Tuesday, June 8, 2010

At long last, Tasmanian fans can see a new team in the traditional pre-season friendly in Launceston

Photos (Top to Bottom): Mizael Linhares Caires...back from Brazil with a proper visa and clearance; South Hobart's Seth Otte may be changing clubs [PlessPix]

Tasmanian A-League fans will at last be able to see a pre-season friendly not involving Melbourne Victory and Adelaide United, who have met in this annual fixture for the past four years.

This year’s pre-season game at Launceston’s Aurora Stadium will be on Sunday, 25 July, and it will feature the Central Coast Mariners against Melbourne Victory.

The Mariners’ assistant coach is Tony Walmsley, who began his coaching career with Launceston City.

Walmsely’s father still lives in Launceston and father and son will be looking forward to catching up.

The change of opponents should lead to a bumper attendance straight after the World Cup.

Six thousand fans showed up last season, but after watching the cream of the world’s teams on TV in the World Cup, fans will be keen to see some live action involving the two A-League sides.

The game kicks off at 1pm.


Football Federation Tasmania’s interim CEO, John Boulos, has issued guidelines to all clubs about the treatment of referees by players, club officials and coaching staff following a reported increase in incidents involving intimidation and abuse of match officials.

In his letter to clubs, Boulos reminds them of Football Federation Australia’s Code of Conduct, which specifically prohibits intimidation of match officials by derogatory or abusive words or gestures.

“For the betterment of football in Tasmania, we suggest that each club forward this letter to all your club officials, coaching staff and players and take the opportunity to address these people and make them aware of our expectations in relation to adhering to the Code of Conduct set out by Football Federation Australia,” Boulos wrote.

“Future reported incidents of intimidation and abuse against match officials will not be dealt with lightly and we ask that each club provides this warning to all club officials, coaching staff and players.

“It is our expectation that these people, put into these positions by your club, set the standard of good behaviour for the crowd to follow.

“The following guidelines will come into force immediately:

· Team officials, players and spectators are not to enter the referees’ change rooms unless invited to do so by the referee

· Intimidatory language and behaviour towards referees will not be tolerated. Offenders will be sanctioned according to the competition rules.

· Players may not touch the referee during the course of a match. Players touching a referee, other than in a clear accident, will be sent from the field of play and deemed to be guilty of using insulting or abusive gestures.

· Match managers are required to assist match officials. This includes escorting the match officials to and from the field of play and ensuring their safety in the event of crowd violence and intimidation.

· Match managers and club officials should be proactive in addressing any spectator abuse or intimidation of match officials.

“These guidelines will apply to all levels of competition under the control of Football Federation Tasmania and all clubs are asked to communicate this message to club officials, coaching staff and players.

“We look forward to working together to ensure reported incidents of intimidation and abuse directed towards match officials by club officials, coaching staff and players cease immediately.”


South Hobart’s Brazilian youngster Mizael Linhares Caires is back in Tasmania, with a proper visa this time.

Mizael played for South Hobart’s reserves in the Summer Cup, but visa and clearance problems meant he had to leave Australia early in the league season.

I spoke to Mizael on the weekend and he is delighted to be back, but was non-committal in regard to which club he will play for.

I also spoke to Seth Otte about his future at South Hobart and he, too, was non-committal.

Otte is obviously keen to play first-team football and realises this will be difficult at South Hobart.

He had been away at a school wilderness experience camp and came back on Saturday and played in South Hobart’s reserves despite not having trained for more than a week.

He has been linked to the Glenorchy Knights, but he will surely be hard-pressed to earn a first-team place there, despite his considerable abilities.

Meanwhile, the South Korean player who had trials with Gold Coast United last week is set to return to South Hobart this weekend and may well make an appearance for the seniors against Clarence United.

He impressed Miron Bleiberg, coach of Gold Coast United, but they have a full squad at the moment.

There was talk of being ‘farmed’ out to a State League club for a while, but that has not eventuated.


Dalles Hayes said...

That's all well and good if you don't play social division football in Tasmania John... you should try it!

Anonymous said...


Estou muito feliz por Mizael Linhares Caires estar de volta a jogar futebol na Tasmania.
Que ele tenha muito sucesso.


Hernane Caires - Brasil

archie said...

Walter, Not sure I agree that Seth Otte couldn't make it into the Knights first team particularly in the form they are currently in.

Having said that Seth looks a bit limited in the roles he's able to play effectively. IMO he seems to work best as a second striker working off a bigger forward so playing with Amadu Koroma might be a good option if he was to move.

Anonymous said...

another article with no merit

Anonymous said...

seth would start in any side in the league except south

Anonymous said...

Couldnt see Seth get in the snrs at South, Clarence or Zebras

Anonymous said...

Poor Seth,didn't make it to the premier league,couldn't or wouldn't pay Kenny $1200.You will have to play with us lesser mortals but who knows you might enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I could see him in most teams. He's a good, young lad. Agree with Archie, his best position is playing off the shoulder of a target/Center Foward. Personally, I wouldn't play him with Koroma, but he'd work well with Corey Smith. Otte has a football brain. I haven't seen him play for some time, but observed him in the Summer cup final and he was totally subdued by the Knights reserves RB with hard tackling and pressure. To be fair, he was playing Left Midfield in that match. In the past, I've witnessed some spectacular individual performances from him. I do believe he won the Vic Tuting in Premier Reserves last year - something worth noting.

Anonymous said...

well you can't see very well

Anonymous said...

The way people childishly slag off players and coaches on this blog is quite sad. Anyone who knows football down here knows how technically gifted Otte is.

R U Serious Ref said...

Anon 7.50. Totally agree mate. This Blog is fast becoming a joke. Walter has tried to set up something to promote & get the local game out there & also for there to be a place for people who love the game to make sensible comments. Instead we get all these Anon's who just get on here and make things up and bag players & clubs & coaches with no reason to do this.
I, like most people, want to read Walters articles and team news & then find out peoples thoughts but not all this childish crap that seems to be entered now by people that I would asume to be 10 years old. Grow up most of you Anon's or start the Black Jacks blog back up & have your childish bitch fest there

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.42pm

who would he replace at Zebras or Clarence?

I am SerIoUs ReF!! said...

You can still read Walters articles and score updates, what's stopping you?

You don't have to read the comments if you don't want to, I for one enjoy the different opinions and the humour posts.

Anonymous said...

at clarence, take your pick... not much there... and at zebras he would be hard pressed for a spot but would certainly be in the senior squad!
anon 3.06pm "work off a bigger forward so playing with amadu koroma might be a good option"

is that a joke?

goosey said...

with this korean if he impressed miron "but their squad is full" why is he not trialling at heart, brisbane and NQ?

Anonymous said...

Who played on him in the summer cup final??? pretty sure he dominated that game like he has every other this season

archie said...

Anon 1.17 pm
definitely not joking - what's your point, bub?

Anonymous said...

1:17, agreed, Koroma is smaller! Haha.

Why would you mention Zebras and Clarence? Clarence are average at best, a mid table team. The have lottle depth and not a great starting 11. The best two teams apart from South and Knights and Zebra's. Seth obviously wants to play for a top team and top level.

Anonymous said...

R U Serious ref, you do realiss that having a fancy name as your identity makes you as identifiable as a person using anon?

I also enjoy the homour of some of the posts. Its all part of the media scrutiny and at the end of the day we all have our opinion on the sport, serious or not. With the world cup coming up there will be serious coverage, and there will also be some light hearted stuff, its a good balance and stops us all becoming to boring.

Side not Walter, with you going on holidays and the possible shut down of the site is there anyone you would trust to maintain it in your absence??

Anonymous said...

Callam Paske (the Mercury reporter) has set up a new blog site. It states that they will have game coverage and updates. Apparently several authors contributing to the site. A link is via South website front page.

No doubt a pale second to the work of you Walter

Anonymous said...

Whilst Walter is gone someone has to fill his boots. do they not?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9 20, can you post the link please?

player manager said...

Seth staying put for 2010 but I wouldn't be surprised to see him and a few of his Reserves team mates (Williams, Cooper, Di Falco, Bladel) hit the transfer market next season.

Anonymous said...

The transfer market????!!!Delusions or what?

Anonymous said...

The new blog is situated on the main menu of www.shfc.org.au with a direct link

Anonymous said...

Its a shame young Seth has fallen for Kenny's sweet talking again given that he requested a transfer to the Knights earlier in the week. Kenny had an emergency meeting with him on Wednesday and played the guilt trip card which seems to have worked. He is never likely to get a game in the seniors at South but if he is happy to cool his heels in the reserves then that's his choice. He would be a welcome addition to the Knights senior squad.