Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beachside and Metro draw in fiery encounter


Metro could not be satisfied with this draw as Taroona won earlier in the day and moved to the top of the Division One ladder with a 2-point lead over them.

It was a hard, physical encounter, which saw three send-offs and four other bookings.

The small ground was even more crowded as neither side tried to use width and both teams sometimes occupied only one quadrant of the pitch.

With space at a premium, players had little time to control the ball and, if their technique was slightly deficient, they were caught in possession.

Consequently, the ball was often punted upfield anywhere, and there were some mad chases for the ball and crunching tackles.

Orr’s late tackle on Robinson earned the Scotsman a yellow card and this would prove crucial later in the match.

How Davis stayed on the pitch for as long as he did (an hour) is anyone’s guess. He appeared to strike Orr early on and then conceded a penalty later as he brought Orr down.

He and Orr were finally given their marching orders after an hour following a goalmouth scramble that saw Orr just fail to put Metro ahead.

All hell broke loose after the dismissals and players, coaches and officials had to intervene to restore order.

Beachside supporters standing near the dressing rooms were very vocal as the game wore on and there were quite a few verbal exchanges between them and Metro players who were substituted and were making their way back to the change rooms.

Beachside attacked strongly in the opening stages of the match and only a fine save by Metro keeper Simon Land denied Bernhard Klasen.

Beachside forced a couple of corner in quick succession, but the visitors held out.

The penalty came in the 14th minute and Orr tucked it away with ease to give Metro the lead.

Ten minutes before the break, Davis rose at the far side of the box at a corner and nodded home the equaliser. His gestures towards the Metro bench as he ran back for the restart were less than complimentary.

Neither side could break the stalemate in the second half, although Beachside keeper Alex Bigg was the busier of the two custodians and produced two fine saves to deny Metro a winner near the end.

The referee had his hands full once he blew the final whistle, which, incidentally, came about 70 seconds before the 45 minutes were up.

He had also refereed the reserve curtain-raiser.

He was surrounded by players and supporters before he left the field. Orr was out there questioning him, and the referee also threatened to report one club if one particular individual did not move away.

FFT should clearly have ensured that there were three fresh officials available for a match of such importance.

It was, after all, the only game in town at that time of the evening.

The referees’ ‘room’ is part of the Beachside dressing room and only separated from the players by a small partition, which is hardly an appropriate arrangement.

Metro's latest Scottish signing was at the game, having arrived in Tasmania only that morning. I wonder what he thought of it all?


  • Beachside coach, Nathan Robinson, said:

“I thought we were magnificent.

“We had a late withdrawal in Colin Shepherd, who has a virus, but who was here tonight.

“Sebastian Milford was out and he normally scored a few goals for us.

“We had to change tactically with a player sent off, but I just thought it was a terrific game.

“It still is two points we’ve lost and the onus was on us as the home team to get forward and score a goal.

“We couldn’t quite manage that in the second half, but saying that, I couldn’t fault the players.

“They were superb and they’re improving all the time. Those games, those crucial games in the Cup against the Northern Premier League team and against Zebras, and our practice game against South Hobart, are slowly starting to get us up to Premier League standard, because that’s what Metro are with their Scottish boys.

“So, I thought it was a good result and it keeps us alive for the season.”

  • Metro coach, Darrin Chaffey, said:

“Pretty disappointing. I’m not disappointed with the result because I don’t think we deserved to win.

“We didn’t play better, not that I thought Beachside did as well.

“It’s a pretty even result.

“It was a pretty important game for us and to have one of our strikers and myself sent off in the latter stages of the game, it’s going to affect for us a couple of weeks.”

Beachside: A Bigg; P Bigg (Howarth 25), McDonald, Lowe, Robinson, Wain, Szoka, Klasen, Atkin, Douglas (Reason 85), Davis (Substitute not used: Ryan)

Booked: Douglas, Davis

Sent-off: Davis

Goals: Davis 35

Metro: Land; Rahni, Gasparin, Malcolm, Sweeney, Dawes, Orr, Jackson (McQueen 80), Hawkins, Marney, Hunt (Chaffey 70) (Substitute not used: T Kent)

Booked: Orr, Dawes, Jackson, McQueen

Sent-off: Orr, Chaffey

Att: 100

Ref: C Ware


Marty Nidorfer said...

Walter, your words indicate a level of dissappointment in the lack of officials.
Our Eagles side last year experienced the same level of "under officialdom" Every Div 1 side experiences this as well.
This league has every team striving to win it. Some of them invest money in the hope for promotion.
FFT are doing all 7 clubs in Div 1 this year a disservice. Can someone tell me what component of registration, covers "officials". Surely if you dont get a full compliment, clubs would get recompensed.
Surely a league under FFTs "criteria" would state a minimum requirement of 3 refs per game. It makes a mockery of these Div 1 sides, suggesting they are no more than social league.
I sympathise with Darrin Chaffey and his frustration.
Last year, we played a match at Pontville, where before the game, our 1 official apologised to us, saying he is only a linesman, the other officials havent shown up.
I had a frustration, which in the situation was a match to decide the league.
Walter, you stated the ref also did the reserve match. The poor guy that day at Pontville, had officiated by himself for 3 matches in a row. To my amazement, as we left the changerooms, he was officiating a womens match directly after ours, 4 in a row!!!
Not his fault at all with the situation. A lot is said about abusing refs, clubs, players and supporters, but if you treat these men and women(refs) like that, no wonder there is a lack of them.

Marty Nidorfer said...

To add, in my experience, Darrin your team will get a full compliment of refs next week.

Southern said...

I wouldn't count on it Marty.

With two Premier games on Saturday arvo and one in the evening FFT will struggle to get 3 for the Metro/Taroona game.

With automatic promotion on the line the division deserves support from the administration.

I doubt they will get it.

Captain said...

My understanding is that Clubs get charged for the refs that turn up -so if you get one the club pays for one.

I'm not sure who's fault it is that only one ref is present but pay and ref numbers must have something to do with it.

Chaffey said...

I think the thing that frustatated me most Marty, was the fact that the only Official that was there, was clearly not upto the standard. If he had been there would've been quite a few yellow cards early in the first half which usually settles the game and the players. Because he didn't or wasn't confident enough to do so the game got out of hand. Hence having 3 players sent off!!!. Therefore both Beachside and Metro suffer next week.

Captain said...

so did your behaviour on the day do anything toward increasing the likelihood of refs wanting to turn up and ref (your) games???

Chaffey said...

#8 - whoever you are???
My behaviour was fine, I merely pointed out to the referee that, he let the game get out of control in the first half which led to the events in the second half. At know stage did I directly abuse the referee. I think you would find that most coaches would have something to say about having their players targeted in a manner that endangers their health & is not protected by the referee.

Brian Roberts said...

Marty . None of your fees cover the cost of officials . They are a seperate charge to your club . Thus from a Treasury perspective the less officials the better news for your bottom line

Carbo said...

How long is it going to take before FFT wake up and have a good look at themselves.
It is quite obvious that the facility is not upto standard and sandown park.
The ref should be no where near any team getting changed, let alone get changed with them.
If FFT are going to have night games make sure there is adequate and safe toilet facilities for females.
Does beachside have a liecence to sell alcohol out of an eski, i would think not!!!
With a game so important to the future structure of FFT leagues surely you would have three capable refs doing the game.
Until someone on the board at FFT or in the office stands up and takes control Football is stuffed in this state.
Lets face it every club in tas has it downfalls, but i do not see FFT trying to help these club become better. The people invoved at board and office level at FFT are only in it for themselves and not the game. Time for a change i reckon.
How long does it take to appoint a Development officer?

Marty Nidorfer said...

It is a sensitive issue about the refs, but I have to say in all years of play, a referee has never threatened to abandon a match to my side. This happened twice last year, with the official involved in the Beachside Metro match.
The first instance involved a section of supporters, acting innapropriately.(they were not our supporters, but the oppositions). Second time was before a match, with a clash of sock colours.(a check of FFT strips later on suggested we had the correct gear on.)
A comment before that match from the ref was any 50 -50 ball that goes out will be awarded to the home side. That instils confidence.
Something has to be done to ensure full compliments of Refs for Premier and Div 1, with appropriate guys controlling the middle.

Unknown said...

Darrin I'm sure you'd like to think you were sent off merely for 'pointing out that the game got out of control in the second half'. If that is all you said, in that exact manner, using those words, then the referee was wrong to send you off.

However, if, as I suspect, you used expletives, threatening tones towards the referee etc., there's really no surprise you got sent off!

Wonder why we have so few referees when senior coaches such as yourself treat referees like that. It's disgraceful - exactly what #8 says.

Don't be surprised if people don't get referees at all next weekend, there's so many games to cover - and nowhere near enough referees.

People can blame the administration to an extent [and yeah, that's fair because FFT don't do a very good job a lot of the time], but the real responsibility for our lack of officials refereeing at a senior lever lies with the clubs who treat the referees like dirt. You know who you are.

I'd refer you to the case on the blog earlier this year - where a referee quit as a result of abuse sustained from the Knights bench at a South Hobart game. This'll keep happening.

canon - yes, the situation at Sandown is disgraceful, as well as at other grounds [Taroona, the Athletic Centre spring to mind]. However, are you suggesting appointing a new Referee Development Officer? I think anyone who meets our current officer would realise that he's not in his job for himself.

What we do need is ENFORCED minimum standards for ALL grounds, and more, adequately qualified, referees to staff the games at these grounds.

And, before you ask, I'm not putting my name to this for a very good reason.

Carbo said...

just clarifying earlier comment in relation to FFT and appointment of a development officer, I meant Coaching and Development Manager as a general comment in the text of FFT and thier lack of organisation.
I believe the current referee development manager is trying hard with the limited resources fft have made available.
I also believe that the FFT Board have got thier eyes shut and dont realise how bad things are out on the field, i havent seen a board member at a game for years and as a matter of fact would even know who they are if i tripped over them.

Unknown said...

canon - thanks for clarifying - definitely reckon the 'development' part of coaching and development needs attention.

the Board needs to make refereeing more attractive - thereby encouraging more people to take it up...

Chaffey said...

I was about 3 yards away from Chaffey and the referee when Chaffey got the red card. When he shook the ref's hand I think he said well done ref, then he turned to his team and called them in for a warm down. I actually thought the card was for one of our players who came back onto the ground, glad it wasn't though.

Greg Ludford said...

Sounds like it was all on at Sandown. Wouldn't blame the ref for blowing a minute early, he'd probably had a gut full by then. The players & supporters need to respect the official on the day, they have no choice.
Can't imagine any officials do it for the money. Maybe football could move to the unpaid volunteer referee (as per hockey, clearly the best run sport in the state).
Not sure how this would work for the Beautiful Game though.

The Realist... said...

"Beachie", fantatsic to see some clarification & honesty contained within your posted comment.

I'd like some clarification in regard to the whereabouts of the match manager on Saturday night.

It's bad enough that the players/official(s) have sub-standard facilities and protection from the crowd during a game, let alone being subject to inappropriate behaviour from the crowd as well.

A bit of banter is fine but the language and gestures witnessed during and after the game don't exactly 'promote the game' or entice people back.

Maybe the Match Manager was looking after the 'beer eski' with the honesty box attached...!

#13ronniejones said...

I agree with a recent comment form Walter that was in the Mercury. That Football/Soccer in this state has been reduced to just a social kick around.

Captain said...

Chaf, if your behaviour was "fine" as you suggest then why did you apologise to the ref in earlier comments.

Then straight after apologising you go on to say he wasn't good enough - so what are you apologising for??

If your comments were insulting, abusive or threatening the ref should send you off. Perhaps he wasn't as bad a ref as you suggest.

Chaffey said...

For the record: I did make a comment to the referee, and muttered a word of frustration as walking away I should not have used, however I did not abuse, insult or threaten the referee in question.
As for his performance, I think Walter described it in detail already. I have not desputed my red card, but have said both couldv'e been avoided.

Unknown said...

Well #8, exactly! What's Chaffey going to say about the referee if he's just been sent off? Don't think his opinion is going to be fair, really.

Again, Darrin I find it hard to believe that a referee would send off a player just for muttering a word under his breath when walking away. If this is the case [which I seriously doubt] then you should feel aggrieved.

3-16 - good point as well, where was the match manager?

Chaffey said...

Fred, you're very critical for a guy who obviously wasn't there when Chaffey was shown the red card. I'm pretty sure it happened exactly how he explained it. Just unlucky I think the pressure of the game got to the ref, as common sense should have prevailed instead.

Marty Nidorfer said...

guys, I think judging from Walters article, comments made, and my and my previous Div 1 sides experiences, that this game that I didnt witness bore the same resemblance to many I played in last year.
1.Incompetentcy early in a match,
2. a failure to discipline bad tackles,
3.teams remonstrating with the fact bad challenges are not getting noticed.
4.Teams remonstrating get disadvantaged via cards dished out for dissent.
5. The game becomes a fight, because there is no line to draw with how the tackles are meant to be penalised.
6. The game ends with one or both sides aggrieved for a lack of control.
Side note:#8 and Fred: I have been anagonised by this Ref in a previous situation mentioned earlier and walked away before blowing my lid. He demanded I return immeditately, so he could get my reaction. Stated I am the captain therefore I have to stay. I kindly onformed him I was not captain and walked away.
Chaf did the wrong thing, he wont do it again with this ref.
As I stated earlier, some refs are not up to officiating the middle of the park. Also some players are not up to playing in Premier League, Div 1 Reserves, Under 19's etcetera. These players that are not up to the level stated get moved on to the social leagues with clubs. It should be no different with refs.
It is sad we have a lack of them, numbers must be booming in participation. Surely the powers that be have an agenda every year on how many refs are needed on a weekend.
Get a program going, involve clubs, give incentives, cut someones paypacket at FFT to accommodate better rewards for refs, and this will get rid of all these comments.
I beleive rightly or wrongly that Walters article has subtlely tried to state this point.

Disgusted said...

The other disgusting aspect of this game was the supporters. The language used was nothing short of disgraceful.
There were several children at the game who have the right to go and watch a game without being subjected to the absolutely foul language that was being used by several beachside supporters. If there was a match manager present at the game maybe this situation could have been avoided.
I for one will not be taking my children to another beachside game, something that everyone involved in should be very ashamed about.

The Phoenix said...

Hmmm and they aspire to play premier leauge !!!!!

Captain said...

Chaf - you appear to be an honorable person which, as coach of a club I played many games for, is pleasing.

However, I am not sure Walter was scathing of the ref. His comments are more concerned about the behaviour of Beachside players and supporters.

Night games and alcohol seem to bring an interesting aspect to our games.

My questions are;

1) does Beachside have a license to sell alcohol?
2) what provisions did Beachside make for safety of spectators?
3) will these issues be addressed by the Club or FFT before the next home game under lights??

big dog said...

Beachside supports always have been and always will be terribly behaved. They are a club that think they have the right to abuse people, drink on sidelines with little respect for families and have people like Ben Davis.... Is this a club that we want in the Premier League representing the top tier of teams in the state???

BSE said...

Why is everybody singling out Beachside as the bad guys, and Metro to be the hard done by saints, when the facts speak for themselves! Metro had 5 players cautioned with 2 being sent off. Beachside had only 2 with 1 being sent off. When you look at it, the worst crowd had to be Metro, all they wanted to do was start fights all game, on and off the field. Every second word was a four letter one and the guestures towards players, other supporters and umpires, were discusting. Not to mention, how metro players were trying to organise groups of thier supporters, some being parents, to start fights with the opposition during and after the game. Metro were violent, foul mouthed and disgusting, on and off the field, with supporter after the game, punching doors and swearing and carrying on. All in all the team who everyone is picking on, was by far the better behaved side, Metro were a discrace to the game.
To 'Big dog' and 'Disgusted', keep your opinions to yourself unless you get your facts straight and stop singling out players whom you wouldnt even know.

Unknown said...

The attack on Beachside and its player Davis seems very unsubstained. Its seems a majority of the people commenting were not actually at the game. Without getting into a slanging match, there were many metro supporters looking to start trouble, including one supporter who came to the beachside changeroom door looking for a fight. Also, the metro assistant referee involved himself in verbal exchanges with the beachside subsititutes, including threatning comments and comments of the referee being paid by beachside to help gain a result (funny this coming from a metro rep whose club has flown in in half of scotland to help with results) before throwing the flag away midway through the second half because he felt his team were being to hard done by an walking off the line. Not really what you are looking for from a club rep and supposed unbiased asst ref. Davis was lucky to be on the park after several late challenges in the first half, but this is the type of player he is, he goes in and doesnt look to come off second best. He wasnt going to take the softly softly approach against an opponent who has scored 19 goals in 7 games. It would be interesting for those who say beachside have a thuggery approach to see how they compare in sendoffs to other clubs this year. Sweeney for metro has already seen 2 reds this year, Orr and Chaffey 1 each Saturday night. Davis is Beachsides first red for the year.

Carbo said...

The scottish lads that metro have brought in are for the good of the game.
It is also providing a new future for the three lads, as you are probably aware there is an economic down turn in europe and these guys being fully qualified tradesman have come out to the this country looking for a fresh start in life and also a life experience. There have been many immigrants before these guys that have taken the same path.
Take a look in the past Metro have provided and done more for the local community than beachside could ever immagine doing. If i remember correctly metro even gave some underage beachside players a chance a few years ago to play against interstate competition.
I would suggest you get your head out of the sand and realise that metro are that far in front of beachside when it comes to juniors, youth, facilities and overall performance.
Above all remember we are here to enjoy the game of football for many that is a weekend past time.

footballmatters said...

Chris Ware shouldn't referee Beachside matches as he's a member of the club and tends to favour them..He's not a bad referee at all but loses it whern Beachside is involved.
Metro possibly thought to get an easy win as they have beaten Beachside 5-1 and 5-2 before this year.
Big match this saturday betwwen Metro and Taroona. Beachside should take advantage of it with an easy win with bottom side HObart United.

big dog said...

Oh Beachside, your so hard done by with all these comments and everyone feels so so sorry for you. It seems at some stage or another, all the people on here have had trouble with Beachside. Ben Davis is the sort of player that averages 3 reds and half a dozen yellows a year. Although a good player and a hard player, I have played against him numerous times in the last decade and it cannot be said the ball is always the number one objective.
Everyone in Division One, player or coach knows under pressure Chris Ware loses control of a game and makes silly decisions. It is the arrogance and pathetic teams that use this against their opponents, (ie. Davis V Orr).
Harden up Beachside, fix your facilties, your crowd and your attitude and I reckon the football community in Tasmania will start having a bit more respect for you.

Marty Nidorfer said...

Walter, I believe the past few comments have justified my summation of events.
Thought about it, there is a way to get officials to these fixtures. Play Div 1 matches at midday so as approprate refs can do both leagues. The league that will suffer from this is Premier Reserves, but in the situation of relegation, I think this would suit all clubs.

footballmatters, I have to disagree with you on the merits of the ref. As previous comments stated by myself, coupled with the info you send about his beachside membership, I have no positives at all.
I think teams like Metro and Taroona, which have had an acceptable level of officialdom in the premier league are realising the massive gap in standards.
In defence of a club like Beachside, they know no better, and will continue supporting as they do until officials complain.
I will add that my club is is not immune to supporting appropriately.
Hobart United last year were subjected to some innappropriate behaviour byour supporters, and I believe refereeing, or more importantly FFT not supplying them added to the situation.
Our coaching group in the situation complained to OUR CLUB about the level of support, and I personally apologised to Hob United about our support that day. I have a great respect for Tony Tarros to allow me to do that, I hope our club continues to support all of our teams appropriately.

DB said...

I support Marty 100% in all comments.
I seem to have a case of Deja Vu when reading some of the comments made in relation to this match, and there seems to be one common denominator - the referee in question.
I was unlucky enough to witness events last year described by Marty on this blog and some words and statements come to mind in relation to the particular individual:
*genuine lack of common sense
Officiated games would generally spiral out of control until some breaking point event would occur.
In such an important game, officials should be appropriately and adequately assigned.

BSE said...

100 percent agree with Warren, the facts speak for themselves.
Big Dog, i dont know what game you were watching on the weekend, because your statments and claims just dont make sense, get your facts right, pull your head down from clouds and surely you'll come to your senses and realise that Metro were disgrace.