Saturday, April 20, 2019

Who comes up with these ridiculous match times?

Photo:  Kingborough's American import goalkeeper Kenneth Perkinson, who made his debut against Devonport.  One had to feel sorry for young Mitch Stalker, who hadn;'t done much wrong but was relegated to the bench. [PlessPix] 

I must be missing something.
I cannot for the life of me understand why the Kingborough Lions United versus Devonport City game kicked off at 4pm.
I know the weather cannot be predicted when schedules are planned, but on such a glorious day, it would have been ideal for a 2pm or 2.30pm kick-off.
The Women’s State-wide Cup match could have been scheduled for noon rather than 1.30pm  (it was never going to go to extra-time) and everyone would have been on their way home once that late afternoon chill set in.
A glorious day for football, weatherwise, and the match-of-the-day kicks off at 4pm.
I’m dumbfounded.
I don’t know what Devonport thought about it.
They would have been lucky to get home by midnight.
And, they have to come back down to Hobart on Monday for a league match against Hobart Zebras.
Please, someone, tell me who came up with the match times and get them to explain it to me.
If it was Kingborough who insisted on the times, please tell me why the women could not have kicked off at noon and the men at 2pm or 2.30pm?

Photo:  Glenorchy Knights' new American/Mexican import, midfield Diego Gutierrez Chavez, made his debut against Olympia Warriors last night.  He hit the post with an excellent free-kick. [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

The answer is pretty clear, There is one person at fft who works full time producing schedules.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Walter.
I do believe the person is the competitions manager.
I'm fairly sure there was a challenge league game last Sunday that kicked off around 5.00 and there is a U/20 laka cup game on this Monday at 4.45pm.
this is a joke as I don't understand why this game is so late in the day.
Time to scrap the leagues and build them from the ground up that fits clubs and the competitions. The Leagues can't be the same next year or everything will fall apart.

Anonymous said...

No games Sunday

Southern said...

Statewide cup games were traditionally always a 2pm kickoff as most grounds did not have lights for extra time/penalties. Similarly, games were on the Monday.
We've moved away from that due to improved facilities.

Anonymous said...

What improved facilities? Give me bright daylight anytime over floodlighting at Tasmanian football grounds.