Monday, June 7, 2010

Clarence move into fourth after win over Eagles

Photos (Top to Bottom): Eagles' Simon Strang wins a free-kick; Clarence keeper Cameron Sweeney gains possession; Clarence's Luke Cripps prepares to take a free-kick; Cripps is congratulated after scoring from the free-kick; Eagles prepare to take a free-kick; Alex Leszczynski takes the free-kick but misses; Clarence defend a corner [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (Wentworth Park Saturday, 5 June 2010)


Clarence United 5 (Cripps 3, 30, Hamlett 34, 64, 91)

New Town Eagles 2 (Clamp 43, Leszczynski 73)

HT: 3-1 Att: 90 Ref: C Phillips

Clarence United: Sweeney - Toghill, Lewis (Lewis 65), Parker, Lush - McIntyre, Malcolm (Hardwick 41)), Stevens, Hoppitt - Hamlett (Marsh 91), Cripps [Substitute not used: Maxwell] [Coach: Andrew Brown]

New Town Eagles: Pitchford - Clark, Louden, Anderson, Clamp (Fennell 65) - Quan, Hudson, Strang, Whitehall - Leszczynski, McKeown [Substitutes not used: Atalay, Shackcloth, Minty] [Coach: George Krambousanos]


New Town Eagles are stuck in third-last place after this 5-2 away defeat to Clarence United at Wentworth Park on Saturday night.

Clarence are now fourth and closing rapidly on third-placed Glenorchy Knights.

Eagles were under pressure from the kick-off and it took only three minutes for Luke Cripps to put Clarence in front from a deflected free-kick.

The chances for Eagles were few and far between. One of the few came in the 27th minute when Alex Leszczynski put Adam McKeown through on the left, but the striker’s shot was straight at Clarence keeper Cameron Sweeney.

Luck was with Clarence again on the half-hour when another Luke Cripps free-kick, for a foul by Michael Anderson, took a deflection and ended up in the back of the net to make it 2-0 for the home side.

A magnificent run down the left by Ben Hamlett resulted in Clarence’s third goal in the 34th minute. The youngster beat several defenders and cut inside before beating keeper Nathan Pitchford with a shot inside the far corner of the net.

Eagles hit back just before the interval when Ben Whitehall’s free-kick forced Sweeney to concede a corner. Whitehall took the corner from the right and defender Jacob Clamp was on hand to score and make it two goals the difference at the interval.

Two incidents just after the break had Eagles fuming and appealing for penalties. First, a handball by Clarence defender Ben Parker was ignored by the referee, who obviously thought it was unintentional. And then, McKeown was sent spinning through the air as he and keeper Sweeney went for a through-ball. Again, there were claims for a penalty, but Mr Phillips adjudged it as a fair attempt to get the ball by the keeper and waved play on.

Regardless of how Eagles may have felt, it was business as usual for Clarence and Hamlett collected substitute Angus Hardwick’s pass in the 64th minute to beat Pitchford and give the home side a commanding 4-1 advantage.

Joseph Stevens broke through on the right in the 70th minute, but his mis-hit effort flew over the bar.

Alex Leszczynski pulled another goal back for Eagles in the 73rd minute but they were never going to make up the leeway.

In the first minute of stoppage time, Hamlett completed his hat-trick with an excellent goal. Receiving the ball to feet inside the box on the left, he outfoxed Anderson and Pitchford and stroked the ball inside the far corner of the net to make the final score 5-2 for the hosts.


· New Town Eagles coach, George Krambousanos, said:

“No matter what happened and no matter what decisions were made, we could have gone all day and all night and we wouldn’t have won that game.

“I think we had the better of the second half, but there were some poor areas of play by us and things just weren’t going our way.

“They scored three soft goals, including two set-pieces that took deflections and dribbled in.

“They deserved their win. The score-line reads 5-2. It’s the biggest loss we’ve had this year and it’s disappointing. The boys are disappointed.

“We just have to knock ourselves back into shape and go again next week against Zebras and then against South.”


Anonymous said...

clarences' first 2 goals, horrible luck for eagles

Anonymous said...

why did pitchford dive behind his wall? The kick deflected off the last player in the wall and rolled into a half empty net. Not's not ALL bad luck.

Anonymous said...

can someone enlighten me on Pitchy tirade of abuse at his play after the game.

i hear it was quite a spectacle.

all 3 Hamlett goals were brillant as was clamps header.

also interesting to see ppl writing the knights off. a draw against an in form zebras not a bad result fair to say.

Anonymous said...

the shot would have been straight at picthford had it not been for the deflection...which went into the top corner of the net btw....the second was going well wide and deflected into the bottom corner leaving pitchy helpless.....lucky for clarence unlucky for eagles but thats the way it goes know what they say though...karma is a bitch!!

Anonymous said...

The second free kick was heading that wide is would have gone out for a throw in! Shocking luck on that one

Anonymous said...

Crippo was Practicing free kicks at training on thursday with a proper wall, he got 3 from 3. all deflected, the man is a genius!

Anonymous said...

ive watched eagles play twice this year and both times there has been a player drinking alcohol while the game they were playing in was still going. both players had been subbed off but what sort of example does that set for young players.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 5:03. so cripps was practicing how to deflect free kicks off a wall? interesting theory there. tactic 1: aim for about 20 metres to the left of the goals, hope for a deflection in the bottom left corner. good form from you champ

R U Serious Ref said...

Anon 6.08. What the hell are you talking about. Are you just trying to cause trouble & give clubs a bad name. Without putting your name up mate it hold not credit. I could say that I have seen 3 Knights games & have seen their coach drink or players on the Bench drink or I could say that I have seen 2 Olympic games & when a player was subbed he then went & smoked a joint. Just a stupid comment Anon & this blog could do without morons like yourself. If your not prepared to put your name to comments such as yours then I suggest you keep stupid things like this off Walters blog. Maybe talki about things that you know are 100% correct

Anonymous said...

5-2 without Luke Huigsloot! Amazing result. Why was he missing though, secret Socceroo duties?

Anonymous said...

R U Serious Ref: i agree with you!!

Anonymous said...

anon 5.03 is actually right, crippo did practice free kicks and they were all deflected and went in. Might be luck, but if it works for him who cares...


Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 1.27. Clarence won with out their beat player 5-2. if he's back against south this week i think it will be their first loss. Lets not forget how he terrorised them in the final last year. But i hear he's replacing Wilkshire....

Anonymous said...

Hey, ask one of your senior centre backs. Im sure he can help you out with the answer!

Anonymous said...

Good to see Clarence still talking about last year.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.29 I play For Knights, i just remember watching last year and he dominated, and he's been their best player this year. Clarence people aren't allowed on the forum right? Isn't it a rule of Browny's?

A. Stafdtler

Anonymous said...

A. Stafdtler you do not play for Knights.

Anonymous said...

Does he mean Prospect Knights? Clarence are looking good at the moment, might just be a sneaky chance to knock off south. Especially with Cripps and Hamlett scoring