Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TIS hit Eagles for nine

Photos (Top to Bottom): Eagles' Mark Page (No.14) blazes high and wide; TIS defender Eli Luttmer (extreme right) heads at goal; Will Abbott has opened the scoring for the TIS; Eagles' Jamie Vernon (left) looks glum as Jamie de Smit and Eli Luttmer congratulate Will Abbott on the opening goal; TIS's Declan Foley gets away from Eagles' Dejen Gebresilasie; Eagles' coaches William Cuellar (left) and Segundo Vargas; A rare Eagles shot at goal; TIS's Sam Hamilton looks at the bench before taking a free-kick; An Eagles header at goal was off target; TIS's Declan Foley pulls the ball back as Eagles' Dejen Gebresilasie moves in [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier Reserve League (KGV Park, Wednesday, 2 June 2010)


Tasmanian Institute of Sport 9 (W Abbott 7, 30, 75, J Curran 22, H Foley 35, 41, S Hamilton 60, J de Smit 76, J Walker 89)

New Town Eagles Reserves 0

HT: 5-0 Att: 60 Ref: M Thain

Tasmanian Institute of Sport: Prendergast - Luttmer, Hill, Abbott, McClung - Walker, de Smit, D Foley - Hamilton (Devine 75), Curran (Green 60), H Foley (Ince 65) [Coach: Dean May]

New Town Eagles: L Ferrall - Hay, Kent, Page (Marshall 35), Ball - Snape, Quan, Vernon, Gonzalez (Atalay 60), Gebresilasie (Ayres 55) - Fennell [Coach: William Cuellar]


The Tasmanian Institute of Sport easily accounted for New Town Eagles reserves 9-0 at KGV Park this evening.

The TIS led 5-0 at the interval and piled on four more goals after the break, with central defender Will Abbott notching a hat-trick and also heading against the woodwork in a magnificent display.

Abbott opened the scoring in the 7th minute by heading home a corner.

Jesse Curran made it 2-0 midway through the opening half after Eagles dawdled in defence and failed to clear.

Abbott made it 3-0 on the half-hour. He hammered a shot against the far right-hand post and when the ball came back to him he slotted it inside the left-hand upright.

Hugh Foley added the fourth in the 35th minute when he tapped home from point-blank range after a great counter-attack by the TIS and a left-wing cross by fullback David McClung.

Three minutes later, the left-footed Sam Hamilton sent a free-kick over from the left and Abbott’s header glanced off the top of the crossbar.

Hugh Foley made it 5-0 four minutes before the interval, again from point-blank range, but this time from Declan Foley’s pin-point cross from the left.

The TIS might have had another goal after a lightning attack and a neat one-two between Hugh Foley and Jeremy Walker, but Shane Kent cleared the ball off the Eagles goal-line.

In the 57th minute, Eagles goalkeeper Liam Ferrall turned a vicious free-kick from the right by Hamilton onto the crossbar and to safety. It was one of several fine saves by Ferrall in this match. He undoubtedly prevented the score-line from reaching double-figures as he made other fine saves, including one late in the match from Walker.

The excellent Hamilton added goal number six on the hour with a marvellous volley from the left-hand corner of the box after Declan Foley’s precise cross from the right.

Walker went close in the 67th minute when he went on a diagonal run from right to left and turned to shoot centimetres past the far right-hand upright.

Abbott completed his hat-trick with a cheeky goal, the TIS’s seventh, in the 75th minute. In the space of a split second, he allowed Luttmer’s free-kick from the right to pass between his legs before flicking the ball into the net with the heel of his right foot.

Jamie de Smit made it 8-0 a minute later, volleying home Walker’s corner from the right.

TIS substitute Nicholas Green fired just over the bar six minutes from the end, while Ferrall foiled Walker in the 87th minute.

Walker was not to be denied, however, and a minute from the end he was put clear down teh left and finished clinically to make the final score a resounding 9-0.


· New Town Eagles coach, William Cuellar, said:

“We are terribly disappointed. We brought out a good team.

“On paper, they were very good players.

“We were out-played and out-muscled and we are very disappointed with the result.”


Anonymous said...

Great match - the good thing from the TIS perspective was that despite dominating they still played their normal possession football instead of reverting to long balls. The passing was firm and crisp, often one touch, and the movement off the ball was a pleasure to watch. The TIS defended well and were quick on the counter attack as well as patient in build up when required. The game was played in good spirit and the referee was consistent in decision making. There is no doubt that there are some very talented individual players amongst the TIS squad but the highlight is how they work as a team which is a credit to the coach.

TIS Convert

Anonymous said...

Eagles weren't good by any means. but scoreline in no way reflects the game.

TIS just very good finishers. perhaps 3-0 would have been more accurate.

i ahve no doubt the eagles will bounce back this weekend. we have a very good record against clarence.

Anonymous said...

New Town will still finish 3rd in the prem. This result mean nothing.

Ealgles better than Knights who have imploded, Kingborough and clarnce. we will prove it this weekend

Jonas said...

Well said TIS Convert. Last night young Abbott in particular was outstanding. Liam Ferrall for Eagles had a very good game despite what the scoreline suggests. Once Bronson is a bit older and grows a few more inches, he has the potential to be one of the best keepers in the state in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

"TIS just very good finishers. perhaps 3-0 would have been more accurate "

TIS having very good finishers, this is no way to reflect on the game, the TIS had more than 20 shoots on target, if it wasn’t for near Misses and Great Saves from Liam Ferrall , it could have been even more embarrassing than it already was.

Tis Played the better Football for the 90 minutes, made New town Eagles look like witches hats. Tis have the best style of play for sure, far better than that shitty style new town eagle’s play, kicking it up high down the middle with no structure what so ever.

TIS dominated the game, and this should only be a reflection on the great style they played.

Anonymous said...

wow good win, im guessing there wont be anyone from TIS bashing new town this week??

In fact, it wont suprise me if the TIS supporters werent congratulating New Town on the way they played. Thanks for not playing defensive football. etc etc.

Will Abbott is, for want of a better term, taking the p*%s playing at that level, ive watched him play a few times this year and he should be playing senior football. or maybe he wouldnt like the pressure of seniors. who knows but id have him at my club any day.

and to the new town guy...BEHAVE, lets not be silly.

man vs canteen said...

dear oh dear, eagles better than knights, kingo and clarence is a ludicrous statement when you look at the reserves line up which got smashed 9-0 by tis with senior experience in there such as vernon, quan and kent

what a shambles to suggest eagles would finish 3rd? i just hope you mean 3rd last? clarence to pump you 6-0

Anonymous said...

Was deinfitely a master class from TIS against a seemingly strong Eagles team which had several first team names. Well done boys.

Spectator said...

Walter, where you have mentioned the goal scorers at the top you have put abbott's third goal as curran's.

snookered said...

yawn...South ressies put 11 put Eagles last time out and lead the comp by a mile - 'nuff said.

Walter said...

Spectator, thanks for pointing that out. It's fixed now. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

snookered, it is because of that arrogance that you will not win the ressies this year (as if anyone really cares) Clarence will beat you twice and you will drop points in other games.

nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Knights reserves also beat eagles 9-0 ealier in the season and also beat TIS.

Anonymous said...

Oh snookered said are you so insecure and paranoid that the praising of the TIS somehow is a clandestine attack on South Hobart? The positive comments on this blog are in response to the professional way the young lads played last night , winning ugly is fine for some but to these boys the way you play appears more important than the result.

TIS convert

snookered said...


neutral said...

TIS Convert

I agree TIS play decent football but they are not the only ones to do so in the league. Surely you're not suggesting South's reserves win ugly?

Tell it how it is! said...

why does anyone on this blog continue to criticise the TIS and/or Sth Hobart? Both the TIS and Sth Hobart play good football and are taught to play good football and they are probably the only two at this stage unfortunately. There are the odd one or two teams around at Zebras, Knights and Clarence that receive good quality guidance and coaching and then we are scraping the barrel... It's about time we realized the importance in good quality coaching at our clubs.

Anonymous said...

The result says as much about Eagles as TIS. Eagles play this direct style and it is sometimes effective but against a well organised technically competent team they are just second rate.

A victory for football!

Good coahcing is not just about getting kids to play a certain way - time will tell ...

Anonymous said...

where oh where is casual observer. I was sure he would have posted a comment about Eagles playing a good style against the TIS unlike Clarence. This can be seen in the end result. Isn't that what the TIS want