Saturday, September 26, 2020

George Mamacas to resign as Olympia Warriors president

Photo:  George Mamacas watching the game at South Hobart Oval today [PlessPix]

George Mamacas has announced he will resign as president and a member of the Board of Olympia Warriors on Monday.

“It’s my time,” Mamacas said.

“I’ve been with the club in this stint as president for over a decade and I think the club is now ripe to move on to bigger and better things.

“I just think I’ve played my part and it’s in the club’s interests for me to move on.

“I will resign on Monday and I will leave the [Board] room and no longer be a Board member and the Board will discuss it, I guess.”

Asked if he would still attend games, Mamacas replied:  “I’ll still be around.”

He said the junior set-up at the club was thriving and the development of the home ground was progressing.

Mamacas said he had no idea who his replacement would be.

 Photo:  George Mamacas arrives at South Hobart Oval today [PlessPix]

He has dismissed several coaches in his time as president.
The club has won one State League league title under his presidency.

Andrew Brown was appointed coach this season but lasted just three league games before being dismissed.

His replacement was last season’s coach, Rob Clarke, who had taken on the role of football manager upon Browns appointment as coach.

Olympia Warriors beat South Hobart 6-3 at South Hobart Oval  today in the NPL Tasmania competition to move into third place on the standings.

Photo:  The old foes chat.  South Hobart president Vicki Morton  and Olympia president George Mamacas have a chat during today's NPL match.  There has been much bad blood between the pair in recent seasons. [PlessPix]

There has been a lot of controversy and friction between Olympia and South Hobart during Mamacas’s term as president and during Ken Morton’s tenure as coach of South Hobart.

Morton became South Hobart coach in 2007 and the club has won numerous trophies since that time.

Morton has coached Olympia in the past and won league titles with them.

The heaviest defeat Olympia has inflicted on South Hobart was in 1995, when Olympia won 7-1.

South Hobart are in a rebuilding phase and last year’s Lakoseljac Cup was the last piece of silverware they have collected.


Anonymous said...

Nah George.
Don't give into the naysayers.
You love the sport, the club and the supporters.
That's all that should really matter at the end.

Anonymous said...

George , the game needs people like you, However humility and respect says a hell of a lot about a person.
Lack thereof probably says even more.

Anonymous said...

It will only be good for the club if his replacement is not a " George" person. That's all I have to say about that.

Anonymous said...

Stay, you are good for the game.

Anonymous said...

Either way you look at it George has always tried to improve the club. He brought the club back from the brink of extinction. That is a fact. The club is better for his involvement. Now be interesting to see who people will bag now George has left. Enjoy retirement from the Presidency George. I for one will miss you.

Anonymous said...

Whether you like George or not he has taken Olympia to another level. Olympia were on the verge of relegation and the club was going nowhere. George's best appointment was Rob Clarke to start up their youth programme and they haven't looked back since.
George has set up Olympia for life and you must respect the level of commitment and passion, sometimes over the top.
George has always been about results, the amount of coaches that have been through the club is a fair indication. However takes up the role could do with some patience's as you can't always sack a coach if the players aren't preforming with results.
New players take time to gel as is the case with Olympia this year. Patience's is a virtue.

Anonymous said...

What a stupid comment. Where's your tin foil hat you muppet.

Anonymous said...

Its a spot on comment. Only 1 of the 3 comments is written by an imbecile. Not hard to pick which one.

Anonymous said...

Just a stat from the South v warriors game. South had 67% possession when they were 4-0 down.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anon September 28, 2020 at 11:53 AM

How do you know that?

George said...

Love him oir hate him one thing you can say is without his money soccer the Olympia academy would not be where it is.
Eastern shore now has the services for the next generation of soccer players and that benefits soccer.
Without people like George and zeljko money football in Tasmania would not where it is now.
Kids have more opportunities now and that is GOOD for the game.
Thank you George for putting your money back into the game.

Anonymous said...

Because the crucial things won't change. Blind Freddie can see that(apologies for any blind people named Fred etc on here).

Anonymous said...

He took the scoreline, 6 - 3, added 4 to the 3 making 7 and added the goals that Olympia scored, 6, which made 67%

Anonymous said...

Yeah a lot of useless possession in their back half and South don’t have backline players with the skills to make it work most of the time they passed to each other numerous times and then turned it over .... game plan needs to take into acount player limitations

Anonymous said...

Congratulation George on giving Olympia your best, improving the facilities, establishing the academy and winning a title in your tenture, hopfully your replacement will continue the good work. I wonder when Juventus will have a similar change considering their facilities have gone backwards and not won the league in 15 years.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 6.49 am.
Maybe petty but very very true.