Monday, September 21, 2009

Tasmania 0-5 Sunderland

Photos (Top to Bottom): At the end of the game, youngsters scramble for autographs. The Tasmanian players (in green shirts) are, from left to right, Wolfgang Stuetzel, Dominic Fraraccio and Eamonn Kelly. The Sunderland player is Mel Holden, who scored all five goals; Tasmania's Eamonn Kelly, John Constantinovits and Harry Stewart scamper to cover Mel Holden; Eamonn Kelly (centre) and Wolfgang Stuetzel (right) try and organise their defence while Harry Stewart takes up position; Eamonn Kelly tries to cut out a cross; Wolfgang Stuetzel (partly obscured by goalpoast, keeper Eddie Puclin and Eamonn Kelly prepare to defend a corner, while Hans Streit (extreme right) yells instructions; Tasmania's keeper, Eddie Puclin, and team-mates John Genovesi and Eamonn Kelly

It is 33 years since English First Division club Sunderland played against Tasmania at KGV Park.

Sunderland had just won promotion to the First Division and had won the FA Cup three years earlier in 1973 - against Leeds United.

That FA Cup Final will always be remembered for goalkeeper Jim Montgomery’s brilliant double-reflex save against Trevor Cherry’s diving header and Peter Lorimer’s follow-up volley.

A goal by Ian Porterfield had given Sunderland a 1-0 win against Leeds in that FA Cup Final and many of the players from that side, as well as manager Bob Stokoe, were there at KGV Park.

Montgomery saved a penalty against Tasmania’s John Constantinovits as the visitors won 5-0, with Mel Holden netting all five goals.

Montgomery is 65 now and one of his sayings, which is very appropriate for Tasmanian soccer, was : “You can’t have a future if you don’t have a past.”

Hence these occasional trips down memory lane on this blog site.

The Tasmanian team against Sunderland was: Eddie Puclin, Geoff Butler, Paul Shegog, Wolfgang Stuetzel, Harry Stewart, Eamonn Kelly, John Genovesi, Mike Bailey, John Constantinovits, Frank Letec, Hans Streit. The reserves were: Wally Bucher, David Smith, Dominic Fraraccio, Dudley Hall, Michael Southworth. The manager was Reg Tolputt, the trainer Peter Goss and the coach Dennis Ford. Ron Spence was the referee.

Ford was the Tasmanian director of coaching, but he left shortly afterwards to take over as coach of Queensland.

Constantinovits was sent off after he tried to charge Montgomery, who had saved his penalty.

The attendance was just over 2,000, and you can see that from the photos accompanying this article.


Captain said...
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observer said...

Now that our season is finisehd Walter , I look forward to these old photos on a more regular basis.

Brian Roberts said...

The memory I carried away from the game was that Sunderland played triangular football .

Simple yet effective.

Captain said...

must have been hard to get that ball to roll, Brian.

observer said...

Brian ,the game itself is simple. It is the players who make it difficult.

This reminds me of a comment made by Frank Arok at one of his pre-season training sessions at the St George Club.He walked into the change room ,which was full .
He looked around at all the faces
nodded gently and commented , "Hmmm. Lots of people. Not many players though ."

Richard Bennett said...

I was not in tassie at the time of this game walter but played with paul shegog many years later in social league at south hobart and he never mentioned this magnificent achievement. always quitely spoken but a gem of a player.

as my experience of tassie football is limited walter to about 20 years it is great to see these photos and read the reports. I thought a previous photo of nicky cook was a poor mans rod stewart. great work walter.

michael robinson said...

hans streit is my next door neighbour, he freaked out when i told him about the old footage and pictures of the sunderland game