Monday, February 18, 2019

Glenorchy Knights adopt a new club logo to reflect their heritage

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights president Tony Bacic announces the adoption of a new club logo at this morning's media conference [PlessPix]

Glenorchy Knights, who are back in the top-flight NPL Tasmania competition this season after a three-year absence, have adopted a new logo.

The new logo is linked to the club’s Croatian heritage, featuring red-and-white checks.

The club was founded in 1957 as Croatia and became Croatia Glenorchy a few years later to signify its links to the local community.

In 1997, Soccer Australia banned ethnic club names and Croatia Glenorchy adopted the name Glenorchy Knights.

Soccer Australia even designed the figure of a knight as part of the club’s emblem.

Glenorchy Knights president, Tony Bacic, today unveiled the club’s new logo which is to be worn on the playing strip and tracksuits.

“Glenorchy Knights Football Club is pleased to announce we have a new club logo,” Mr Bacic said at a media conference held this morning at KGV Park.

“Our former logo has served us well, but we think it’s time for a new modern look and one that better reflects our past and what we are today, particularly as we are about to start a new era in the National Premier League (NPL).

“Other reasons behind the change are to show our full name, that we were established in 1957, our club colours and heritage – all very important things that were not quite reflected in our previous logo which we have used since 1997.

“We thank our members who provided great feedback throughout the design process.

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights players Luke Warrener (left) and Callum Brown at today's media conference sported the new kit [PlessPix]

“It is pleasing that many recognise the need for change and support the option we are moving forward with, and which has also been approved by Football Federation Tasmania.

“We are aware there is an attachment to the image of a knight that for various reasons does not appear in the new logo.

“However, we will continue to use an image of a knight for marketing, club merchandise and other things as appropriate.

“The new logo will be transitioned on club strips over time and will be on club apparel from the beginning of the 2019 season.

“The change is also timely as we commence work on the development of our clubroom at KGV Football Park.

“We look forward to seeing the new logo on our playing strip when we kick-off our NPL season on 9 March at Windsor Park [against Riverside Olympic].” 
Mr Bacic said the idea of reverting to the club's former name, Glenorchy Croatia, was not on the  agenda at present.


Croatia said...

That's more like a futbol club badge with it European background.the other was something like dungeons & dragons badge

Anonymous said...

Be nice to see play in Croatia strip style like zebs in Juventus

Roger said...

Or maybe just a big $ sign with all the money they have inherited lately !

Anonymous said...

Clubs don't inherit money, what most well organised clubs do is work hard with sponsors and every day of the week, this never stops, all successful sporting clubs do this , its 2019 Roger , happy for you to stay in a time warp as will your club. Well done to knights for growing your club and giving it a red hot go, also well done to the other clubs understanding that they need to do this as well. Great for football in the state .

Roger said...

Calm down Mr Serious it was a joke :)