Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday results

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

South Hobart 5 (J Lo 60, K Kanakaris 66, 69, T Roach 80, G Downes 85) beat Clarence United 1 (B Parker 2)

Kingborough Lions United 1 (T Polmear 79) beat Taroona 0

Tilford Zebras 4 (H Fagg 45+4, R Self 53, B Crosswell 78, J Welch 90+2) beat New Town Eagles 2 (J Clamp 22, A McKeown 90+2)


South Hobart 2-1 Clarence United

Kingborough Lions United 2-1 Taroona

Tilford Zebras 6 (D Lapolla 3, T Macgregor 2, E Engels) b New Town Eagles 2 (M Fennell 2)


South Hobart 1-2 Clarence United

Kingborough Lions United 2-1 Taroona

Tilford Zebras 2-3 New Town Eagles

Southern Division One

Nelson Eastern Suburbs 0-3 Metro (Dawes 2, Morris)

FFT Under-17s 7-8 DOSA

Hobart United 6-1 Southern FC


Nelson Eastern Suburbs 0-3 Metro

Hobart United 9-2 Southern FC

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League

Riverside Olympia 10-0 Launceston United

Ulverstone 0-2 Devonport City

Burnie United 3-0 Launceston City

Prospect Knights 4-3 Somerset


Anonymous said...

scorer in metro vs nelson was Morris not Thurley.

Anonymous said...

U19 - Glenorchy Knights 2 - Olympia 4

Anonymous said...

south a class the rest in the second half, football was good to watch.

Alan said...

South Premier Reserves
Tilfor Zebras 6 New Town Eagles 2

South Division One Results

11. Round
Saturday, 12/06/2010 14:30 Nelson Eastern Suburbs Metro 0:3
Saturday, 12/06/2010 14:30 FFT Under 15 Boys Northern Suburbs DOSA 7:8
Saturday, 12/06/2010 14:30 Hobart United Southern FC 6:1
South Division Two

Saturday, 12/06/2010 14:30 Glenorchy Knights - New Town Eagles 2:3

South Division Three
11. Round
Friday, 11/06/2010 18:30 Clarence United Black - University Players 6:2
Friday, 11/06/2010 18:30 Clarence United Red - University Wanderers 3:0
Saturday, 12/06/2010 10:30 Nelson Eastern Suburbs - New Town Eagles White
Saturday, 12/06/2010 12:30 Barnstoneworth - Clarence United Spirit 1:4
Saturday, 12/06/2010 12:30 Huon Valley - Taroona
Saturday, 12/06/2010 12:30 BeachSide - Glenorchy Knights 2:6
Saturday, 12/06/2010 12:30 New Town Eagles Red - Olympia Warriors 0:3

South Division Four

10. Round
Saturday, 12/06/2010 14:30 BeachSide - Southern FC 6:0
Saturday, 12/06/2010 14:30 Northern Suburbs DOSA - University Grads 1:1

surf's up said...

Yes South put on a master class in the second half with Kankaris leading the chorus line when he came on although Shae Hickey was probably BOG for mine.

Props to CUFC for a genuine contest but they ended up trying to defend their 1 goal lead for too long and it came back to bite them eventually.

Good game to watch.

Anonymous said...

8-7 between u15's and Dosa must have been a thriller. Not often you have fifteen goals and a close result.

Anonymous said...

Most underated team of 2010

Percy Louden Sharp Lush
Phillips Kent Wakefield Strange
Cripps Cronk

T Pearce

Anonymous said...

FFTU15's v Dosa was a cracker,
neither team play to defend a lead, so end to end stuff. Playing at showgrounds, a small pitch allows shots from just about anyway.

Referee was, well lets say less than effective, dubious decisions and if that's a way game is controlled to "protect" little kids, maybe FFT should reconsider letting little kids play in DIV1, AND some were very little indeed

Anonymous said...

anon 1.40 am
Please explain, where did this team come from,what are you trying to say.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:27 - Sounds very similar to the treatment the TIS team recieve in the Reserves league....

Anonymous said...

That these are the worst players in the premier league!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12 57. Its sarcasm. Look at the team properly.

ministry of magic said...

Who is Ron Weasley? i heard a few knights players calling his name during the knights/zebs game a few weeks ago. think it was when the keeper had the ball?

Anonymous said...

if that is ment to be a joke why are there not more taroona players and more olypmic players?? who ever made that team u are a joke!