Saturday, March 4, 2023

Summer Cup Finals and other Summer Cup results - 4 March 2023

Photo:  Devonport Strikers with the NPL Summer Cup trophy for 2023. [PlessPix]

NPL Summer Cup Final

Devonport Strikers 2 (R Garrido 33, A Dulleh 36) beat South Hobart 1 (J Lancaster 47)

Photo:  Devonport's Roberto Garrido in a race with South Hobart's Lachie Semmler and Jacob Lancaster. [PlessPix]

Under-21 Summer Cup Final

Launceston City 2-2 Clarence Zebras

[Launceston City win 4-3 in penalty shoot-out]

Photo:  Clarence Zebras keeper Aiden Featherstone is beaten by a Launceston City penalty in the shoot-out. [PlessPix]  

Southern Championship Summer Cup

Nelson Eastern Suburbs 0-3 New Town White Eagles

Hobart City Beachside 1-6 University

Taroona 3-3 Hobart United

[Taroona won penalty shoot-out 5-4] 

Photo:  South Hobart's Harry Oates takes on a Devonport opponent in the Under-21 Summer Cup game. [PlessPix] 

Northern Championship Summer Cup

Riverside Olympic 2 (T Roberts 69, K Shrestha 71) drew with Devonport Strikers 2 J Dance 27, B Chilcott 89

[Devonport Strikers won penalty shoot-out 7-6]

Burnie United 1 (J Broome 3) lost to Northern Rangers 4 (B Jordan 35, W Howell 69, K Philpott 71, D Sparshott 86)

Photo:  Knights Rowan Pitt and Tomas Brkic confront a Riverside Olympic opponent. [PlessPix]  

NPL Under-21 Summer Cup

South Hobart 2 (M Tarte 45, T Squibb 59) beat Devonport Strikers 0

Riverside Olympic 0 lost to Glenorchy Knights 5 (K Pitt 45, 83, J Richardson 73, R Bradford 86, T Brkic 89)

Photo:  Launceston City, winners of the 2023 NPL Under-21 Summer Cup. [PlessPix]  

Women’s Summer Cup

Clarence Zebras 4 (C Stalker 5, E Diafokeris 27, M Baric 84,89) drew with Kingborough Lions United 4 (L Davis 41, 71, 72, N Moutsatsos 53)

[Clarence Zebras won penalty shoot-out 5-3]

Photo:  Devonport's Brody Denehey shoots at goal against South Hobart. [PlessPix]  

NPL Summer Cup

Launceston City 2 (T Simeoni 21, 28) beat Clarence Zebras 0

Photo:  Clarence Zebras' Kane Hatcher gets to the ball ahead of a Launceston City opponent. [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights' Nick Mearns in full flight against Riverside Olympic. [PlessPix]

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