Saturday, July 18, 2020

Saturday results - 18 July 2020

Photo:  Kasper Hallam scores South Hobart's opener against Launceston City [PlessPix]

NPL Tasmania

South Hobart 3 (K Hallam 37, S Tooze 51, 53) beat Launceston City 2 (S Ridgard 72, Y Mohammadi 79)

Clarence Zebras 1 (L Burt 51) beat Olympia Warriors 0

Kingborough Lions United 2 (D Bryan, C Downes) beat Glenorchy Knights 0

Riverside Olympic 0-1 Devonport City

Photo:  Clarence Zebras coach David Smith (right) watches Olympia's Adam Gorrie tackle Clarence Zebras' Dwayne Walsh [PlessPix]

Southern Championship

South Hobart 1 (S Juju 19) lost to New Town White Eagles 4 (C Back 11, B Phillips 47, S Leszczynski 56, 84)

Clarence Zebras 1-1 Metro

Hobart United 1-6 Taroona

University 1-4 Olympia Warriors

South East United 1-2 Beachside

Kingborough Lions United 1-2 Glenorchy Knights

Photo:  South Hobart's Samson Juju (left) takes on Eagles defender Toby Butler [PlessPix]

Southern Championship 1

South Hobart 4-4 New Town White Eagles

Women's Super League

Ulverstone 1-3 Kingborough Lions United

Photo:  South Hobart's Sam Tooze (left) in pursuit of Launceston City's Matthew Oh [PlessPix]

Northern Championship

Ulverstone 3-1 Burnie United

Northern Rangers 2-5 Launceston United

Somerset 1-5 Launceston City

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Jayden Hey heads for goal [PlessPix]

Women's Northern Championship

Somerset 1-4 Launceston City

Ulverstone 1-10 Burnie United

Northern Rangers 2-3 Launceston United

Photo:  Eagles' Liam Brown (right) tries to catch a South Hobart attacker [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Olympia were disgusting today. For the money they spent they will struggle. Browns 2 yellow were stupid and deserved. What were the tactics??? Small ground and tried to keep attacking through middle of the ground when there was space everywhere out wide behind Zebs back 3. Ryan and hamlett were caught wrong side of there defenders all game. Randall isn't a senior keeper. U could drive a truck through there centre backs. Lots of work to do there to make top 3

Anonymous said...

Good to see Karma at its best today ..... that Olympia side is completely soulless good on Zebras for showing some heart not that I’m a supporter but you gave me a good laugh at the Warriors expense what a bunch of pretenders ha ha .... looking at the roster I’d suggest they’ll be 0-3 after round 3 and good luck winning the title from there

Anonymous said...

We said Knights were not the real deal.
Tonight proved it . Joffrey would have made no difference.
Walter will struggle without constant reminder and good players around him like
he did at South.
Knights fourth at best maybe fifth.

Anonymous said...

What a day! I got to watch 4 games of football (thanks to the streams) and learnt a bit about a couple of teams. Knights despite all the money lack cohesion. Their #6 spent most of the game waving his arms around complaining. Lions are going to be a hard team to take points off at home.

Olympia lol. Another team with money that lacks cohesion. Brown to be gone by mid season. Clabras toiled but played together and there are signs they could be top 4.
I watched them last week and the keeper cost them this week he was outstanding.

South and City was the pick of the games. 2 top 4 sides there.

Port looked frustrated but also showed that Riverside are my favourite for the wooden spoon.

I really enjoyed the 3 streams without the commentary. Great to be able to listen to the coaches and supporters. It also showed the lack of intelligence in some supporters. One Suggesting his team target the opposition legs late in the game and then started chanting "boring" after the final whistle. It was satisfying though that his team had just lost. Not only a bogan but a loser to boot.

Ahhh its good to have football back.

Anonymous said...

Well "Money can't Buy Me Love"

Or a Premiership so it seems!

Anonymous said...

Olympia have the players but mental preparation is a huge part of the game that many forget. Listening to Olympia player comment during the game, they were arrogant & it was obvious they thought the result was a gimmi. I expected them the win at a canter but Clarence Zebs players played as a team. Riley (disciplined all night) Pepper Massive turn around from the week before. They should have won by more but for poor finishing. When you through money about like it is confetti, players lose site of why they are really on the park. Knights have no structure & will continue to struggle without a front third strategy & striker.

Anonymous said...

Knights look pretty knocking the ball around but they just dont have the finishing effort. Back and across the box but wont run at the defence and won't shoot. Had three clear headers on goal and should have at least drawn level at some stage but lack the killer edge. As for the goals against them an absolute howler from the keeper from a free kick for the second goal and quite frankly if he had been paying attention to the game he could have prevented the bal going out for a corner which lead to the first goal.
Sherman has a well drilled team but they lack a killer instinct. Still work to do.

Anonymous said...

Olympia what a joke last week I saw all these comments about how good they were after beating a southern champ side 10-0 and Hammer scoring 5 ..... well we can all see how relevant that was when it counts against the big boys ..... couldn’t even muster a whimper ..:: look forward to next weeks game against Knights at KGV and let’s see if that idiot Olympia supporter we could hear all night tries the same thing in front of the Knights home supporters ..... I doubt it

Aslan said...

Boro's team ethic was fantastic. Every player fought for every ball. McKeown and Hall up front pressed relentlessly from the first whistle until the last. Muller hardly even got a touch of the ball until Hall went off injured.

Anonymous said...

Never thought i would say this but Congratulations to the ZEBRAS for the win that Nobody would have pedicted; well played

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.23 am. Knights are a well drilled team? Are they? In what way?
They looked anything but well drilled after the first 10-15 minutes.
They were a rabble and unorganised .
No structure poor passing poor finishing when should do better.
Boro has other chances also but they were poor in general play.
The no 7 for Boro obviously didn’t want the ball . Just kept kicking it down to the beach every time.
School boy stuff really.

Anonymous said...

Watched the Olympia v Zebs game thinking I would see Big Jack score 5 in the first half alone but we were bitterly disappointed ,in fact the only shot he was able to connect was the elbow to the back of the head of that slick little young defender Zebras had to take from the field early in the 2nd half ,funny how the big boys get frustrated by kids half there size and probably age these days , enough said ,

Anonymous said...

What did we learn from this week?


1. Kingborough with no money was about to beat the Knights with the biggest budget in the league, Why because they were outplayed by a more strategic thinking coach.

2. Olympia with the 2nd highest budget were beaten by the Zebras with one of the weakest teams in the league, why because 1 coach focused on the game and his teams shape and the other was more interested in complaining to the ref and trying to win possession through free kicks.

3. South lost 75% of it's senior squad from last season and the coach was able to select and prepare a bunch of kids to give the competition a shake.

Some learns are never learnt.

Anonymous said...

Yep well said. The 45 year old kid Mr Moncur. Over the young signing from Clarence.

"3. South lost 75% of it's senior squad from last season and the coach was able to select and prepare a bunch of kids to give the competition a shake."

What a joke South Hobart.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.56 am.
Doing better than Clarence and Knights oh and Olympia.
Maybe that one player over 24 years of age is better than young keeper?
May be a possibility? What do you think ?

Anonymous said...

I am talking about the empty promises coming from the South Hobart Football club for many years to the youngsters. It is legendary.

Anonymous said...

I thought Boro keeper looked impressive .
Good talking and organising. Haven’t seen him before.

Anonymous said...

You sound bitter and twisted. Get rejected by South at some stage in your life? Never good enough to make it?

Anonymous said...

What South have done this season by promoting all the young guys within is outstanding, well done.

Anonymous said...

Would be very happy to go through each club and highlight the young players they have promoted from within.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but putting young kids on the bench and maybe coming on at the 85 minute mark if at all is not promoting youth it’s called reducing your player points cap ask Devonport ...... difference with a South is that 4 or 5 kids are actually starting the games and playing 70+ mins ..... I don’t see any other clubs doing this but please feel free to correct me

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.24 pm.
Go on then . I am interested. Seriously.
Not pulling your leg.

Anonymous said...

Lot's of people at South live in a fanatsy land suppose if you tell yourself something enough you begin to believe it the truth always comes out !!