Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sunday results - 26 March 2023

Photo:  South Hobart defend desperately as Clarence Zebras attack inside the box. [PlessPix]

NPL Tasmania

South Hobart 2-2 Clarence Zebras

Photo:  Action from today's Under-21 game between South Hobart and Clarence Zebras. [PlessPix] 

 NPL Under-21

South Hobart 2-2 Clarence Zebras

Photo:  All hands to the pumps as South Hobart defend their goal against Clarence Zebras. [PlessPix] 

 Southern Men’s Championship

South Hobart 4-2 Metro

Women’s Super League

Launceston United 2-0 Kingborough Lions United

Southern Women’s Championship

University 5-1 South Hobart

Photo:  Hobart City Beachside Under-17s with coach George Krambousanos. [PlessPix] 

Under-17s [Saturday night]

Hobart City Beachside 5-0 Clarence Zebras 

Under-17s today

South Hobart 2 (Jasper Evans 16, Joshua Zeeman 63) lost to Clarence Zebras 5 (Zane Ryan 6, Charlie Baker 10, Deacon Smith 26, Charlie Baker 45, 55)



Anonymous said...

Oh to have a keeper who can command his area.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that CLZ have held the 2 best teams in the competition to draws.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.04.
Don’t get too excited. They were lucky against Devonport and had one chance against South H
until very late in the game. South should have been up by 3 or 4 before then.
South are also nowhere near the l vel they have been recently .
Central defence still a big problem. Import went off and the replacement …………….….. let’s leave it at that..

Anonymous said...

I heard there was a bit of controversy with a disallowed goal late on, any idea what happened?

Anonymous said...

It was simply an observation. Im not excited in the least
South and Port are much better than the other teams.

Anonymous said...

More importantly, looks like the most open competition for a long time.