Friday, April 19, 2019

Lakoseljac Cup Round-of-16 results - Good Friday, 19 April 2019

Photo:  Devonport's Raphael Reynolds gets a toe in ahead of Kingborough's Danny Cowen [PlessPix]

Lakoseljac Cup (Round-of-16)

Kingborough Lions United 1 (K Douce 56) lost to Devonport City 2 (E Bidwell 46, M Fitzgerald 80)

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights' Diego Gutierrez Chavez controls the ball on his chest as Olympia's Nick Mearns admires the import's skills [PlessPix]

Olympia Warriors 1 (N Mearns 53) beat Glenorchy Knights 0

Photo:  Nick Mearns scores Olympia's goal [PlessPix]

Women's State-wide Cup

Kingborough Lions United 5-0 Clarence United

Photo:  Devonport's Jack Dance gets to the ball a split second before Kingborough's Joel Schuth [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Worst performance from Devonport for the year.
They made Boro look good. Today proved why Borobwill struggle.
Nothing up front to take chances. They have wasted import spots where not needed.
They need a goal scorer first and foremost .

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a good performance by the Knights last night. They held Olympia well in defence and that goal from Mearns was just an unlucky deflection. It could have easily been the Knights game. They have a great defence line up that is working well but need to improve on their attack in an attempt to finish the many opportunities they have had for goal this season.