Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Successful Hobart Youth Carnival

The Hobart Youth Carnival was played over the weekend for boys and girls ranging from under-10s through to under-15s in the boys’ sections and from under-10s through to under-16s in the girls’ sections.

Apart from some problems when one venue was unexpectedly closed because of poor ground conditions, things generally went smoothly.

Central Region won the boys’ under-10 and under-12 sections, while Eastern Region came out on top in the under-11 boys.

Southern Tasmania took out the under-13 boys’ title, while Northern Tasmania’s under-14s were successful in the combined boys’ under-14 and under-15 section.

Central Region girls won the under-10s and Northern Suburbs the girls’ under-12 section.

The North-West Tasmania girls’ under-14 side was champion in the combined under-13 and under-14 girls’ section, while the Southern Tasmanian under-16 girls came up trumps in that age group.

With the honours thus spread around fairly widely, it seems that there are many promising youngsters coming through the sport in all areas of the State.

* * * * *

The draw has been made for both the under-14 and under-15 Football Federation Australia National Youth Championships to be played in Coff’s Harbour next month.

In the under-14s, Tasmanian is in Group B and will face Victoria Metropolitan, South Australia, Northern NSW, Victoria Country and Queensland Country.

Group A comprises NSW Metropolitan, Queensland Metropolitan, Football West, Capital Football, Northern Territory and NSW Country.

Tasmania is also in Group B in the under-15s and will come up against NSW Metropolitan, Queensland Country, Northern NSW, Victoria Country and Northern Territory.

* * * * *

The Tasmanian premiere of the movie “Looking for Eric” will be screened at the State Theatre in North Hobart on the evening of Friday, 18 September, and the Premier, Mr Bartlett, a Manchester United fan, will be there with Mrs Bartlett.

The movie is about a Manchester postman who is a fanatical ManU fan and who is trying to sort out his life.

He seeks counsel from Eric Cantona, the former ManU superstar, who plays himself in the movie.

The movie uses archival footage of games but is more than just about football.

Cantona is already an accomplished actor and has appeared in several French-language films, including “The Overeater”, in which he stars as a detective with an eating disorder.

It’s a pity that the screening clashes with the Top-Four series final.


batistuta said...

does anyone else think the following two things are poor management?

- 11 boys regional competition played without goals (used sticks in the ground at each end)

- state teams flights booked to come home before the finals (obviously we hope tasmania don't make the final and have to forfeit)

Tommy said...

The 11 boys were played with sticks because the games were moved from Cambridge at the last minute. I don't find that acceptable personally but it does somewhat mitigate FFT's culpability.

Captain said...

batistuta - I think the tournament was a great success. It was unfortunate that the 11s had to be moved to a venue without the facilities they deserved. However, at least the show went on and it was good to see so many people at wwp.

I wonder whether the kids were as upset as some of the "grown ups". They seemd to get on with the games and enjoy their football.

I don't believe that the flights would be booked before the finals - surely not ..

Ril said...

Unrelated to this topic sorry, but after just having a look through the leagues, it seems that FFT have given up on rescheduling games for Men's Div 2-4 & Women's Div 1-2 (and youth leagues no doubt). I wonder whether they'll be getting a refund on some of their regos??!

There are a number of games that could be scheduled this weekend from amongst them (Men's Div 3 seems to be the worst case, as there's only one game on this week, whilst 7 other matches are left to wait?), but it would it appear there are more grounds available, compared to the amount of organisational skills in FFT!

Amazed said...


Before posting -

Why dont you ask your club?

If you dont have a club - why dont you ask FFT directly?

You may find quite acceptable reasons exist - at least acceptable to the clubs.

Ril said...


It doesn't affect me directly, but from someone that keeps a keen eye on all leagues, it shouldn't be the case that I'd have to ask FFT what is happening, when they could/should be letting everyone know.

Why should a player/supporter have to go through those channels? The FFT are the ones responsible for the leagues/fixtures, I would've thought it'd be pretty easy to put a note/link on the website explaining what is happening, and how/why they've come to that decision. Why keep the games on the rosters if they're not being played? I know of players from affected leagues that don't know what is happening either.

Then again, maybe FFT actually doing any simple work on their website for anyone outside of the Premier Leagues (if that), is too much to ask for. They/you prefer things to be swept under the carpet, and not brought up in public I guess.