Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Zebras' McKeown to team up with Lions

Photo:  Zebras' Adam McKeown on the attack against Knights [PlessPix]

Clarence Zebras striker Adam McKeown is leaving the club and signing for NPL opponents Kingborough Lions United.

McKeown is one Clarence Zebras’ most recognised and lethal marksmen and he will be a valuable acquisition for the Lions.

McKeown has played 127 NPL games and scored 92 goals.

Last season, he made 23 appearances, often as a substitute, and netted 6 goals for Hobart Zebras, who merged with Clarence United at the end of the season.

Photo:  Zebras' Adam McKeown performs an overhead bicycle kick against Clarence United [PlessPix]

McKeown’s move follows the news earlier this week that Olympia Warriors striker Joffrey N’Koso has joined NPL club Glenorchy Knights.

Interestingly enough, both McKeown and N’Koso were with New Town Eagles earlier in their careers.

Photo:  Joffrey N'Koso in action for Olympia last season [PlessPix]

N’Koso has made 52 NPL appearances and scored 29 goals.

Last season, he netted 20 goals in 23 appearances.

McKeown and Joffrey could come up against each other this Saturday when Kingborough Lions United host Glenorchy Knights at 6.30pm at Lightwood Park.

[I am indebted to the excellent statistician, Ben Smith, for the above statistics.]

Photo:  Adam McKeown (right) in action for Zebras against Olympia [PlessPix]
(Under-18s, KGV Park, Wednesday, 15 July 2020)

South Hobart 1 (Wesley Rhodes) beat Nelson 0 


Anonymous said...

More Clarence players leaving!
That won’t matter . They have a huge supply of youth to call upon.
At least he has gone to a club that beat Clarence and not lost to them.

Anonymous said...

Walter, apparently the reason McKeown has left Clarence is because he is getting a $10k sign on fee and $700 per game

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.16am.
I am sorry get your facts right.
It was $20000 signing on $1000 per game and a car
but he must relocate to the Kingborough Hub.

Anonymous said...

...and a free pair of boots

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All that may be funny to you keyboard footballers but I just think it shows the level of loyalty the used up players have these days , I’m not a zebras supporter in any way but I think it’s shameful someone in there last years would jump ship soon as they think the going is going to be hard ,, just my keyboard opinion ,, now go for your lives say what you will lol

Anonymous said...

anonymous july 17 6.33pm. i think some of the problem with zebs is that if a player is out of favour everyone will know it, i was present at a recent match at wentworth park, mc keown was spoken of in some disparaging terms by coaching staff, could be heard by spectators. not surprised he left really. obviously not respected. just saying......

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.48 pm. You are spot on.
That is the culture at Zebras and has been for many many years.
A huge part of why they club will go no where.
Absolute disgrace.