Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hobart Olympic suffer their biggest loss in the club's history

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League, KGV Park, Saturday, 16 May 2009

Tilford Zebras 11 (Crosswell 9 pen, 30 pen, 68, Cairns 15, Welch 21, 43, 92, Walsh 47, Fagg 51, 77, Brazendale 63)
Hobart Olympic 0

HT: 6-0 Att: 120 Ref: K Barker

Tilford Zebras: Kaden - Fagg, Telega, Smith, Pace - Brazendale, Cairns, Self (F Lapolla 64), Welch - Walsh (Hall 68), Crosswell [Substitute not used: Thorpe] [Coach: N Lapolla]

Hobart Olympic: Nester - Lebski, Mohamad, P Tsakiris, Kaproulias - C Tsakiris, Richardson, Mason (Tsimiklis 46), A Hedge (M Hedge 70) - Bulis, Kunwar (E Tsakiris 77) [Substitute not used: Plomaritis] [Coach: F Shaw]

This was Hobart Olympic’s biggest loss in the club’s history.

The previous biggest loss was also to Zebras, in 1994, in the days of the Summer State League, when the score was 8-0.

The win lifted Zebras 5 points clear of second-placed South Hobart and the title is now well and truly Zebras’ to lose, given their goal-difference of plus 24.

One sensed that this was not going to be Olympic’s day when they conceded a penalty after just 9 minutes.

It is difficult to judge what possessed Youssef Mohamad when he jumped into the air with a raised arm and deliberately handled Jayden Welch’s cross from the byline on the left aimed at the lurking Ben Crosswell. Even his team-mates seemed perplexed.

Crosswell was on the edge of the box and the goal-mouth was crowded, limiting the possibility of a clear shot at goal.

Mr Barker had no choice but to point to the spot, and Crosswell duly despatched the penalty to make it 1-0 for Zebras.

Olympic were almost back into it in the 14th minute when Michael Bulis’s excellent shot produced a magnificent save from Troy Kaden, who somehow got an arm to the ball and deflected it over the bar for a corner.

A minute later, however, it was 2-0 as Aaron Brazendale raced down the right and crossed for Paul Cairns to glance a header inside the far post.

In the 21st minute, it was 3-0 as Crosswell’s fine pass found Welch free on the left. Olympic goalkeeper Dmitri Nester was caught in two minds. He first went for the ball, then decided against it, and retreated. It was too late, however, and he was caught in No-Man’s Land. Welch easily rounded him and stroked the ball into the net.

On the half-hour, another sudden rush of blood to the head saw Mohamad bring down Crosswell on the right of the box and the Zebras striker slotted home his second spot-kick of the match to give Zebras a commanding 4-0 lead.

If that did not signify the end of Olympic’s challenge, the events that unfolded four minutes later did.

Mohamad wiped out his own goalkeeper, Nester, as he went for a cross, and as the ball fell loose, Welch’s shot clipped the crossbar. Mr Barker awarded a goalk-kick, which Peter Tsakiris prepared to take.

Before he could, Mr Barker, who had been running up-field, stopped, turned and ran back to Tsakiris and showed him the red card.

Mohamad and Robert Lebski then approached and there seemed to be a verbal exchange between the players and the official, whereupon Mr Barker showed Mohamad a second yellow card, followed by a red.

After the match, Mr Barker explained that he had shown Tsakiris the red card because he had uttered words in Greek that appeared to him to be abusive and directed at him. Mohamad had been shown a second yellow for dissent.

Tsakiris said later that he had indeed uttered a phrase in Greek, but as a gee-up to his team-mates, and that it was not offensive or directed at the official.

If Olympic appeal, it will be up to FFT to sort out.

Be that as it may, the outcome was that Olympic were down to nine men and had no hope of getting back into this contest.

That was made clear as the Zebras scored twice more before going in at the interval with a 6-0 lead.

In the 43rd minute, a deep cross from the right by Henry Fagg was spilled by Nester, and Welch was left to roll the ball into the net for goal number five.

In the 47th minute, Brazendale cut the ball back from the right and Dwayne Walsh netted the Zebras’ sixth.

Six minutes after the resumption, Nester could only parry Welch’s low shot from the left into the path of Fagg, who netted goal number seven.

Lebski went on a rare forward foray for Olympic in the 62nd minute, but fired harmlessly wide.

A minute later, as if to punish Olympic for their impudence, Zebras added their eighth goal. Walsh’s initial shot was blocked, but the ball came back to him, and he squared it for Brazendale to hammer home.

Crosswell completed his hat-trick in the 68th minute when he scored from close range after a fine run down the right and cross from Brazendale.

Fagg made it 10-0 in the 77th minute when he stooped low and looped a header, from Brazendale’s right-wing cross, over Nester and inside the far post.

Two minutes into stoppage time. Welch completed his hat-trick with an easy goal to complete a black day for Olympic.

It was certainly not the type of traditional derby one expects from these two sides.


  • Tilford Zebras coach, Nick Lapolla, said:

“Three points and goal average. We did what we had to do.

“Eleven nil. Between these two sides, it shouldn’t have been, but it was.

“It was a good run out for us. That’s all you can say.

“I think we had the majority of play and things well under control before the send-offs.

“I didn’t think that made a great difference to the game, other than to the score. Possession-wise it didn’t.”

  • Hobart Olympic coach, Farrell Shaw, said:

“The game was over in the first half, really.

“It was over before the send-offs.

“It just makes it hard to bring a club back up again after that sort of loss.

“I’m proud of the players who finished the game off. They battled hard.

“Yeah, it’s tough at the moment.

“There’s a lot of people at this club who have to sit down and think about the future.”


27 Goal Attempts 3
19 Shots on Target 1
2 Corners 4
10 Fouls Committed 6
12 Off-Sides 1
0 Yellow Cards 4 (Mohamad 30, 34, Lebski 49, Richardson 74)
0 Red Cards 2 (P Tsakiris 34, Mohamad 34)

Tilford Zebras:

Crosswell 7 6
Welch 7 6
Cairns 2 1
Self 1 0
Walsh 1 1
Fagg 5 4
Brazendale 3 1
F Lapolla 1 0

Hobart Olympic:

Bulis 1 1
Lebski 2 0


Captain said...

Hey Walter

I wasn't at the game.

You say Kim ran up the ground and then turned ...

My observations in the past have Kim Barker rarely turning his back on play.

Was he running with his back to the ball or was he watching the ball as he ran to his position?

behind play said...

so the whole olympic team speaks greek? Hmmm...

Unknown said...

#8 - interesting question. I beg to differ though, from memory Kim does turn away from goal when running upfield for goal kicks?

Brian Roberts said...

ust looking at the records..Olympic's previous biggest defeat was 0-8 to Hob Juventus in 1994, that would have been in the State Lg..

The General said...

I agree Fred, Kim and other referees do at times, turn away from goal when running upfield for goal kicks.

Sir Mix a Lot said...

What a disastrous day for Olympic.
21-0 over the three grades.
Talk about payback, only just last year Olympic beat Zebras twice in the league to cost them the title.
Regarding the send offs,its not the first time Tsakiris or Mohamad have had dissent issues towards a referee regardless of their teammates claims.
Well done Kim for not putting up with their garbage.
And what is the go with goalkeeper Nester? He spends half the time charging out of his box, nearly ended up in the Zebras dugout at one stage.
Olympic would be going bust financially paying for all these appeals, is that 6 send offs of some sort in the last 3 league games? They even manage to get a President,Captain,Physio and Substitute sent off. Says a lot about the club. Im sure their sponsors would be happy with the headlines.
Nice last line by Shaw, does he mean his own future? His days are also numbered.
The clubs recruting policy is terrible. Conquest to score goals? Good to see him healthy again but has he kicked a ball in 3 years?Tarros to support the senior coach and blood the youth through the reserves?
What about Bulis, his body language on the field when things not going his way is disgraceful, clearly an individual and not a team play there.
All this from a team who challenged for the title last two years.
Clearly the club is on a downward spiral, half the senior team particularly in the back half are on the wrong side of 30 and doesnt look like any young quality coming through with the exception of young Kunwar who is only just now getting good minutes so he wouldnt transfer to the Knights.
Let's just hope University get their act together to make it real interesting.
To make matters worse for Olympic, bogeyman Mr Krambousanos and his youthful Eagles are waiting to drive the nails in on Friday night.

eightball said...

hang on hang on- i agree with 95% but don't smear lincoln's name across olympics name when he hasn't started yet. give him time- yes he's reckless but maybe he is the kick up the hole that the team needs. he is afterall their only title winner in their team. he could go in for oompa bulis. the way he acts on the ground and he is meant to be getting a trial with perth glory!!! wow.

Dmitri Nester said...

Sir Mix a Lot,
After going down to 9 men my role was to also try and fill the sweepers role given that Zebras were playing through balls every 2 minutes and had the spare players that could run onto them.
I reckon I saved more goals doing this then if i had of just sat back on my line and let the attacker run onto the ball and have a one on one situation close to goal. I guess then you may have criticised me for staying on my line too much.
I may have nearly ended up in the dugout but I won the ball with the tackle and stopped Walsh from yet another one on one opportunity close to goal.
I reckon Walsh is still feeling a bit sore from the tackle.

batistuta said...

hahaha bulis trials at perth glory......hahahaha

he wouldn't start in the top 6 premier league teams here!!

The Phoenix said...

Now Batistuta don't be so mean , all A-leauge teams have mascots.I mean that would be what he would be trialing for right !!!

eightball said...

i think nelson women's are looking for a back up striker. he brings it on himself before anyone asks.

yellowgemi11 said...

bulis is a terrible player, he loos like the oompaloompas off willy wonker

Dmitri Nester said...

Funny how you can put down Bulis and not even put your real name to it. What too scared to be criticised yourself? At least he has some balls. I'm sure Bulis would be better than all of you combined.

The Phoenix said...

Me thinks Nester you take everything far to seriously. I've known Bulli for a while now so when I see him next I will ask him how his trial as a mascot went.Now your keeping on the other hand ........

yellowgemi11 said...

mr nesta ill put my real name on here once you can keep a clean sheet or 2, oh benchie next time you see walsh in the street you better ask him how he is after his collision with mr nester as he beleives he will be very sore and i want you to make sure hes ok haha

Dmitri Nester said...

And still not willing to put a name to it. I'm guessing Benchie is short for bench warmer, your usual position......

Dippastar said...

ummm, Not quite sure why everyone is critisizing Dimi, there was not much he could've done. He had one fumble out of the 27 shots that zebras took... that's not too bad considering that 90 pecent of the 11 goals were from inside the box. Yes, the team know that they played crap but when you down to 9 playes agaisnt a team who's playing the best football in the premier league, there was not much that could've been done.
ps.manchester vs barca, hope barca win.. anyone think that untiteds defence is too strong for barca to crack or....?

jerrie kruijver said...

the bravery of people hiding behind nicknames is astounding,a real credit to character

R U Serious Ref said...

Thanks Dippa for the last comment. Good to get away from all the bitching and name calling. What happened has happened so time to move on.

I really hope Barca smash them off the park. Would love to see 4 nil win but am thinking Barca 2-1. Henry with the winner

Dippastar said...

oh that would be the best ever 4-0 to barca, or even better 4-3, like real close but barca win with just seconds remaining. can't wait though.

The Phoenix said...

I can take most things but I have to draw the line now you have gone to far.....United will flogg Barca and become back to back CHAMPIONS Of Europe, don't want close, want it 5-0 at half time :).

R U Serious Ref said...

Benchie. I could almost take a United win if Barca were 5 up @ half time but United come back to win 6-5. Now that would be a great advert for the REAL FOOTBALL

Dippastar said...

ok benchie we know manchester are frickin awesome. but is fergusion going to have the balls to play attaking fottball against barca... i dont mean counter attack, like all the other teams that play barca. but hope its a goal feast who ever wins. two more night of sleep arhhhhhhhhhhh if there it's another penalty ending i'm going to die. far too nerve wrecking and table breaking (broke one last year when ronaldo missed the penalty) haha
two more nights arhhhhhhh

The Phoenix said...

Dipper, I concure ,no penalties. Win or lose , extra time but NO penalties. Umm is'nt the game next week though? The 27th !!

Dippastar said...

arhh thanks benchie. crap, i thought it was the 25th yesterday. feel so stupid, went to work and i was roostered on for the 25th not 19th on, Funny that. still just a week now. sigh.

eightball said...

so dippastar, speaking of loyalty, how was knights training a couple of weeks ago until you pledged your allegiance to olympic only after you found out you were playing seniors on the weekend?? sorry for the late reply guys but i have a life, and generally play soccer so i should know what i'm talking about, not just another bystander who's son just happens to be playing for yet another team.

eightball said...

oh and breaking news, good news doesn't take long to come through- huge rumour dale itchens has already accepted to take over half way throughthe year at olympic for the big fazz?? is this true or can we quash this otherwise fantastic news??

Walter said...

eightball, I just spoke to Dale Itchins and he strenuously denied he was taking over at Hobart Olympic. After reading your comment, he said he would call Farrell Shaw to tell him there is no truth in this rumour.

eightball said...

cheers walter, i was thinking surely not, but it wasn't just the one that told me in the lympic camp- no probs