Saturday, May 23, 2009

South Hobart virtually kiss Premier League title goodbye

Photos (Top to Bottom): Referee Kim Barker tosses for captains Marcello Marchioli and Hugh Ludford before the start of the Kingborough and South Hobart match; South's Shae Hickey about to be tackled by Marcello Marchioli; South's Ricki Eaves gets a pass away; South's Daniel Brown tackles Kingborough's Damien Pearce; Kingborough's Charles White shields the ball from South's David Cooper

South Hobart have only a slim chance of retaining their Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League title after going down 3-0 away to Kingborough Lions United at Lightwood Park today and dropping to third on the ladder.

It was South’s third league defeat of the season and they now trail leaders Tilford Zebras by a massive 8 points.

Zebras came back from two goals down after only 9 minutes to beat Clarence United 4-3 away at Wentworth Park tonight, the winner coming in the 4th minute of stoppage time at the end of the match.

Second-last Hobart Olympic should have been at least 4-1 down at half-time against sixth-placed New Town Eagles at KGV Park on Friday night, but Olympic won 2-1 through deadly counter-attacks.

Glenorchy Knights moved into second place on the ladder, 7 points adrift of leaders Tilford Zebras, after downing bottom-side University 4-0 away at Olinda Grove today.

An error by central defender Hugh Ludford enabled Charles White to fire the Lions ahead against South Hobart in the 34th minute.

Ross Hinkley made it 2-0 in the 56th minute when he netted from close range after a brilliant attack down the right involving White and Ryan Bevan.

Six minutes into stoppage time, the Lions netted their third, Hinkley hitting the crossbar with a free-kick and Greg Freeman forcing home the rebound.

Luke Cripps hit his third hat-trick of the season for Clarence, but a late goal by Aaron Brazendale gave the Zebras victory.

Moments earlier, Chris Hunt almost struck a winner for Clarence, his fierce shot from the left coming back into play off the inside of the far post.

Cripps grabbed his first when he slammed home the loose ball after Ben Parker had headed Mattias Toghill’s free-kick against a post, while his second came after Zebras failed to clear a corner.

Ben Crosswell pulled a goal back for the Zebras on the half-hour and Dwayne Walsh’s goal against his former club in the 40th minute made it 2-2 at the break.

Crosswell gave Zebras the lead early in the second half, but Cripps made it 3-3 in the 69th minute before Brazendale struck Zebras’ winner in the 94th minute.

Eagles’ Alex Leszczynski had a penalty saved by Olympic’s Dmitri Nester before goals by Dipendra Kunwar and Michael Bulis gave Olympic a 2-0 lead.

Cormac Collins’s late strike for Eagles was too late to save the match, but if Adam McKeown had taken his first-half chances for Eagles, it might have been a different outcome.

Taroona drew level on points with Division One leaders Metro when they beat Christian United 7-2 away at Sherburd Park today.

Chris Cox hit a hat-trick and Hamish Macgregor scored a brace for Taroona, who led 3-1 at the break. Phil Gale and Mark Gates also got on the score-sheet for Taroona.

Nelson Eastern Suburbs sneaked home 2-1 against bottom-side Hobart United at North Warrane through first-half goals by Luke Wallace and Ben Gibson. Alex Bellini replied for United.

In the Premier League Reserves, Kingborough Lions United drew 2-2 with South Hobart, Gordon Kerr and Marcus Bremner scoring for Kingborough, and Hugo Bladel and Simon Burrett, the latter with a penalty, for South Hobart.

Tilford Zebras overcame Clarence United 5-0 through two goals by Jamon Pennicott and one each by Matt Hall, Alex Viney and Josh Thorpe.

Glenorchy Knights downed University 1-0, while Hobart Olympic and New Town Eagles drew 2-2, Dimitri Kanakaris and George Kalis netting for Olympic, and Ben Whitehall and Jason Thomas for Eagles.

In the Under-19s, University trounced Glenorchy Knights 7-0, South Hobart easily accounted for Kingborough Lions United 6-0, and Clarence United beat Tilford Zebras 3-1.

In Division Two, New Town Eagles White drew 1-1 with Huon Valley.

In the Division One reserves, Hobart United drew 1-1 with Nelson Eastern Suburbs. In the Under-19s, Hobart United downed Nelson 4-3, while in the Under-13s, Hobart United trounced Nelson 11-4.

In the Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League, Northern Rangers stayed top of the table with a 3-0 away win over Ulverstone at the Ulverstone Showgrounds.

Rangers' marksmen were Andrew Nicholson, Paul Bremner and Rhys Prestidge.

Rangers' Chad Honey and Ulverstone's Ben Foote were sent off.

Somerset won 2-1 away against Riverside Olympic, while Prospect Knights beat Launceston City 4-2 away at Mitsubishi Park.

Somerset fell behind to a 17th strike by Todd Mitchell, but James Nettleton equalised in the 29th minute.

Gary Hamilton then missed a couple of one-on-ones for Somerset, but Sam Cocks popped up with the winner in the 87th minute.

Devonport City easily disposed of bottom-side Launceston United 6-0 at home at Valley Road.

Kieren Mulraney hit a hat-trick for Devonport, while Paul Scicluna, Sean Howe and Scott Wilson completed the scoring.


yellowgemi11 said...

great to see south hobart lose again morton will be out of there asap or he will try and poach at least 5 players or there season is over as all there players at the moment are show ponys and think they are alot better than what they are, good to see knights win and corey getting on the score sheet as everyone loves him so much, well done to dimi last night with your penalty save by the way how far in lincon conquest away from playing he will make a huge difference

ginger said...

bad day for the mighty united. reserves flogged, lucky to only lose by 5.
seniors beaten with sucker punch right at the end.
with other results i think that sees clarence drop to 6th!! very tight through the middle.

knights up to second by my maths walter! what a turn around.

south, same old same old, brian will be pulling out what little hair he has left. maybe changes are needed from the top....

uni may as well pack the bags. TIS homeless once more.

CIZZA said...

yellow and giner you guys must type faster than i do.
well I said it over an hour ago juve to win the title. looks like I might be right for a change. would like to have been there but as they say drink and drive break the law. Responsible drining ect ect
Stick, Stick, were are you stick ? top 2 reserve sides to beat most senior teams well id have to say south 2nd from top drawing with 2nd from botton lions... sums up your post as absolute BOLLOCKS - are you by any chance a one eyed south supporter or perhaps player?
As for the TSI not UNI thumping the Knights. Where will they be playing next year when UNI get relegated. The clubs are still waiting on a response from FFT on the whole saga - Different face same lame excusses. what a joke.

Dippastar said...

yellowjemi, i predict lincin will be back and running in a few weeks.
disapointed to hear clarence lost. glad to hear south lost... what was the score with knights and uni?? looks like tilford have the premiership under the bag with the way they are playing. 4th place is going to be a massive compition..

yellowgemi11 said...

dippa thanks for that, lincon is one of the most under rated players in this leauge, at knights he was magic he didnt score as many as the other strikers but he set them up with his great work rate can see olympic on the move with him there

Walter said...

Sorry, Ginger. You are right. Knights second and South have slipped to third. Have corrected it.

Dippastar said...

your right yellowgemi. once lincon gets going he will be a great addition to the team. we hope.

CIZZA said...

Well done Lions another nail in the Boring Boring arsenal of tasmanian football coffin. what will george graham come up with now ????

Dmitri Nester said...

Doesn't seem to be much protection for keepers at the moment, Nester taken out a couple of times, Voss had a ball kicked out of his hands and Moschigans taken to hospital thanks to Dwayne Walsh.

Clarence deserved a least a draw last night but that's just how the game goes.

South ARE looking to poach again. A striker is on their shopping list but they have been knocked back so far.

Shows how much confidence Ken has in his current list of players.

harden up maggots said...

yoda i agree 100% with your there is not much protection for keepers at all i jus watched the hit the eagles player gave the olympic keeper and i witnessed the hit walsh did on the clarence keeper last night and they both only got a yellow card the clarence was knocked out for atleast 3 minutes

Special One said...

walsh cleaned up the defender who crashed into his own keeper all three went down, defender got in the way of walsh at full pelt, was unfortunate and no way walsh was trying to hurt the keeper, barely worth a card, moschigans cleaned up Fagg not long before that, no free kick given...keepers get away with a lot more then players free kicks against keepers can change a game so much with penalty's, last man cards etc ref's are not brave enough to give them.... most of the time if it was the same contact in the middle of the park, free kick given everytime...
cripps scoring from everywhere...

The Phoenix said...

If walsh had'nt hit the defender then he would certainly have cleaned up the keeper .you can say a lot about walsh but a dirty player he is not,he appeared quite concerned about his former team mate. What was more worrying was the reports that one of the Zebra players comment while Moz was lying knocked out was " $#@! him who cares " or words to that effect .Now that is a low and cowardly act !!

Krauser said...

having just watched the youtube of olympic n eagles, the chances sunday had werent easy and some took deflictions on the way at goal i thought so bit harsh. and the hit on nester was nothing just like the second one where i believe he was carded for diving ??

Conquest will be a huge bonus for olympic although who are they gonna leave out ? surely not dippastar and well bulis is in form now so Hmmm.

Clarence should have one really, hunt had two great chances but unlucky to the kid still a very good player.

Wondering if YODA wuld like to tell us all who this striker south got knocked back by is ?? surely they cant poach anymore players....

Those who are planning and already have been bagging walsh about the challenge, i think its abit rich i mean he is running at full speed and gets obstructed by the defender who then crashes into his own keeper i think it wasn't anyone's fault, having said that i think ludford from south was sent off for obstruction ? wuld love to hear walters opinion.

Dippastar said...

from what i've seen of walsh he's a very good player. he's not dirty. hope the clarence keeper is well...

Dmitri Nester said...

Difference is when Moschigans hit Fagg he had eyes only for the ball. Problem is players are jumping into the keepers and turning their bodies for the contact. Footage of Corey Smith incident and eagles players clearly show the player has no eye for the ball at all.

And I believe the card for Nester was for remonstrating, not diving.

ginger said...

i've just noticed on FFT website the advertisement for coaches for north vs south matches.

the first leg is to be played on sunday the 27th july. before A league match. the second leg TBC, likely to be the end of september looking at final four roster etc.

Now i thought this strange, as i certainly didnt see any spare weeks in the roster for this match in july so i just double checked.

for the weekend 25/26/27 july FFT currently has rostered a full round of matches, plus the statewide cup semis, and the north south match.
excuse me??????? what do we pay them for again? it certainly isnt their organisational skills.

winchester said...

ginger chcking fft site shows laka cup games on july 18

roundball said...

Andys god (AB), those players lucky to only get a yellow? geeze lucky theres no mirror when your playin

Captain said...

Hey Roundball - Andys God aint AB. I made a simlar bad call a couple of months ago.

Dmitri Nester said...

For the record I was given a yellow card for pointing out to the ref that I had a fat lip from being elbowed in the face.

Football devotee said...


maybe,just maybe - the date for the a lge match was not known when FFT did their rosters. maybe, just maybe, it wasnt known (as FFA would not confirm) that there would even be such a mnatch when FFT were compoiling their rosters owing to the upcoming increase in a lge teams.

When was A league fixture list released????

Stop bashing and offer some support for a change.

Why does football struggle in this state? - because when it comes to the crunch too many think they know better from the fringes and not enough do enough and PROMOTE a POSITIVE image of the game to others not directly involved!!!


The state cup round is July 18th its been fixed on the state cup section of the FFT web site.

League games July 25th north v south on July 26th.

Will be interesting to see who makes themselves available

ginger said...

thanks guy for putting me straight re south vs north game. i was going by FFT league rosters section which still has the error their.

looking at the roster i would sadly have to think many players will make themselves unavailable. there are 2 saturday night games rostered for that weekend!!!! meaning not only will players from 4 of the southern clubs have less than 24hrs recovery they will have to travel in that time as well. hopefully sanity prevails and FFT move these games forward to the daytime. teams involved are HO, SH, GK and CU so would expect lots of players to be involved from these clubs.

as for your comments football devotee i see where you are coming from but think of it this way:
- FFT has had A league friendlies for the past few years
- always in july
- would be reasonable to assume would continue this year, and if not the weekend could of been soley dedicated to north south match
- wouldnt of been hard to schedule a break in the roster in july to accomodate this, and the exact date could of been moved in accordance.
just an opinion!

will mr morton put in for the southern job so that he can increase his chances of winning something this year!! and poach some players in the process...

Football devotee said...


- from the FFT website:

Local FFT Roster Changes
The date of the A-League PreSeason game was not known when FFT rosters were published (in fact it was anticipated the game would be one week earlier). Roster changes will be made to free up as much of the weekend as possible to give all football enthusiasts the opportunity to attend the A-League Pre Season game. In general, games scheduled for 25th/26th July will be swapped with 18th/19th July as this was rostered as a “Cup” round. Games that cannot be easily moved will be rescheduled to later in the year. Clubs will be notified shortly of proposed changes.

ginger said...

thanks F.D.

seems CU will have a backlog of catch up fixtures to contend with then.
They already have 1 from a washed out match and highly likely they will have another from A league weekend, assuming either they or knights progress to the semis.

very happy to see FFT moving swiftly on this one. hopefully will ensure a large crowd in attendance for aurora stadium.