Sunday, January 31, 2010

South Hobart do double over Eagles

South Hobart did the double over New Town Eagles in two friendlies at Wellesley Park this afternoon.

In the reserves, South Hobart beat Eagles 6-0.

Jim Pennicott netted twice, as did Felix, while Andy King and Jai David grabbed a goal apiece.

In the seniors, South Hobart won 7-0 after leading 5-0 at the break.

Jonathon Lo scored twice and David Abbott, Kostas Kanakaris, Hugh Ludford, Colin Wain and Andy King once each.

New Town Eagles coach George Krambousanos said he had several key players missing, including Nathan Pitchford, Nick Ferrall and Jacob Malakoff.

But, Krambousanos was making no excuses.

“At least we played another Premier League side and the champions at that,” said Krambousanos.

“It was a good learning experience for us and South fielded virtually their strongest side.”

South Hobart coach, Ken Morton, said he was pleased with his team’s performance.

“Eagles had 30 players and they showed potential and I think they’ll improve on last season,” Morton said.


Forza Shrewsbury said...

Early doors yet but these results show the value of a solid pre-season. Beachside also reaping those rewards.

MM said...

will be interesting to see if jono ladic fits strait back into kens plans after moving back to tasmania over the weekend after failing to win a contract at oakleigh cannons in the victorian premier leauge,have spoke to a couple people who watched him against south melbourne a couple weeks ago and said he was looking very top heavy and out of form

Anonymous said...

good game today played in good spirit between zebras and united. great mix of youth and senior players for zebras with the attackers causing alot of trouble due to young and fast players with josh thorpe organising. young midfield where all players were about 18. solid defence across the four with very attacking full backs and two strong centre halves all the way back to the goalies in kaden and voss taking control. things looking good for 2010 with a few more players to come in!

eightball said...

eagles have been unable to build a solid team for a couple of years now. yes the players are young, but they have been playing together for a while now. they have been insufficiant upfront since the days of daggy and co. maybe they should look to buil a more defensive style of game revolving around their two most important players wassy and pitchy. yes i know you can't build around a keeper much, maybe pitch should get on the field

Amazed said...


eagles will score more goals this year than last year.
DOnt think krambo would be too keen on pitchford trying his luck on field after last years attempt!

Anonymous said...

couldn't Ladic hack the pace in Melb?

Lack of heart shows through when the going gets tough

eightball said...

to anon and anon and anon- ladic could have played def for a div 1 team if he wanted. the possie he was training for at cannons just happened to have 2 ex a-league players and a club legend vying for the same spot.

amazed- none of us know what krambo is upto. i'm not sure he knows either, but the excuses will come out soon enough. eagles have been one of the only teams who have not tried to go for a couple of established players around the league, instead looking to their young group which is great by all means- they dominate at junior level, maybe its the coaching staff not putting in the right amount of time or training regime to get these kids up to the sufficiant standard of competition

the birdman said...

I'm guessing Kenny would def. welcome Laddo.

The Koreans who were playing regularly in his back 4 will probably not be there with Mr Kim reportedly going to Idonesia and Mr Bum (?) wrecking his knee on the recent Melb trip.

Add to that Liam Scott's imminent departure and I'm guessing Josh Heerey's headed back into defence with Coops, Ludford, Pennicott.

gordo said...

wheres liam scott going to

eightball said...

there aren'y yoo many places that could accommodate scott's ego- maybe man u

Anonymous said...

Heard a rumour Scott is on his way to Chelsea, as short term replacement for john Terry.