Friday, January 29, 2010

Friendlies on the menu this weekend

Photos (Top to Bottom): Adrian Metro women's coach; Michael McKenna...reminds clubs to get their nominations in for the Summer Cup draw

There are several friendlies coming up in the next few days.

On Saturday, Metro take on Beachside at North Chigwell at 1pm.

On Sunday, Tilford Zebras meet Hobart United at 2pm at Sandown Park, Taroona play Clarence United at Rokeby High School at noon (reserves meet at 10am), and South Hobart tackle New Town Eagles at Wellesley Park at 3pm (reserves at 1pm).

Next Wednesday, Metro will host Olympia Warriors at North Chigwell at 6.15pm.


Metro will be entering a team in the Women’s Premier League of the Summer Cup competition as well as in the Social Division section of the Cup.

“It will be a tough assignment, but an opportunity for the girls to gain some experience against tough opponents,” said Metro coach, Adrian Pickin.

“This type of opportunity does not come around often, so we will be relishing the challenge.

“This tournament will also provide the club with valuable feedback about the depth of the squad and whether or not we will field a team in the Premier League for the season.

“We are always on the lookout for new players and training is every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at North Chigwell from 6.30pm.”


The draw for the Summer Cup will be made at FFT headquarters at KGV Park on Monday at 6pm.

FFT's new Administration Manager, Michael McKenna, reminded clubs that nominations must be received by 31 January.


Anonymous said...

From what I have seen and heard, Metro will push Olympia, after watching them losing to Beachside and if metro draw or make them struggle, Olympia will be pushing the panic button. They need someone who can score goals desperately. Alot of pressure on them. 2-2 draw.

South hobart to smash eagles around 5nil and Taroona to surprise many in the Clarence game. Clarence still to win with Cripps to score 5.

Anonymous said...

lol who cares it's pre season, results mean nothing with coaches trying different things and players missing.

Anonymous said...

preseason results play on players minds, right from the first game through summer cup preparing for season proper. confidence is a big part of the game

Pixel 40 said...


you have to admit it look funny,
it look as if you having a conversation whit in you self

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Captain said...

John P & others -

The Club has new President, new Coach, new logo and reverted to its righful name.

I can only see encouraging signs for its 50th year.

You see the reserves nearly beating the seniors at an intraclub practice game. I see two groups of players in a game at training - some just back from injury, some have recently returned to training.

The Club has lost some players from 2009 but has picked up a number of quality youth players who will push for a senior berth.

The Olympia I see in 2010 is friendly and inclusive and heading in the right direction.

We're obviously wearing different coloured glasses. I suggest yours may be tainted with the past.

Anonymous said...

MNBV.....No tainted glasses here mate, just calling it as I saw it.
I was just suggesting the senior side could be a lot stronger than the one that played against the reserves. Should be an eventful year for the club in its 50th year.

John P.

Captain said...

in what way would u make the team stronger?

Anonymous said...

MNBV.....Going by last years senior squad to the one I saw play on the tuesday, I think that playing players in their proper positions would be a start, ie playing midfielders in defence, playing a forward who has no mobility whatsoever, just to name a couple of things. Like someone said in a previous post, no matter if you lose a practice game or a summer cup game it does play on your mind and give you an early set back at the start of the season. Hopefully the coach can rally the troops. I want Olympia to do well, the true players and supporters deserve it

John P.

Captain said...

"true players "is a good one. what are they?

Mate, the true players and true supporters are the ones there now putting in.

... and surely you're not concerned about players not playing in their "proper positions" in a training session match in January. Seems entirely appropriate with a new coach early in the year.

Do you really want Olympia to do well or are you just stirring up some muck?