Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday night results

Photo: The match officials for the Knights versus Olympia game; Olympia's Brady Cronk with the ball and pursued by Knights' Corey Smith; Olympia's Jayden Hey gets to the ball ahead of Glenorchy Knights' Amadu Koroma [PlessPix]

Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League

Glenorchy Knights 2 (A Koroma 23, C Smith 69) beat Olympia Warriors 1 (A Nandan 21)


Glenorchy Knights 8-2 Olympia Warriors


Anonymous said...

not only did my main man smithers score a cracker last nyt he also did not recive a yellow smithers is a changed man !!!

I'm Back said...

Anon at 5.50 under the Sunday Results heading. You may have put your response under some other heading as I can't find it ?

Looks like after last nights result that Olympia will be praying mighty hard that the current relegation system gets canned this year because mate, if it doesn't Div 1 is where Olympia are heading are they not ?

It will be interesting to see whether Taroona get a result this weekend and go even further in front of Olympia. But no, surely not, Taroona came up from Div 1 remember where Div 1 teams would get smashed by the lowest of the low in PL.

Yoda said...

Koroma in the african mood during the world cup?
A positive period thid will be for the striker young.

Anonymous said...

how many times have olympia taken a one goal lead and lost??
that i can recall against kingborough (twice), taroona (twice), glenorchy, zebras, new town

They deserve relegation

Anonymous said...

dear I'm Back , The Warriors feel that relegation is not an option and will get enough points to stay off the bottom. Although I work hard for a living and do not gamble I believe there is someone with in the Olympia club who would happily bet you as much as you like and then some as to where and who Olympia will be playing against next year. Look him up and have chat. I am told he likes to gamble. Unless of course you and others do not have the stomach to put your money where your mouth is !!!

Anonymous said...

Just watched youtube footage, it looks like Olympia were hammered and Knights should of won by more but can't finish.

Anonymous said...

Walter I trust you were there for Friday nights game. Is this true were Olympia smashed? Please comment on this?

thank you.

I'm Back said...

Anonymous at 3.18. Why would I bet George (sorry whoever it is) that Olympic won't get relegated ?

I think it's fairly obvious to anyone that if Olympic finish last as they will that George is going to challenge the rules of promotion and relegation to make sure they don't go down. They're not good enough to stay up but that's irrelevant. He's only doing what every other Presisent would be doing. So don't give me shit about how much money he (sorry, whoever it is) is prepared to gamble.

You think all gamblers are stupid ?

Anonymous said...

the footage does show that but wasn't my impression watching the game live. Nesta had a great first half and Olympia were lucky to go in at 0.5 time even but Olympia did well in the second half and but for Corey's stunner might have got a draw. Having said that Knights were good for a win. Olympia is heading in right direction and have done Ok this round and with 5*16 yo on teamsheet future is looking bright regardless - as long as they hang onto these boyz.

Anonymous said...

olympic have done ok with 5x16yr olds?!?!? how is not even winning one game doing ok?
a narrow loss is apparently a good game for them this year, and shows that they have heart haha... ha