Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday results

[World Cup warm-up matches]

Australia 1 (J Kennedy 71) b Denmark 0

Switzerland 0-1 Costa Rica

Holland 4-1 Ghana

Portugal 3-1 Cameroon


Anonymous said...

A slightly better performance than against NZ - at least we held our shape defensively a lot better in this game, other than all the frees we gave away near/around the 18 yard box. still look flat on the attack but when we actually started getting the ball over from the flanks it looked dangerous at times. Far too reliant on the long ball to Josh 'jesus' Kennedy and his touch/ability to hold it up is just not as good as Viduka's was. If we are relying on those tactics to score we're in a bit of trouble against the quality sides. thats my 2cents.

Anonymous said...

yeah, was a very scrappy game in my opinion, ball looks to be hard to control and has very quick movement through the air and along the ground which can make it hard for the players, we didnt really look like scoring at all and there wasnt much created in the midfield but i spsoe we have kewell and emerton to come back in hopefully.....defence did look solid...if we win 1-0 like that every match i wont be complaining tho :)