Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eli Luttmer off to Canberra to trial for Aussie under-16s

The national stage is beckoning for another young Tasmanian footballer.

Eli Luttmer, 15, who plays for the Tasmanian Institute of Sport team, is off to Canberra tomorrow for a 4-day training camp with the national under-16 side.

The under-16s will be playing in an Asian championship in Canberra later this year.

Many of the players selected will progress to the Joeys, the Australian national under-17 side.

Luttmer, who plays at right-back for the TIS, is excited about the upcoming camp.

“I’m both excited and nervous,” said Luttmer.

“Not knowing many people there and the standard that will be expected makes me a bit nervous about whether I can perform.

“It’s the first time I’ve been to such trials.”

Luttmer has had a good season with the TIS, which won the under-19 league title this year.

He is an overlapping fullback who, apart from defending, has attacking responsibilities and this has seen him score some impressive goals this season.

Luttmer is in Year 9 at Taroona High School and he hopes to win another scholarship to the TIS for next year.

He hopes that the TIS side plays at a higher level next season, such as in Division One.

He rejects the fears of some, who say that the youngsters would be physically unprepared for Division One.

“I think we’d be okay,” said Luttmer. “There are 16-year-olds playing in the senior Premier League competition.

“Next year, some of the TIS boys will be sixteen and there may be some 17-year-olds, so we could handle it.”

Luttmer’s aim is to make soccer a full-time profession.

He would like to be successful at the trial and also to earn a scholarship to the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra.

He is also a member of the State under-16 side that will compete at the national championships in Coffs Harbour next month.


Chris McKenna said...

Well done & good luck Eli. It's fantastic to see yours & your family's commitment rewarded. I really hope this is a succesful trip for you and you continue to progress through the ranks.

Tommy said...

Ditto to what Chris said, excellent result Eli, but the real hard work starts now. Hold your head up, never give up and especially give it your all - there will be no second chance.

I'd like to take him to task on one thing, one or two 16 year olds in a Premier League or Division 1 side is a lot different to a whole team of them.

jerrie kruijver said...

best of luck eli.tommy they did well in the steve hudson cup earlier this year,

Southern said...

Well done Eli!!!!

Well deserved. Continue to work hard and make the most of a chance like this.

I agree Jerrie, seeing the TIS at the Steve Hudson was great. They did well and weren't intimidated.


Congratulations Eli and Hugo fantastic result.


Hugo said...

Cheers guys.
I want to acknowledge the work of Dean May and the TIS, they have got Eli this opportunity.
I took him to the airport this morning, I've never seen him so nervous.

Captain said...

How does a player get this opportunity?

What about U16 players like Hughes (invited into TIS but turned down - now playing with Riverside and represented the North), Mann (withdrew from TIS and represented North, North Premier League leading goal scorer), McIntyre (withdrew from TIS, currently starring with Clarence in Sthn Premier League).

Young players from the North find it difficult having to live in Hobart. McIntyre wanted more than U19s. Does this mean they are overlooked by the system?

Hugo said...

Captain: the three you mentioned are all a year older than Eli, so wouldn't qualify for this squad. All three great players I agree.
The question you pose is a good one. We have thrown our support behind the FFt and TIS pathway, it seems to be working for us. I agree that this is not for everybody and I too would be interested to know how others like the ones you mentioned can get these opportunities.

observer said...

From the outside it appears you need to know someone ,who knows someone else,who knows someone ,who has another contact somewhere who can arrange a trial etc etc etc

victorianpremierleague said...

Here are some links to TIS playing in the Institute Challenge held in Melbourne earlier this year.

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