Thursday, January 28, 2010

South Hobart youth get a flogging in Wollongong

Photos (Top to Bottom): Tilford Zebras coach Romeo Frediani instructs his players at training; Zebras goalkeeper Troy Kaden attempts a save; The Zebras senior squad and coach Romeo Frediani

South Hobart’s youth side was trounced 7-1 by the Wollongong Wolves Under-18s in Wollongong this evening.

The home side, which has won two of the three past championships, led 2-0 at the break.

Andy King, an over-age player for South, netted for the visitors.

“In the first 25 minutes, we missed three or four big chances,” said South Hobart coach, Ken Morton.

“They then got two good goals and we started making basic errors.

“I suppose five of the seven goals were soft goals.

“We lost our way and, once we did that, it was game over.

“We lacked discipline and concentration at the start of the second half and that was it.”

The teams meet again on Saturday.


Vicki Woods has been elected president of South Hobart and becomes the first female to hold that position.

Jed Donohue is vice president.

Rod Hill stood down from the presidency because of his business commitments.

“I’m privileged to be the first female president, especially in the club’s one hundredth anniversary year,” Vicki Woods said.


New Town Eagles played a practice match at New Town High School this evening between the senior side and the reserves in preparation for Sunday’s friendly against South Hobart at 3pm at Wellesley Park.

The reserve clash between the sides is at 1pm.

Tilford Zebras’ senior side practised attacking play at their training session this evening at Queen’s Walk.

Senior coach Romeo Frediani took the session, but a notable absentee was Ben Crosswell.

Goalkeeper Jason Voss was training with the reserves.

There was a good turn-out at Hobart United’s training at Cornelian Bay and physical fitness seemed to be emphasised.

New Northern Suburbs DOSA coach Pedro Ramirez said that he has lost most of last season’s senior players.

He said some young players from Hobart United would be joining DOSA and the club looked as if it would have a very young senior line-up.


Anonymous said...

Metro vs Beachside practice match at North Chigwell, 1pm this Saturday as well

Anonymous said...

I went and watched Olympia train last night, and I was not impressed, apparently they had a game with the reserves on tuesday night and although the seniors won 3-2, the reserves were leading 2-0 and only the keeper fumbling 3 times led to the seniors goals....even though they are quite young it does not look like the senior side will be creative or fit enough to compete with the better teams in the league.....

John P

Anonymous said...

Really what do you expect, We all know that we need Olympic, or as they are known now Olympia in the comp. But years of weak committees, treating their volunteers like shit, and double standards with players has taken its toll on the club.

Sure the new web site looks good, but it might be to late as I fear the horse has bolted. I have spoken to several x players and officials that have told me they would never go back to Olympia in a fit, sad as that might be, it seems to be a common theme running through the soccer community in regard to this once great and proud club

birdman said...

that 'senior' Zebras lineup looks to include quite a few fringe seniors and regular reserve players from 2009. Will we see real renewal at HZ this season or are the more experienced zebras still on the beach?

gurrrlllpower said...

Congrats to Vicki on her appt as South Hobart's first female president. I wonder if any other club has ever had a female president.

ginger said...

birdman, perhaps zebras are focusing on developing some youth from within instead of importing players!
some very talented players in zebras 09 reserves. maybe they are ready to play in the 'big time'.

birdman said...

Ginger, agree HZ have some very promising lads and hope they get their chance in the season proper not just Summer cup comp. BTW are you really a ranga?

Anonymous said...

Nelson may have had a female president in the past?

Walter said...

The Taroona president for the last two seasons was Emma Bridge.

Pixel 40 said...
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Pixel 40 said...

Dosa also have a woman president

Rachael Langshaw

It is good to see women involve in football

Brian Roberts said...

Pam Clark was Chairwoman of SHSC duing the late 80s

Who cares said...
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Pixel 40 said...
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Pixel 40 said...

Most of those Dosa players had made their mind from last year to play with other clubs, so the club hardly lost them as they were already gone.
As they have gone some young kids will come through for the club.
Some loyal Dosa players will still play a very important role in rebuilding of the club. Well in soccer, players come and go. In this case the club is gaining a very good bunch of youth players with a tremendous opportunity of development.

Anonymous said...

I was unfortunate enough to witness a dosa game last year where a young dosa player spat in the face of and punched an opposition player inciting a brawl. If these are the kind of young players this club is developing I suggest they try to recruit by other means. Also if players have left dosa, and their div 1 res team got beaten 31-0 last year, there can't be much quality ready to move to div 1.

question said...

Funny like last year Tony Tarros was blamed for "bringing" few players away from Hobart United to his new club (Olympic)and now it's ok for Dosa to pinch players from Hobart United?? so was Tarros doing nothing wrong or is Ramirez as bad as TonY??

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the size of Tthe man's hands? as if you would say no to him!

Pixel 40 said...

Tarros never took the players, they the player went there, as they saw he is a good coach nothing wrong with that, no one is blaming any one, apart from ppl comment suggesting that that coaches take player with them

Player come and go where they like, would that answer you questions(question said)

anon, I agreed with you that if a player in a team spat onto a player should be discipline by the club, but even in premier league it happens, I wont mention names from that level and those are older players not young ones ;)

Anonymous said...

So no comments on south today.Was this a possible reserve side that played? youth is what 17,18,? thrown in to deep maybe? to soon?
By the way very clever by South with imports simple contracts can make good money if signed up by mainland or overseas. Risky but clever.

jerrie kruijver said...

how high would the standard of the football be if everyone simply concentrated on getting their own house in order first?

jerrie fan said...

I would suggest very high Jerrie

Anonymous said...

How much onger till South change their name - Morton Football Club?

eightball said...

don't you mean the southern morton league, or footballfedmorton? just about every player has played under him. sorry make that he best ones!!! right