Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hobart United hold South Hobart to draw

South Hobart drew 5-5 with Hobart United in their friendly at Wellesley Park tonight.

South’s first-choice eleven led 3-1 at the interval.

Hobart United gained the upper hand in the second half and netted four goals to South’s two.

Metro youngster Jason Dawes played for Hobart United, as did South Hobart’s Jai David.

Whether they will move permanently to Hobart United is not clear.

United’s coach, Mark Broadbent, was pleased with his side’s performance.

South coach, Ken Morton, was delighted with his side’s style of play on the eve of the club’s trip to Melbourne to face South Melbourne tomorrow evening and on Saturday.


Moreeta Pennicott is looking for photos and other material for South Hobart’s centenary celebrations this year.

If anyone has any photos or can assist with other information, Moreeta would love to hear from you.

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Pixel 40 said...

Firth half OK second half was messy,
if ken is happy with the teams performen's good on him. But I think
South is Over rated and if they play like that in the mainland good luck to them, may be the better team in tas but they have to step up in their trip

Richard Bladel said...

Hi Walter - I refereed the match and had it down as a 6-5 win to South Hobart. It was 4-1 to South at half time and the young South team scored 2 in the second half to Hobart United's 4 - one South goal by Jonathon Lo went through a hole in the roof of the net from a terrific cross from the left by Elliot Lovell and the other a cracker from Andy Brennan from distance. Hobart United played with such a terrific spirit & passion they deserved something out of the game, though, and I wish them all the best in the upcoming season.

Anonymous said...

Hobart United must've picked up a few quality players Walter, do you know who else they had different from 2009 other then Jason Dawes and Jai David?

Jason Dawes said...

Hello I have never gone to Hobart United. Who told you that Walter I will be at Metro this year

Walter said...

Hi Richard

Both coaches - Ken Morton and Mark Broadbent - phoned and told me it was 5-5. You're the ref, so you must know. Thanks for clarifying the score.

Jason, I didn't say you were definitely going to Hobart United but that it was a possibility, given that you played for them in this match. Was it just a guest appearance or was it someone else?

Anonymous, I didn't see the match and so can't answer your question.

Awak Mathok said...

I was at the whole game and the goals scored were 5-5. It was 3-1 to South Hobart at half time.

Hobart United had most of the players come back after the departure of Adrian the former president.

I think we are looking good for this season.

matthew.rhodes said...

walter i had a quick chat to jason dawes and he didnt play.I know you where not at that game some one got
there wires crossed .Just thought i clear it up before people started to get a bit carried
away.Jason has alright signed for as for the season.

Walter said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Matthew. My apologies, Jason. Just goes to show how difficult it is to comment on games when you weren't there to watch. Disputed final result, disputed identity of players...and the list goes on. Makes it all a waste of time if one wasn't actually there.

The Phoenix said...

Hmm the coaches said 5-5 , the players said 5-5 , but Richard said 6-5 . I would trust everyone else, 5-5 it must have been .

ginger said...

regardless of the fact south 'seniors' only played a half it a great result for Hobart utd to be that close to a quality club.
Tassie needs them to develop and improve to make div 1 more of a competitive league.
glad to hear the ship seems to have been straightened.

Does anyone know what Kenny's grand plan for his 'youth team' is this year? u19s or is he booting out his reserves to go and play elsewhere???

Pixel 40 said...

Awak you mean all the Sudanese have come back

the Season hasn't started
will all those player sing up?
hope they do for once

and move on with the game but until then nothing is clear

is like Olimpia having 30 player at training but could not play against south Hobart?

Anonymous said...

Olympia had 30 players at training.
But could not put a competive side together. Speaks highly of them as well.

Pixel 40 said...

yeah may be Olimpia didn't have those player signg up
so it was not use playing then?
unlike Hobart united

Who knows
any way is only early an even player don't know what they doing or signing with

Anonymous said...

At Olympia training does 15 year olds that have not played anything above under 15s count? Or men in their 40-50s who are having a kick about with their sons?
Maybe training numbers should be referred to as how many people how many players.
Any known applicants for the FFT CEO position? Wonder if anyone at committee level with the right credentials would put their hand up for it.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify Olympia's player attendance and age group.
About 60 players in attendance.
26 senior/reserve players, 4 goalkeepers, 10 womens players and about 20 mixed players of junior level who want to have a kick before their season starts later in the year. You must have witnessed the training where our juniors were and ther were 3 overage players training with them in the hope they can be taught or helped in improving as players.

Anonymous said...

personally i think it's great that family get involved for a period.

it's summer time, great weather, get everyone along and involved.

we're not playing for keeps after all, so let's enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

maybe if they could start all those 60 players in one game then they would be a chance at the title this year.

Captain said...
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Captain said...

I think Olympia has done well to bring all of their players together at training.

Club first, team second, individual third.

Who knows how many of the 60 at training on Thursday are Premier Senior male players in 2010.

Hey will play games when he's ready not when Morton wants games.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ January 15, 2010 9:24 PM.
I think Olympia would be too scared to start all 60 players in one game.
Who knows, South might see them all and want to sign them all.

Like it is, I like your comment, club should always come first for every player from a 12 year old to a 50 year old.

Richard Bladel said...

Checking back, they were right - i had it at 4-1 at half time, shoulda been 3-1. Apologies.