exactly are the people having sandwiches with crusts them and shame them!