Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Warriors and University both confident for tonight's Lakoseljac Cup meeting

Photo:  Tempers became a little frayed on Saturday when the teams met in the Summer Cup Final. [PlessPix] 

Olympia Warriors will be seeking revenge when they host University at Warrior Park tonight in the preliminary round of the Lakoseljac Cup at 7pm.

University beat Olympia 1-0 on Saturday in the Southern Championship Summer Cup Final at South Hobart and tonight is a chance for the Warriors to atone for that defeat.

“I think it’s going to another tight tussle,” said Olympia coach, Kurt Reynolds.

“We are confident and we’ll be seeking revenge.

“I thought we were the better side on Saturday, but you can’t win if you don’t score.”

Reynolds said he had a couple of issues regarding team selection for tonight’s match.

Photo:  Sam Cummins will be unavailable for Olympia tonight. [PlessPix]

Hugo Schwarz is a doubtful starter and Samuel Cummins is unavailable.

“Jacob Calvert may play at centre-back, along with Danilo De Franca, and we may use Ryan Amani up front,” Reynolds said.

University will be without the suspended Rhys Goold, who was sent off in Saturday’s Summer Cup Final.

Photo:  University coach, David Butler, is confident. [PlessPix] 

“I feel good about tonight’s game and we feel very confident,” said University coach, David Butler.

“We’ve got some players returning, which will be nice.

“We had four or five players out against Olympia but we were still able to field a strong eleven, so that shows we’ve got some depth this year.

“I’m feeling confident or Wednesday’s game.”

Photo:  University coach David Butler (far right in red) left the bench at one point on Saturday to join club stalwarts Richard Bladel, Emeritus Professor Robbie Banks and John Hargrave for a better view. [PlessPix] 

Butler said the artificial pitch was not a concern and the team had played on it before.

“I don’t think it should be too much of a problem for the players,” he said.

“Most of them have played on the artificial pitches over the years so it shouldn’t be all that difficult for them to adjust.

“I am confident and I back the guys to go out and do a job.

“We’re slowly building a system and a style of football up at the club this year.”

Photo:  University will expect goals from top scorer George Ivanov (right) tonight. [PlessPix] 


Anonymous said...

FYI Walter - That is a photo of Zane Wright-Dawes, not of Hugo Schwarz, all though they do look rather similar.

Walter said...

I do apologise and will correct the error. Thanks for letting me know.