Sunday, May 26, 2019

Hamlett nets four as South Hobart humiliate Olympia

Photo:  Ben Hamlett makes it 1-0 with a penalty [PlessPix]

(Lakoseljac Cup Semi-Final, South Hobart Oval, Sunday, 26 May 2019)

South Hobart 5 (Hamlett 8, 46, 48, 66, Berezansky 13)
Olympia Warriors 2 (N’Koso 38, 81)

HT:  3-1   Att:  250   Ref:  B Kopra

South Hobart:  Wright  -  Gorrie, Ludford, Thomas, Herweynen  -  Lakoseljac, Feral, Morton  -  Berezansky, Hamlett, Van Doorne  (Bowman, K Brown, Evans, Hallam, Juju)

Olympia Warriors:  McDonald  -  Kurtz, Hill, Stevens, Thompson  -  Ladic, Scott, Mearns  -  Cook, Ryan, N’Koso  (Subs:  Leaman, Mulungula, Randall, Wadawu)

Photo:  Playing with fire!  South Hobart's Iskander Van Doorne launches himself at Olympia's Bay Kurtz. [PlessPix]

On this display, South Hobart are going to give the Lakoseljac Cup a mighty shake.

They will meet holders Devonport City in the final on 10 June and must be considered favourites after this 5-2 dismantling of Olympia Warriors and Devonport’s mere 2-1 win over second-tier University the previous day.

Devonport can’t be discounted, however, as they are 5 points clear at the top in the NPL Tasmania competition and they could be looking to reach their peak in the Lakoseljac Cup Final.  They won’t relinquish the trophy lightly as it is a ticket into the FFA Cup competition.

The North-West Coast side will have to do better than they have to date, however, and against South Hobart it should be a thrilling final.

Photo:  Olympia's Jake Thompson tries to stop Ben Hamlett by grabbing his shirt [PlessPix]

Olympia president George Mamacas was not at the game.  He was in Queensland, which was just as well as he would have been hugely disappointed.

People keep writing South Hobart off and saying they have too many youngsters and too many experienced players out injured.

That’s rubbish.  I’ve been watching coach Ken Morton since 1979 (a period of 40 years), when he first arrived in Tasmania.  In all that time, he has had the knack of introducing youngsters and I can’t think of one that has let him down.  It’s the same now.  He selects them for a reason and knows when they are ready and when they can do a job for the team.

Sam Berezansky started in this match in place of Ewan Larby, who was unavailable, and he scored.  Bradley Lakoseljac has held his place and again played well, this time in midfield instead of on the wing.

Photo:  South Hobart;s Kasper Hallam (left) takes on Olympia's Bay Kurtz [PlessPix]

Kasper Hallam came on again as a substitute and caused problems, while Samson Juju and Tae Evans also got a run in this match.

South Hobart looked like winners before a quarter of an hour had passed.  Ben Hamlett netted a penalty in the 8th minute, awarded for a foul on Iskander Van Doorne, while Berezansky made it 2-0 after 13 minutes.

Olympia hit back with a gem of a goal in the 38th minute.  Joffrey N’Koso hit an unstoppable shot from 30 metres that whistled past a surprised Graeme Wright, who was rooted to the spot and didn’t move.

Hamett scored an easy third in stoppage time at the end of the first half to make it 3-1 for the home side.  It was the worst possible time for Olympia to concede.

Photo:  Olympia's Jack Ryan crosses the ball despite the close proximity of South Hobart's Tobias Herweynen [PlessPix]

Hamlett completed his hat-trick 3 minutes into the second half following a short corner from Nick Morton and gave South Hobart a 4-1 lead.

Midway through the second half, Hamlett won a 50/50 ball with goalkeeper Kyle McDonald and he rolled it int an empty net to make it 5-1 for South Hobart.

N’Koso did pull a goal back for Olympia near the end to register his second goal of the game, but it was all South Hobart at that stage.

Photo:  Tempers became frayed after Jack Ryan's tackle on Adam Gorrie [PlessPix]

A melee involving most of the players occurred before the end after Jack Ryan’s tackle on Gorrie, and referee Mr Kopra issued four yellow cards and a fifth to South Hobart assistant coach Daniel Brown on the bench.

Calm was eventually restored and it was South Hobart who were clapped off by their supporters as the Olympia players retreated to lick their wounds.

It could have been even a bigger margin of victory as only some fine saves by McDonald  denied Morton and Hamlett.  The latter also almost uprooted the goal frame when his powerful rising shot hit the underside of the crossbar and rebounded into play.

Olympia replaced Paul Stevens with Warren Wadawu at the interval, but Wadawu has been out of form since returning from a lengthy absence through injury.

Devonport coach Rick Coghland said yesterday he’d watch this game.  Chances are he may be slightly worried.

Photo:  South Hobart's Bradley Lakoseljac shows a clean pair of heels to Olympia's Jacob Leaman and Jordan Scott [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Determination is etched on the face of Ben Hamlett as he races into attack [PlessPix] 

Photo:  South Hobart's Adam Gorrie in pursuit of Olympia's Joffrey N'Koso [PlessPix]

Photo:  Olympia's Jonathon Ladic received a yellow card after bringing down Sam Berezansky [PlessPix]

Photo:  Olympia's Jordan Scott tries to stop Sam Berezansky [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Sam Berezansky takes on three Warriors [PlessPix] 

Photo:  South Hobart's talent-laden bench watch the action [PlessPix]


If you're good enough you play said...

Totally agree Walter young age does not matter I think these youngsters are better than Walter Foley and gilly .South are playing better so much speed

Anonymous said...

Four of the goals for South Hobart were terrible defensive errors by Olympia and Olympia probably should have scored another one or two. So not sure South Hobart were that impressive.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.24 pm. If Olympia should have had another couple
South should have been 5 or six at half time. You must have been
watching another game

Anonymous said...

Well looks like olympia gonna win nothing again

Anonymous said...

And people wonder why people get frustrated at the referees. Jack Ryan should of been straight red for that disgusting tackle today and get plenty of weeks and poor Jaydy Hey is sitting out 3 weeks for nothing anywhere near as bad. Same refs aswell wheres the consistancy?

Anonymous said...

Jack Ryan's tackle was no different than Isky van doorne's in the first half. He is constantly victimised by refs, free kicks are given against him before he's even attacking the ball. There are two teams and it seems from an outsiders perspective Olympia aren't getting the rub of the green when it comes to ref decisions.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.32 pm.

Anonymous said...

Olympia were awful. Too slow around the field and no energy in the forward line. They struggle away from their mini sized plastic pitch in Warrane.

George must wonder what he is getting for his massive investment. Their season is over at the end of May!

Anonymous said...

So you fail to notice his elbow work mate? The grappling shirt pulling? The tackle was from behind straight through the player with zero chance of getting the ball. Isky’s was late and straight. Yes he might’ve seen red but Ryan’s was defo a stinker

Anonymous said...

Some of the decision making at present leaves a lot to be desired Jordan Scott and Jack Ryan may have both seen red ,Olympia seem to be run by both these players the coach has no power at all worrying times at Warrior Park !!!

Carn south said...

Can we play Olympia every week we’d be champions by now

Anonymous said...

How on earth you can make the comment of saying Olympia are run by two imports is outrageous? They have been in Tassie 5 minutes. Just because they are important players and are both vocal and dominant doesn't mean they run the show. Why should Scott of been sent off? If that's the case so should Thomas and young Bradley Laka, both committed the same offences so should there be consistency there?

Anonymous said...

Yes agreed he does use his arms but he is also receiving the same treatment. The tackle was from side on and if you actually watch it back on the live stream he barely even hits Gorrie. Who's reaction was also just as bad. Yellow cards all round was the correct decision. It's a rival match what do you expect, hugs and kisses?

Anonymous said...

Once again South Hobart kids play Olympia of the park Jack Ryan is overrated and Scott is not far behind maybe time for the, Warriors to follow South lead no players paid all equal some over paid warriors running round at present .

Anonymous said...

Yeah they're both so over rated that South had 3 players man marking Scott and the whole back 4 marking Ryan.

Anonymous said...

I think the kids were great. I liked the look of young Berezansky, Hallam and N'koso.
Have all three of these kids been brought up through the youth ranks at their respectful clubs or did they play elsewhere and moved to NPl clubs?

The Phoenix said...

And you could still only score 2?

Anonymous said...

The two Olympia imports think they are something special to be honest you wouldn't be in, Tassie if you were maybe time to come down a PEG or two lads .

Anonymous said...

Olympia needs defenders with pace should have kept little & Hardwick

News flash said...

Walter any news on Borough's npl appointments

Anonymous said...

Reply to May 27, 2019 at 1:20 PM

You're having a laugh if you believe South Hobart players are not compensated for their time ($$) :)

Anonymous said...

Jez Kenth