Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Two latest imports arrive to join Glenorchy Knights and Kingborough Lions United

Glenorchy Knights and Kingborough Lions United have signed new overseas players this week.

Knights have signed a 25-year-old midfielder, who is a dual citizen of Mexico and the USA, named Diego Gutierrez.

Kingborough’s new player is an American goalkeeper, Kenneth Perkinson.

Gutierrez has been playing at third-division level in North America.

“We just needed another player given the number of injuries we’ve had, especially in midfield,” said Knights coach, James Sherman.

“When Alex Bellini went down last week, it was very much a case of, right, we need someone, so, we’ve been talking to a couple of players, both internationally and on the Mainland.

“The prognosis for Alex was that it was going to be three or four weeks and we needed to get someone in, so Diego is the man.

“He’s not a college player but has played in the third division in Mexico and the equivalent level in the States.

“He’s been here a couple of days and helped me at a club junior clinic today and he’ll train with us before the weekend.

“He’s a really nice young man and I’m sure he’ll be good for the group.

“He’ll fit in with the dressing room, which is already a good group.”

Kingborough coach Greg Calvert said he had needed a back-up keeper since the start of the season following the injury to Nick O’Connell last season.

The club did sign an American keeper in Hunter Harrison, but he moved to South Hobart before the start of the league season.

Perkinson will have to fight for the senior berth with current incumbent Mitch Stalker.


Unknown said...

Not sure why clubs keep signing USA college players our talent just as good.rather have Europe or south America

Anonymous said...

Kingborough must be rolling in it to afford an import as a back up keeper.

Or perhaps a small fib being told? I wonder...

Anonymous said...

FFa cup at stake clubs sponsors big games coming up

Anonymous said...

Back up keeper you say?
Why would any decent keeper come here from
the US to be a back up keeper?
Transparency is the word !!!!!!’ .

Anonymous said...

I recall knights trying this stunt in 2017. How did that go for you boys?

Sponsors might not like what they see after you get done again.

Anonymous said...

Agree with comments about US players no better than our own.
Just shows those running some clubs just have no idea whatsoever.
Keep wasting money on average players then wonder what went wrong.

Imports said...

American gk hunter playing challenge and Danish player for south

Anonymous said...

Do we not have any promising young players who are almost at the standard of being a Kingborough second keeper or Knights senior starter? This must be about making the club look good rather than acquisition of real talent.

Anonymous said...

It’s about the club looking good? Surely you are joking?
Boro’s record with imports since the beginning of the state
league is laughable.

Anonymous said...

So Tim Baker, Kamara, De Souza and Cartwright were of a laughable standard??

Anonymous said...

Name one import who has stayed long term.
What about others that you have not mentioned?

Anonymous said...

None of which stayed at the club. So you tell me aside from the obvious coaching palms what other issues are within the club?

Anonymous said...

Don’t totally disagree but naming players in that tone is a tad tasteless.

Anonymous said...

How did the new American import do?