Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tilford Zebras go to the top of the ladder

Photos (Top to Bottom): Zebras defend a corner; The Lions' Marc Iseli thwarts the Zebras' Dwayne walsh; Crosswell scores for Zebras and wheels away in joy

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

Kingborough Lions United 2 (McDonald 2, Freeman 16) lt Tilford Zebras 5 (Welch 8, 19, Crosswell 32, Self 69, Welch 81)


Kingborough Lions United 2 (Walker, Bremner) lt Tilford Zebras 4 (Viney, Fisher, Fotak, Thorpe)


Kingborough Lions United 1 (Taban) lt Tilford Zebras 4 (R Lapolla 2, J Kaden, Young)

Division One

Hobart United 0-12 Metro (Orr 4, Marney 3, Dawes 2, Jackson, Hunt, Malcolm)
Nelson Eastern Suburbs 1 (Mills) dw Northern Suburbs DOSA 1


Hobart United 1-3 Metro
Nelson Eastern Suburbs 3-1 Northern Suburbs DOSA


Hobart United 2-4 Metro
Nelson Eastern Suburbs 4-1 Northern Suburbs DOSA

Women's Division One

Beachside 3-0 Hobart United

Women's Division Two

Beachside 0-0 Hobart United


snoopy said...

was watching the clarence vs olympic game last night and it was dissapointing to see how 2 officials from the olympic team had reacted i was standing behind the goals at the time and i could clearly hear what the olympic guys were saying to the lines man it was very dissapointing. im not too sure who was doing the line near the bench but i dont know how he could have put up with the abuse

heartbreak said...

Hey Walter, will there be any full match reports this week?

harden up maggots said...

snoopy i beleive it was young patrick gallaway on the sideline. it was dissapointing to see him getting abused by the olimpic officals. i thought he done a really good job

Stick said...

lets see if we can say something positive about the Zebras. Honestly when are we going to stop reading about why sth arnt playing so well etc. At the moment the Zebras are showing what it takes to win this title, they are balanced. Great win today and character after going behind twice.

ginger said...

Ricky Self's goal an absolute cracker. top class in any league.
Zebras worthy of the 3 points although the lions made them earn it with an expected tough 90min display. Lions werent helped by losing mcdonald, who injured himself when scoring, midway through the first half.

Bring on the weekend of statewide matches! if only there were more of it!!

is there light at the end of the tunnel for uni????

Charlie White said...

Totally agree with the comments regarding the two top teams at the moment. South seem to struggle when a team defends against them, silly me I thought Uni were going to go out and play free flowing attacking football, what was Kenny's plan against Uni? Zebras difference is the ability to score goals from most positions, Ricky's goal was superb and Crossa's was sublime, we have no complaints loosing to that team with the quality of the goals they scored. We fought hard, but it was hard work without Tmac and we did not have nearly enough quality in the last 3rd. Congratulations Zebras, definately the form team of the competition at the moment.

harden up maggots said...

very well said charlie