Wednesday, July 31, 2019

South Hobart outfought but not disgraced by powerful Marconi outfit

Photo:  Marconi's Marko Jesic flies through the air unde a challenge from South Hobart's Declan Foley [PlessPix]

(FFA Cup, Round-of-32, Blundstone Arena, Bellerive, Tasmania, Wednesday, 31 July 2019)

South Hobart 0
Marconi Stallions 3 (M Jesic 36 pen, H Ludford 40 og, D Tsekenis 89)

HT:  0-2   Att:  2,617   Ref:  J Barreiro

South Hobart:  Wright  -  Herweynen, Foley, Ludford, Bowman  -  Walter (Hallam 15), Morton, Feral, Lakoseljac  -  Hamlett (Berezansky 83), Hall  (Subs not used:  K Brown, Larby, Evans)

Marconi Stallions:  Vekic  -  R Speranza, Millgate, Cairncross (Baldacchino 90), G Speranza  -  Evans, Vella, Fernandez (O’Connell 83)  -  Andrew, Jesic, Mallia (Tsekenis 70)  (Subs not used:  Frangie, Sekutoski)

Photo:  South Hobart [PlessPix]

Photo:  Marconi Stallions [PlessPix]

Marconi Stallions progressed to the next round of the FFA Cup with this comfortable but unimpressive 3-0 away win over South Hobart at Blundstone Arena in Bellerive, Tasmania.

On this performance, they certainly will not be going all the way to the final.

Marconi were physically stronger than their opponents, faster to the ball, and more accomplished technically.  They sometimes strung together a dozen or so passes, including in tight situations, forcing South Hobart to frantically chase the ball.

Marconi took no prisoners and Zachary Cairncross put Alex Walter out of the game after just a quarter of an hour with a bad foul that earned him a yellow card.  Walter limped off a was replaced by Kasper Hallam.

Marconi should have scored more goals, but Graeme Wright was the correct choice in goal for South Hobart as his experience told and he made at least three outstanding saves.

Photo:  South Hobart goalkeeper Graeme Wright punches clear [PlessPix]

In the 31st minute, a deep cross from the left by Giorgio Speranza found Marco Jesic, but Wright flung himself into the air and tipped the ball wide in brilliant style.

Late in the game, Wright denied James Andrew in a one-on-one situation that seemed a certain goal.

Two minutes from the end, Wright was again superb when he saved from substitute Damian Tsekenis when a goal seemed inevitable.

Wright also brought some laughs when, late in the game, he accidentally bounced the ball off the head of skipper Hugh Ludford as he attempted to throw the ball upfield.

The first two goals left a sour taste in the mouth.  They all count, of course, but they were unsatisfying.

The first came from a penalty in the 36th minute.  James Andrew got into the left-hand side of the box and his cross was adjudged to have hit the arm of Declan Foley, who protested vehemently but to no avail as Mr Barreiro pointed to the spot.  Jesic tucked the spot-kick away easily to give Marconi the lead.

Photo:  South Hobart's Jack Bowman heads the ball clear against Marconi [PlessPix]

Four minutes later, Marconi led 2-0 when Andrew again crossed into the box and Jesic’s attempted shot got a touch from Ludford and the ball beat Wright.

South Hobart may have been aggrieved to find themselves 2-0 down at the interval, given the nature of the goals, but Marconi were well in control and confident.

South fought bravely, but they often gave the ball away easily and failed to find their man when clearing out from the back.

They were lucky not to conceded more goals in the second half as Giorgio Speranza almost ripped the goals out of the ground with a powerful shot that struck the left-hand post, and when Mitchell Mallia fired powerfully past the far right-hand post.

Photo:  South Hobart keeper Graeme Wright saves from Marconi's James Andrew [PlessPix]

The third goal was the best and it came a minute from the end when substitute Damian Tsekenis nodded home Jesic’s corner from the left.

South Hobart had few clear-cut chances.  Their best came in stoppage time at the end of the first half when Hallam created a chance for Darcy Hall, but he blazed over the bar when he should at least have tested the keeper.

They can take heart from their showing, especially given the absence of several key players through injury or suspension.

Photo:  South Hobart's Tobias Herweynen wrong-foots a couple of Marconi opponents [PlessPix] 

Photo:  Marconi's Mitchell Mallia in possession against South Hobart's Nick Morton and Tobias Herweynen [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

Ha ha.
Wrong team made it thorough.
If it was Port in the game, they would have represented a better opposition.

Anonymous said...

You mean the midfield would have been non-existent. If south we’re full strength it may have been closer. Full credit to Marconi, they play old fashioned football well.

Anonymous said...

South Hobart lol IF THEY CANNOT BEAT Devonport or Olympia how they going to beat a mainland team? ANSWER: They wont.

Anonymous said...

South were very competitive for the entire game but tired
towards the very end. They should be proud of their performance.
They could possibly have made a change or two but there bench was a little thin.
I have never seen a coach of a so-called huge club , carry on the
way Marconis coach did. Pathetic and childish.
I thought Souths keeper was brilliant.
And to Anna 11.49 pm , wow did your mum let you stay up that late?
You are pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Bit nervous when the FFT C/M had the team sheets lucky the FFA official had the foresight to get them back good night best team won .

Anonymous said...

Pathetic sour grapes again from Port support. Thought the young full back & winger in particular did well against well paid experienced semi pro opposition. A team with 3 teenagers did ok.

Anonymous said...

Devonport used to be a classy club when Rod Andrews ran things...who else thinks they seem to be a bit whingy nowadays?

Anonymous said...

3:15am comment - did you forget that South beat both of those teams to get to the FFA Cup round of 32!

Anonymous said...

Spot on. Playing Lamberton Jaffas is not the same as playing Marconi.

Anonymous said...

The Olympia supporter who played that stupid horn when Marconi scored their first goal should be ashamed, an absolute embarrassment and epitomises why Olympia are not well liked. Poor form on his part and reflects badly on the club. One would hope that we should support whoever gets an opportunity to play on the national stage and promote the football here in tassie.

Anonymous said...

9:51 AM True. There are a lot of good people at Olympia but their President sets the tone and he has the money. I don’t know how they cope with the poor sportsmanship and petty minded selfishness that pervades everything from refusing to give visiting teams ice for treatment of an injury, to a supporter trying to trip an opposing player as he came off the field into the dressing room to outright verbal abuse of another clubs President.

Anonymous said...

I think the pitch wasn't slick enought... or maybe it was too slick

Anonymous said...

Declan Foley was the best looking man on the pitch.

Anonymous said...

It was a very good performance from South which team was expected to be humiliated against Marconi. 3-0 is like a win

Anonymous said...

I'm just pleased that Kemp wasn't played like he was against Launceston City. That would have been very embarrassing if South had won. But they didn't win so they were embarrassed anyway.

Anonymous said...


On reading the post-match articles this morning, particularly Slice of Cheese, again the BULLY TEAM card gets played. I've seen this comment pop up all week prior to last nights match and many times in the local NPL comp this season.

Anyone who knows anything about football or watches the games in Tasmania, (and I do) can see these coaches comments are making your teams sound soft and unable to withstand a hard, fair contest. When in most cases that is not true, you just can’t win them all. So give credit where it’s due.

When you come up against a team at any level that plays hard and wins. Try using statements like
“We lacked the intensity needed today”
“We weren’t strong enough in the challenge for the ball”
“We were outmuscled by a stronger opponent”
and or a 100 others that could be used in postmatch interviews and stories other than the words

It’s getting very boring lads.

Interesting the foul count was only Sth 5 - ST 4 Cheese Sth 3 - St 2 quite low really.
The young 16 year old at Sth’s played well having to come on early, certainly not out of place in a big game.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.51 . You are spot on.
And they wonder why they are disliked by many.
When leaders of the club behave like that no wonder their supporters
follow the lead . Absolute embarrassment for the game in front of
visiting teams and FFA officials.
Nothing will change. If they put more effort into actually
supporting their team rather than abusing the opposition and or
referee they may have more success and respect from others.

Anonymous said...

9:37 yes

Anonymous said...

Anon - 6.43am;

Let's be honest, South got pumped. They were barely competitive at times and rarely looked like scoring. There is no disgrace in that as the opposition were a class above. Their tactics were spot on too as they bullied most of the South squad physically.

The SH keeper had a solid game but needs to come and take some crosses, especially as they were missing the height of Thomas in defence. The keeper is average above his head as highlighted by the third goal.

South will bounce back but the depleted squad showed that they are not as strong as previous seasons.

Anonymous said...

I thought South were better than a 3 nil loss. Marconi will get steamrolled in the next round i'm sure.
Declan Foley was absolutely immense, love watching him play. I thought the young lad they brought on did well but needs to learn when to release the ball, just because he can dribble past a player doesn't mean he needs to try and take everyone on.

Tasweigan said...

A League Team for Tasmania !!!!

Anonymous said...

9:51 I will never support Olympic ever on the national stage due to behaviour just like this.
As for the game might have been a bit different if a certain South player had actually gone looking for the ball and avoiding any physical contact unless it was cheap shots. It was like playing with 10.
Unlucky South, a very brave performance.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:23pm
I do not think you have much cause for concern. It will be awhile before Riverside Olympic will be playing in any of these types of games.

Anonymous said...

I thought the game was an awful scrappy affair. It was a contest of fight ball and second ball dross.

Marconi played awful football and the score flattered them. They were unequivocally the worst team to have visited Tassie since the inception of the NPL and FFA Cup epoch. They had more shots on goal, but that was about all, apart from some decent diagonal balls from wide to the back stick.

South have played much better against interstate competition like South Melbourne, Sydney United and Brisbane Strikers. All were a class above Marconi.

Both teams struggled to hold effective shape on the ball and off the ball, particularly the first half when the squeezing was more intensive, hence, limiting time and space.

On a few occasions South had a 4-3-3 defence midfield triangle in Ball Possession. In the second half Marconi managed to hold a 4-4-2 in Ball Possession Opposition. Otherwise the shape was hard to identify.

In the second half South played with three at the back with Feral sitting in front as a screener. This could manifest as a 3:1 back four in a 4-3-3, or a 3-4-3 with a midfield diamond.

If either team was trying to play a 3-5-2, it wasn't working for either of them.

Both teams struggled to play from out the back and through the midfield. Lumping long, high balls forwards was Marconi's main tactic.

The first touch was generally awful from most players in both teams. South in particular struggled with effective body shape facing forwards in the first half.

Their movement off the ball was slow and predictable, from South, devoid of any checking. Marconi were little better.

Too many straight balls played inducing insipid bounce passes backwards. Not enough diagonal balls, in triangles and diamonds , were played which encourages teams to play or move forwards.

Kasper Hallam battled admirably when he came on, Hamlett defended superbly from the front and there was some nice ball winning from LB Bowman.

Given he has had Walter, Morton, Hall, Hamlett, Ludford and Feral for a while, Ken should have had South playing far better. He has had them playing better before against far better teams than Marconi.

A surprising tactic was that Feral was often unmarked in a central screening position, but he kept gesticulating to teammates to play down the flanks into cul de sacs instead of playing to himself.

Given the cattle he had, Marconi coach Tsekinis should give up coaching.

Marconi stars, Jesic and Mallia have gone backwards, fast, since their A League tenures.

Terrific pitch, wonderful lights, excellent viewing from the Ponting stand, Bellerive Oval would be good for a Tassie based A League team.

2 700 was a terrific crowd.

Shame about the awful football played on an excellent pitch!

Anonymous said...

We can go along to a game and support whomever we want.

Just because we are from the same state, doesn't mean that we need to be a fan of every club.
Like Ken had said, even if you don't like us, come and support Marconi, which some people did.

Get over yourselves.
I wasn't going for South Hobart last night and for any other Tasmanian team that makes it unless it is the team I support.
That's just how I am but we don't need you proud Taswegians to tell us who to support.

If that is how you feel, move to North Korea.

And I totally agree with the comments about teams being bullies.
Please, we are not playing netball.

Man up and put in a challenge or have your coach change tactics that can nullify these "bully" teams.
You all make me laugh with your comments sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Oh haha 4:56 semantics. We ALL KNOW who I'm talking about. I saw a Facebook post that showed them off to support the opposition, very very poor for a Tasmanian club. Don't like it? Go play elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Anon 6:34pm.
Not many people like Manchester United, Collingwood or the Miami Dolphins ( I made the last one up) but that is what makes sport so enthralling, we can support and follow who we like and if someone doesn't like it, it's their issue.

We don't tell people who to follow or support, that's what makes sport so unique and allows us to have our own opinions and to create moments that makes us either agree or disagree.

So telling someone who to support goes against what sport and being a passionate supporter is all about.
Just let people follow and support who they want.
Not who YOU want.

Anonymous said...

Once one clicks on the photos in Walter's article, they are outstanding action shots with great clarity!

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, they have paid their money so they can support and whatever takes their fancy.

Anonymous said...

Just may be if a more experienced and less bias referee had been employed for the biggest football game in Tasmaina prior to round 23 outcomes would have been a bit different. BUT that is long ago history. FA Cup is now over for the apple aisle and for the rest of you 6 NPL games to go, I guess we find out if Olympia loose 6 points or only 3 ( I'm sure we all hope 6 after a fine display of local support shown on Wednesday night) keeping in mind I do believe they still have a bye in round 24, correct me if I'm wrong but the last time was 1972.

The one biggest thing I have noticed from following NPL TAS this season is this
DEVONPORT--------------------SPACE DAYLIGHT------------------------and the rest of you, again please correct me if I'm wrong! (1972)

Week in, week out Port are at full strength ? NO they too have lost 2 imports early in the season and now 1 through injury so I guess this week no imports will be playing for Devonport!! Just Local unpaid TAZ boys. They will just pick from the extensive gene pool of young players that that consistently step up when called upon and slot in. eg. Dance, C.Bidwell, West, Barton I know there are more but names escape me sorry lads.

The other heavy hitters of the NPL Tasmaina loose a couple of imports and the seasons over, all falls to shit then it's "ok time to play some of our youth" TOO LATE!

For the few dumb knobs that will say to yourselves "what about Fitzgerald he's an import?" He is Australian and last time I looked you don't need a visa to go to Tasmaina.

Anonymous said...

The question on everybody's lips.
Will Kemp play for south this week. If not, why not?

Anonymous said...

Reply to August 2, 2019 at 2:49 AM

You can't honestly blame the referees? South were outclassed. Could have lost by double if Marconi took their chances..

I am all for supporting local Tas teams, but you can't deny that Marconi were levels above.

Anonymous said...

There is some rubbish being posted on here Walter.
Devonport supporters are becoming much like another club
being criticised for similar reasons.
Show some respect and stop bagging other clubs.
You are going through a little purple patch at present but trust me
it will end at some point.
That’s when Devonport will threaten to drop out if the league again
as in the past. Bring back Rod Andrews a true gentleman.

Mr Darcy said...

The answer on everyone's lips is :
and why not? ..Cause they have a bye.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12-11
This weekends results! So far please correct me if my earlier comments are wrong. Port win. Launceston loss Sunday will be fun to watch.