Sunday, May 10, 2009

And the lights all went out in, I mean Sandown Park


Tilford Zebras made it to the quarterfinals of the Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy with this ultimately comfortable win away to Division One opponents Beachside at Sandown Park.

It took the Zebras almost an hour to get in front, but once they did, they were never in trouble, despite Colin Wain’s excellent goal for the home side when they were trailing 3-0.

This was an early evening match in gloomy, drizzly conditions and the game was held up for 15 minutes ten minutes before half-time because the floodlights had not come on to full power.

By the time the teams came back on, the lighting was suitable and the first half was completed.

Alex Bigg was excellent in goal for Beachside and it was largely due to him that the Zebras were held at bay for so long. He also kept the score-line respectable with some fine saves.

Brayden Pace put the Zebras ahead in the 57th minute when he pushed forward down the right and placed a low shot past Bigg and inside the far post.

In the 78th minute, Jayden Welch slipped the ball past an unprotected Bigg to make it 2-0.

With two minutes remaining, a shot by Fabian Lapolla took a nick off Welch and sneaked inside the right-hand post to give Zebras a commanding 3-0 lead.

Colin Wain volleyed a fine goal past Troy Kaden a minute later to pull a goal back for Beachside, but Ricky Self netted the third goal in four minutes when he headed home Aaron Brazendale’s corner to make it 4-1.

  • Beachside coach, Nathan Robinson, said:

“I think we can be proud of our efforts.

“We knew we were playing the top team in the Premier League who have come off three very good results against Kingborough away and South Hobart and the Knights before that.

“They were in pretty red-hot form and they came with their full squad and talented players, who we wanted to meet.

“For virtually the first hour we held firm and, whilst we didn’t always create a number of chances, I thought we played some good soccer and we were a threat when we went forward.

“We can take a lot out of the game, even though we conceded some poor goals towards the end so that the score-line seems worse than it was.

“There are a lot of positives and our guys stood up to the challenge tonight and we were always a threat.

“I thought with Colin Wain and with our wide players going forward we could always pinch a goal, but once you concede the first goal to a Premier League team in the cup, it’s always going to galvanise them and perhaps our heads dropped a little bit after that and they got on top and ran out worthy winners in the end.”

  • Tilford Zebras coach, Nick Lapolla, said:

“A great cup game when you play these minnow teams.

“Yeah, it’s good for Beachside, but I thought we pretty much had control of the game.

“It was just a matter of the first one going in and finishing them off.”


Beachside: A Bigg; P Bigg, Howarth, Klasen, Milford, Wain, MacDonald, Szoka, Robinson, Atkin, Davis [Substitutes: Lowe, Douglas, Thompson)

Booked: Davis

Goals: Wain 89

Tilford Zebras: Kaden; Pace, Telega, Smith, Connolly, Welch, Hall, Self, Brazendale, Crosswell, Walsh (Substitutes: F Lapolla, Viney)

Goals: Pace 57, Welch 78, 88, Self 90

Att: 85

Ref: S Collins


Anonymous said...

great to see the zebras back to their full potential. Also great that a club that rarely gets seen as a club with youngsters having 7 players under 21 in the squad!

Greg Ludford said...

Minnows beached at Sandown eh?
Got to go back a bit for that old Bee Gees song too Walter.
Zebras definitely look the goods this year, Prem & Res strength right through. Got to be a chance for the treble - or more!

Beachside said...

so a team holds the leading SPL team goalless for 60 min (something the Knights and Kingborough certainly couldn't) and just the 1 goal for 80 mins - and is tagged as a minnow! Is that an arrogant premier league philosophy filtering through?

that being said, quality team the Zebras. will be hard to knock off now.

Great work by FFT and HCC in organising the lights to go on for 5pm! lucky the minnows didn't hold on for extra time as they were out before 7pm too!

Charlie White said...

beach - the difference is that every week the premier league teams front up to the most even competition that I have played in. So to get a good result which Beachside did is great, were they ever in the hunt to win it though? Would they fare so well doing it for 21 rounds? I think that is the problem with the automatic promotion and relegation system, whoever wins div 1 this year would I believe get beaten by the bottom team in the premier league.

Sub said...

To add to Charlie's point, Borough were able to score 6 goals in 2 games against them. also if say Beachside were to get promoted i could hardly see the likes of Shepp, Luke Atkins, Bernie k, or Robbo (the Core of that team) wanting to play seniors again, even if they did there bodies wouldnt hold up for 21 games. That's just my Arrogant Premier league Philosophy filtering through tho ;)

jerrie kruijver said...

charlie whwn you judge the leagues on standard the reserve should be division one and that is the standard the top 2 teams in the present div 1 should be playing at.the rest of division one get more then they can handle from the better division 2 sides.we have the players to have a good even division one,just like the present premier league,maybe we should look at the uneven distribution of the talent available and make better use of the better players we reality the reserve league is only keeping the spare players occupied as some clubs are overloaded with talent.

Captain Australia said...

I see zebs have a reasonbly easy game to progress to the semi's! although Riverside are a tough team to beat at Windsor Park, how do Zebs tend to travel?

Charlie White said...

Jerrie I understand exactly what you are saying, I agree with you, but for this to bear fruit it needs to have a major overhaul of the structure of the leagues. I look at hockey and they only have 6 teams in their "A" grade and they then have reserves, div 1, div 2 all the way down. There are some other teams around in lower leagues but to be honest why do we need so many clubs in Tas Football? Why not have 6 or 8 clubs in areas around hobart that play in the best competition and then have a social competition as the leagues drop off? promotion and relegation is not going to increase the standard to that of hockey, The Australian hockey team has (had) 3 tassie players in it, we have had less than that in he last 30 years!

jerrie kruijver said...

charlie the problem is we are trying to run soccer based on the european system without having the reasonable size amateuer club in holland has more players on the books then the whole total of the get leagues of even standard we must remove the restrictions fft has placed on clubs.we cant support that many clubs with our smaller population so we must allow some clubs to double up if it is needed.some pf the smaller clubs are barely existing and are going on shoestring budget.we would be better of having 6 really big clubs that are financially viable ans at the same time get more benefit from the the better administrators and better coaches.with proper regulation that cant be too hard to organise.dont put restrictions on the clubs so that the right teams get to play at their proper standard.within 3 or 4 years with proper relegation and promotion we would have leagues that are even in standard and no more ridiculous scores of 14-0 etc.since clubs are allready doubling up in the lower leagues we cant say there is no precedent for it.and to say it does not matter if it is done in the lower leagues would be discrimination.those players pay the same fees etc as the players in the higher leagues.with our small number of players we must be more creative in using the talent we have.and dont let anyone say we cant compare talentwise with the mainland because i really believe we talent to burn here,all we need is give it the oppurtunity to shine.

ginger said...

Captain Oz,

an interesting draw for sure. 3 games in the north will leave walter grasping for more!!

riverside is a good draw for zebras given river's ladder position. but no such thing as an easy game in this comp as port and south hobart found out last week!

zebras travel ok with wins over laun city last year and somerset in 2007 in state final.

match of the round is easy - rangers vs knights. very tight game i would think.

clarence seem to have got the jackpot with uni at home.

somerset vs glenorchy a tough one to pick.

Brian Roberts said...

I have listened to arguments both for and against the number of clubs for the last 54 years.

The main plank in our sports construction is that Clubs are permitted to find their own level . Once a year we all go into the hat and are either covered in glory or go away resolved to try again next year .

If woodbridge or New Norfolk want to play and find Divisions 3 or 4 acceptable , let them

Why should Nelson E S be forced to become a part of the greater Clarence conglomerate ?

One aspect of amalgamations is never presented . The feelings of those who are about to be swallowed up .

Experience shows that if two groups of 22 get together rarely after 2 years will their 44 players still participating .

The dominant partner takes over .

Surely we are not suggesting the Aust Football Model were all play in the same boxes year in year out . ( Look at the local cricket scores)

A pox on the concept

jerrie kruijver said...

good point brian,but if they beat the pants of everyone in that division why should they not go up to thr next level? why hold them back because they are a small club and dont have the required youth development?