Tuesday, September 29, 2020

George Verrios is the new Olympia Warriors president

Photo:  New Olympia Warriors president, George Verrios [PlessPix]

George Verrios is the new president of Olympia Warriors.

He replaces George Mamacas, who has been president for the past decade.

Photo:  George Verrios (left) with out-going president George Mamacas [PlessPix]

Verrios moved to Hobart from Adelaide in 1982.

He has been on the Board of Olympia Warriors since 2001 and has served as secretary and has been treasurer since 2009.

My favourite moment was the 2015 win over South Melbourne in the NPL quarter-finals,” Verrios said.

“But, it was not just the win, but predicting the score line in a pre-match chat with the South Melbourne president and hierarchy.”

Verrios was the treasurer before his elevation to the presidency but feels that being a Board member made it a dual role.

“My role was a dual role, as it was not only being the treasurer of the Club, but also, as a board member, making the day-to-day decisions on how best to take the club forward and to be something special,” he said.

“It’s special because, firstly, the club's heritage goes back to its humble beginnings from Greek migrants, including my father.

“Secondly, it’s because of what the club has become over its 60 years and that, in some way, my small role in those changes made and the club’s growth makes me proud to be an Olympia FC Warriors member and supporter.”

Photo:  Olympia's committee last year, with George Verrios fourth from left [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

All the best George V.
A true club man and member who knows well enough the history of the club and what the future holds.
Been involved for longer continuously within the club than anyone that I know.
All the best in the new role.

The Phoenix said...

One of the oldest faces i know at the club. Good fortunes to you ( another George? , really?) Just kidding. A good choice for the club.