Monday, March 6, 2023

Summer Cup results - Sunday, 5 March 2023

Photo:  Leaping at shadows in yesterday's game between Olympia and South Hobart. [PlessPix]

 Olympia Warriors appeared intent on losing to South Hobart in yesterday’s Southern Championship Summer Cup game at South Hobart Oval.

They led 1-0 at half-time through a simple goal by Harkirat Singh in the 8th minute, but they squandered many chances by poor shooting and finishing.

Eli Wood equalised with a great curling finish from the left 3 minutes after the resumption to expose Olympia’s weaknesses at the back.

Photo:  Olympia's Lachie Burt (left) tackles South Hobart's Jayden Hey as they both elude the dry patch left by dogs weeing on this iconic football ground. [PlessPix] 

Anthony Mamic then popped up twice in 10 minutes  -  in the 50th and 60th minutes  -  to give the Warriors a commanding 3-1 advantage.

They somehow threw this away, however, in a 5-minute spell midway through the second half.

Mulugeta Smith netted a penalty for South in the 67th minute to make it one goal the difference, before Alexandre Cordova sliced the ball into his own net to make it 3-3.

Photo:  Olympia's Bruno Almeida (on the ground) seems puzzled at the penalty given against him. [PlessPix] 

Olympia continued to create chances but, as throughout the match, they fired high and wide or had shots blocked while dominating play.

It took goals by Tyson Barrett in the 80th minute and Joel Sammut in the final minute to give them a 5-3 victory.

Perhaps it just that there was nothing riding on the outcome as Olympia had already qualified for next week’s final.

Photo:  Olympia's Hugo Schwarz has the ball cleared from in front of him. [PlessPix] 

In the Women’s Summer Cup curtain-raiser, South Hobart downed Taroona 4-0.

Amy Ollington (14th minute), Georgie Carter (28th) and Pishon Choi (36th) all scored to give South Hobart a commanding 3-0 lead at the interval.

Choi completed her brace and the 4-0 win with a goal 3 minutes from the end.

Photo:  Olympia's Tyson Barrett (left) eyes the ball as a South Hobart opponent reacts. [PlessPix]
Photo:  Joel Sammut thanks Ryan Amani (No.7) for his header which enabled Sammut to score. [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

A long season ahead for Lions NPL after watching them barely defeat eagles on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Fertiliser burn Walter

Anonymous said...

8:15 yeah concentrated fertiliser out of a dogs urethra!

Anonymous said...

At South seen them say wallaby shit is dog shit ,they have no idea just want to lock it all up for themselves.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn’t judge to quick if I was you, new coach, young players & experimenting with different tactics in the summer cup and trial games has led to poor results but I’m sure it’ll be a matter of time before that turns around. Take their game against zebras for example for what you can expect in the season, absolutely dominated them but none the less will be an interesting season.

Anonymous said...

Never seen a wallaby jump a six foot high fence but keep dreaming nimby!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.38pm.
And you think Zebras are quality ? You must be joking.
Mid table again and again and again.

Anonymous said...

So FFT have turned the Championship and Womens Summer cup into a fiasco moving it at late notice different year same rubbish .

Anonymous said...

Didn't want you ??? Not good enough to play for them?? Knights will be mid table this year but you don't see someone continually bagging them.