Sunday, May 24, 2009

South Hobart lose three in a row

Photos (Top to Bottom): Match officials Kim Nino Mele, Kim Barker and Patrick Galloway; South's Jonathon Ladic passes to Shae Hickey; Kingborough's Ross Hinkley (right) about to tackle Shae Hickey; Ladic gives Kingborough's Charles White a nudge in the back; Kingborough's Damien Pearce clears ahead of South's David Cooper; Kingborough's Marc Iseli heads clear before South's Garry Upton can intervene

Forestry Tasmania Premier League, Lightwood Park, Saturday, 23 May 2009

Kingborough Lions United 3 (White 34, R Hinkley 56, Greg Freeman 90+6)
South Hobart 0

HT: 1-0 Att: 90 Ref: K Barker

Kingborough Lions United: Voss - Palmer, Iseli, D Pearce (A Kerr 83), Wells - Bevan, Andrews, Marchioli, R Hinkley - White (T Pearce 67), McDonald (Greg Freeman 63) [Substitute not used: Leamey] [Coach: Geoff Freeman]

South Hobart: Moncur - Cooper (Pennicott 60), Ludford, Heerey, Scott - Eaves (Abbott 32), Upton, Ladic, Hickey - Kanakaris (Ross 57), Brown [Substitute not used: Hill] [Coach: K Morton]

It’s been a long time since a Ken Morton side lost three games in a row.

But, that’s what has happened to reigning champions South Hobart, who as a result of this 3-0 loss to Kingborough Lions United, have dropped to third spot on the Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League ladder.

South Hobart now appear to have only a slim chance of retaining their title.

They have a lot of possession, but they lack a true spearhead as a focus of their attacks and this is costing them dearly.

They suffered a blow in this game when Ricki Eaves was injured in a tackle after only half an hour. He had to go off and was replaced by David Abbott.

In the 34th minute, an uncharacteristic error at the back by captain Hugh Ludford resulted in South falling behind.

Ludford’s ball control let him down as he tried to stop a through-ball and Charles White gained possession, advanced on goal, and calmly slotted the ball past Mark Moncur to put the home side in front.

It was almost 2-0 in the 39th minute when Tom McDonald ran on to Michael Wells’s long ball out of defence and had a dig, but Moncur saved well.

South Hobart had had several good chances before then, however, mostly from distance, but they all came to nothing.

Five minutes before the interval, Kingborough goalkeeper, Jason Voss, once again produced his almost mandatory Jekyll and Hyde act.

Voss’s atrocious clearance from the edge of the box went straight to Shae Hickey, who, seeing Voss way off his line, lobbed the ball towards an empty goal.

Voss somehow recovered his ground and, diving full length backwards, somehow clawed the ball out of the air and turned it onto the bar, whence it ricocheted harmlessly back into play.

Deep into stoppage time at the end of the first half, Voss again produced a brilliant save, denying Kanakaris, who had threatened to score with an audacious over-head scissors kick from an acute angle.

Seven minutes into the second half, Voss again did exceptionally well to deny Daniel Brown, who was given the chance after an error by the usually reliable and prominent Marc Iseli.

In the 56th minute, came the goal of the match. White and Bevan exchanged passes wide on the right and Bevan’s low cross towards the near post was turned in by Ross Hinkley to make it 2-0 for the Lions.

Then came a flurry of substitutions by both sides and, with the match going into an extended period of stoppage time, Kingborough added to their tally.

In the 96th minute, a free-kick by Hinkley came back off the bar to substitute Greg Freeman, who prodded the ball into the roof of the net before the South Hobart defence could react and made it 3-0.

Not only is a Morton team starting to lose several games in succession, they are losing comprehensively.


  • Kingborough Lions United coach, Geoff Freeman, said:

“I’m really, really happy.

“We set out with a game plan, and that was to restrict them to playing longer balls and being as compact as we could and then to try and break with a little bit of pace and a little bit of purpose.

“We were probably lucky with the first goal. They made an error and Charlie [White] did finish well.

“The second goal, I thought, was fantastic.

“The third one, yeah, time on, was one of those.

“It was our day. The boys worked really hard and thoroughly deserved the result.”

  • South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said:

“If you have a lot of possession like that, you’ve got to turn the possession into goals.

“Today, we never looked like turning it into goals.

“I mean, the keeper has brought off two or three good saves that might have got us back into the game.

“But, there’s not the penetration, you know, the runs off the ball when Johnny Lo was a round, the service from wide areas is not as good as last year, and these are the things we’ve got to put right.

“Our play from back to front is too slow and deliberate and we allow teams to sit deep on us, so we’re not helping ourselves.

“But, we’ve just got to keep working away and, you know, maybe get a better balance to the team so we’ve got flankers who are getting wide and are crossing, or at least the fullbacks are coming up and crossing.

“But, that just hasn’t happened in the last few games, and from that, we haven’t had the opportunities we normally create.

“But, I thought Kingborough set their stall out well, defended well. They played the counter-attack well and, you know, one chance in the first half and it’s a goal.

“Young Voss has made two or three great saves that kept them in the game and they get another good goal. But, both goals are bad defending. They came from our mistakes.

“Football matches are won and lost through what you do in penalty areas and we didn’t do enough in the attacking penalty area and we defended poorly in our own penalty area.

“End of story, really.”



12 Goal Attempts 22
7 Shots on Target 10
0 Corners 3
13 Fouls Committed 13
1 Off-Sides 2
0 Yellow Cards 2 (Upton 38, Brown 60)
0 Red Cards 0

Kingborough Lions United:

Andrews 1 1
White 1 1
D Pearce 1 0
McDonald 2 2
R Hinkley 2 2
Iseli 1 0
Marchioli 1 0
T Pearce 1 0
Freeman 2 1

South Hobart:

Upton 6 3
Brown 3 2
Kanakaris 2 1
Cooper 2 0
Hickey 1 1
Heerey 3 0
Ladic 3 3
Ross 2 0


Krauser said...

Tough ground to go to and get points, nice win for kingborough to bounce back to after last weeks defeat.

Brad said...

Welcome to the Lion's Den. Enter at your own risk but whatever you do don't anger the beasts!!!

Charlie White said...

South as a club are at the crossroads, the playing group have enviable skill, fitness and ability, yet don't have any sort of club spirit or leader who will stand up and say "Ken this is not working, lets change it, this is the not the South that we want". The playing group appear too scared of loosing to take chances and then abuse each other at the drop of a hat. Gary Upton who was the most combative and divisive player at the Lions (no offence intended Gaz) is tame by comparisons to the "tall socks brigade". At one stage they had 4 players all swearing at different players, what kind of club is this? Twice now we have outnumbered them after a game, both at their pub and our clubrooms, do they like each other or do they simply play together to win? Hugh Ludford made a howler, did any of the South players actually try and encourage him to not drop his head, to lift his game? Nope! You have players such as Dave Cooper who has been such a loyal club person, yet now is played out of position, his creativity and therefore potency dumbed down and then he is subbed to be replaced early in the second half by Pennicott, who himself is only allowed to take 2 touches, how was this going to change the game? If south need goals, put a couple of guys who are proven up there, Brown and Cooper, perservere and don't move Brown around into 4 different positions, trying to find a fit. If Ken is indeed worthy of coach of the year, then he could surely "coach" his players to be able to play as a striker, couldn't he? 1 goal in 4 games is dismal and reminds me of the Lions of old...South need a change of culture and attitude, Ken won't be able to get any more players as no one will want to join them. Look at the leading strikers, Cripps - clubman, Walsh and Crosswell - seem pretty happy and creative, Freeman - clubman, would these players even be scoring the goals in the South set up? It is too regimented and to be frank, boring.

Sub said...

Voss Stepped up a level in that game, some outstanding saves!! Enjoyed eating my words from last week!

Ken Mentions not having John Lo, he didnt have him for most of last year and were still able to score goals, just shows how much Billy Gas did for that team, backline seems to be struggling with out the recently retired M. Brown and injured Krujiver,

Second goal Amazing!! sliced through the South defence like butter!!

Anonymous said...

To be fair, South have still conceded the least amount of goals out of any team in the league even after losing 3-0. Hughie Ludford is magic at CB but it certainly hurts not having Matthew 'Bombs' Brown next to him - that bloke never makes a mistake. I have to agree with you Charlie - there does not seem to be much fight in the team. Having Dogga Brown back will surely assist in turning that around. South have too much quality in their squads to be discounted, even after losing the last three. Well done Kingborough, a top notch win!

Captain said...

amazing comments by a player. Will be interesting to see how Mr White's coaching career pans out.

Charlie White said...

#8 - I agree, purely a players comments, at no time did I claim to be a coach and that is why Ken has made a living out of coaching and I never will nor want to. My questions and observations were in no way meant to claim some kind of superiority, as I have played against Ken when he coached at 3 clubs and won numerous titles and cups, something I have not done. Having played South for years the games are always tough and hard fought no matter what the ladder standings, the best team they had was when Spinner was coaching but they did not win anything (i think)I was simply questioning a club who I thought was similar to my own, yet seem a world away at the moment (and I'm not talking about ladder positions here)

B P said...

Fantastic comments Charlie, it's about time somebody said what others have been thinking, and putting your name too it as well, Has Ken ever done a good job with an average team? answer Nope, I've asked lots of people and I have been coached by Ken at different clubs, and too be honest unless he has a strong, on the field leader he struggles getting the best out of players.. Sth are no doubt full of talent but lack a leader. Questions have to be asked about Heary playing CB, Cooper playing FB etc but I think it's clear that the group as a whole have lost whats important. Playing for each other !!! Ken won't be able to buy a striker this year and I would be surprised if any young ones would wont to go... time will tell, great result to Lions don't know about the Lions Den bit Brad but a good title, good on ya again Charlie good luck for the rest of the season....
Walter great site good to see a full article published at last!! Waiting to see what reasons you have for Sth not doing as well as thought!!! G Juv (8 pionts isn't it??)
Go juvvv

Captain said...

I think injury to Bart Beecroft and Greg Downes have been signifcant. Downes was scoring important goals before he was injured.

Morton cops a constant pasting on this blog. He probably knows why. I wonder if he cares.

I wonder what powerbrokers at South Hobart think or has there been a complete takeover??

The Phoenix said...

The way i hear it #8 but for 2 votes against him he would have been in charge at Olympic this season so he has no loyalty to South or anyone else for that matter. He is though the best coach in the state by miles. Souths problem is to many egos on the park, the last few weeks has shown this .

djohn said...

Charlie hit the nail on the head with "it is too regimented." No doubt Ken would impose set rules for each of his players to follow. Doing this restricts players from expressing themselves and being creative which is what you need in the front third.

Haha not sure about 'the den' Brad, Juve walked into it, had 5 goals for lunch and walked out satisfied.

B P said...

Honestly benchie can we have a vote re the best coach in the state statement.. Has he told you this or was it Edo?? I might not have an inside into what is going on at Sth but to hear comments such as on field arguements etc isn't good.. A lot seems to have happened since Upton arrived in the negative.. Losing JLo and Roach were huge but lets not forget they have picked up Eaves & Heerey, they have two senior keepers and are supposed to have the "best academy in the world" havn't seen too many great step ups .. Money on Morton's little empire going overseas soon !!! what is it 8 pionts now??? Go Juv

Charlie White said...

I have just clicked with who you are BP, I was thinking someone else until I read the last bit, makes me feel better when someone of your calibre and experience (and who has played under Kenny) agrees with me. To me the best coach is the person who gets the most out of the team, or who gains the greatest improvement from a group. I think that the top 5 or 6 teams are all coached reasonably well to their strengths, at the moment you would have to say that Zebras are ticking along the most convincingly though.

B P said...

Charlie i agree, but things can turn very quickly, i honestly believe that the best coach is a coach who understands his group, makes that group a mixture and allows his leaders to "assist" him. as you well know results can be effected by coaches but 99% of the time it's the players on the park who get each other up to achieve what is required. Kingbourgh are a classic example over the years, in my opinion the club always bats higher then it's ability this is because of character and great leaders "like yourself" 33 points still on offer so there's a long way to go, can sth find some spine? will the young knights get carried away? will the zebras think they can relax? Time will tell...