Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Olympia versus South Hobart game scheduled for this evening is off

The game between Olympia and South Hobart that was supposed to have been played at Wellesley Park today at 6.30pm has been called off.

No explanation has been forthcoming from Olympia.

The club is reported to have been attracting up to 30 players to training sessions.

Olympia will train at Nutgrove Beach and South Hobart at Wellesley Park tonight.

South Hobart will now play Hobart United at Wellesley Park tomorrow (Wednesday) in a final hit-out before the club’s trip to Melbourne on Thursday morning.

South will play a South Melbourne youth side on Thursday evening and a senior South Melbourne team on Saturday at Bob Jane Stadium.

South coach Ken Morton will use the match against Hobart United to test his youngsters and senior players.

The senior side will play the first half, while the youth players, who will travel to Wollongong at the end of January, will front up in the second half.

Hobart United are reported to have had up to 40 players in attendance at training.


focus said...

Went and watched the Knights intraclub match on Sunday afternoon from afar.

It was an interesting run out. With Daniel White and a couple of others joining their squad, they should be able to stay in the top three.

The players certainly didn't hold back, with a few hefty challenges being laid and some patches of good play. One team was significantly stronger than the other but from recollection the score was only 4-1. Neither Alex Tatnell nor Ben Peter were present.

Anonymous said...

If Ben Peter cant beat Alex Tatnell in to the Premier squad then he should hang up his boots

Anonymous said...

Its funny how all these clubs have come out and publicly stated large numbers but cant field teams for matches. I think alot of crap is being spun.

Anonymous said...

mid year some teams will probably get 10 at training, alot of softies in Tas

Anonymous said...

Walter, no explanation from Olympia needed.
This game was never scheduled so there is no need for the explanation.
Sounds like South Morton, I mean South Hobart, are looking for more publicity about their upcoming tour in Victoria.
Well done to them.

Krauser said...

by the sounds of it, olympia could not get crossa as a guest player...

Anonymous said...

let's be realistic too gent's. It's not the amount of players you get to training but the quality of player's you get turning up within those numbers. 40 players at Hobart United, let's see how the quality of that 40 go against South!

focus said...

Ben Peter is a great goalkeeper, definitely a confidence player but I've watched him over the years and he has won many games for Knights with his performances alone. Not only that, he seems a nice guy who is very modest about his own ability.

It's hard to analyse when you are just a spectator, but I was somewhat surprised that Tatnell stayed in the first team for so long last season, mainly due to his attitude on the pitch with some lackluster actions going alongside some outstanding performances. Being a young fella, he has more potential than he knows - can he keep his ego in check? Let's hope so for Knights' sake, he could go a long way.

It's shaping up to be an interesting season ahead. I'm looking forward to seeing how Olympia shape up under Chris Hey, can they finally turn the corner and contend for a title?

ginger said...

can anyone confirm whether FFT have allowed hobart olympic's name change?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a roster yet for summer cup and season?

Anonymous said...

There was an article posted by Walter confirming it had been approved.

Anonymous said...

If I recall, and I think I'm correct. Harry was only 14 at the time.

Captain said...

I wouldn't be playing a practice game until my side was well enough prepared to do so - maybe in the next week or two.

Morton has got the ÿouth team" going to help snare some ex-TIS players. South have enough players on the books (40 odd "senior" players) to play intraclub games to help it prepare its ÿouth" (U19??) team.

Any Clubs that give him a practice game before mid January is a bonus.

Picks for 2010

Sth Hobart

Warrior 4 life said...

Picks for 2010


no new players of significance for the borough whilst losing some from last year. Olympic will surprise a few while and taroona play very attractive soccer and will get unexpected wins

Anonymous said...

Warrior, which players of note have taroona, eagles or clarence picked up?

Warrior 4 life said...

eagles underachieved and clarence overachieved. i hardly stated that either side would win the premiership

Brian Roberts said...

As South's registrar I haven't signed anyone

Anonymous said...

Little birdy told me that no matter what Peters does he won't play seniors because Kelly won't play him for some unknown reason. Any truth in the rumor because he would be better off playing at senior level at pretty much any other club for mine.

Anonymous said...

Kelly's second choice in goals is T Sherman not Peters lol.
I think Benny will be a little disappointed with his performances last season, hopefully he gets his confidence up nice and early and plays to the best of his ability.
Young Trent did well last season when given a chance, although his focus appears to be cricket.

Anonymous said...

If the comment above is true, it would be hard to get confidence when you already know the coach won't pick you. Time to move on benny.