Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Clay number one at Knights

Midfielder Jade Clay has been named as the Knights’ senior team players’ player-of-the-year for 2009.

Amadu Koroma was the leading scorer with 13 goals.

Former senior star, Tom Huigsloot, was awarded life membership of Glenorchy Knights.

* * * * * *

Goalkeeper-turned striker Rory McCallum was University’s best-and-fairest player for 2009.

The club celebrated its 60th anniversary a couple of weeks ago but this has been dampened by the fact it has been relegated from the Premier League.

Past Vic Tuting Silver Medal winner and club president Julian Proud missed most of the season through injury but hopes he will be fit to resume next season.

Proud’s power in the air will be a valuable asset in that league and his goals will be invaluable.

* * * * * *

Former South Hobart striker Daniel White is back in Hobart after a disappointing spell in the Victorian Premier League.

White joined Green Gully Cavaliers and started in the seniors before falling out of favour with the coach after he was moved to right wing.

He was rarely given a start and asked to leave the club.

After meeting the directors, they agreed to his transfer to Whittlesea Zebras.

A day after joining Whittlesea, the Green Gully coach was sacked.

White saw out the season with Whittlesea and following their relegation, he returned to Hobart and is considering which club to join.

He attended Glenorchy Knights’ presentation dinner last Saturday night.


Walter said...

Sir Mix A Lot

I haven't a clue which coaches are on the move and who is being appointed where. Lots of rumours but no definite news.

Unknown said...

Walter, Thanks for the elaborate and informative reply to my post. It's a pity there isn't a football magazine in circulation in tassie where more info could be offered on games. Soccerworld, an old Sydney publication used to give each player points out of ten for each player after games. You obviously can't do that for every game It's a pity as I think this kind of system gives extra credence to reports and provides another platform for debate.

Marcus said...

Can you enlighten us with rumours walter?
i hear Krambo is a goner, Olympic are looking at a couple of options and are very keen to Previdi and also Brownie has done all he wanted and could retire

Walter said...

Diamond Eye

I have heard that Olympic are on the lookout for a new coach and may have had talks with Franco Previdi and Andrew Brown, but nothing has eventuated. George Mamacas could be on a new committee which means business next year.

With 'Chipper' Lapolla gone at Zebras, Romeo Frediani and Brett Pullen may be in the frame.

Ian Parker is being linked to several clubs, but no definite news on that score.

George Krambousanos will be at New Town Eagles next season, as will Ken Morton at South Hobart and Eamonn Kelly at Glenorchy Knights.

Who cares said...
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