Sunday, March 1, 2020

Sunday results - 1 March 2020

Photo:  Kingborough Lions' Robbie New (left) tries to stop a South East United defender [PlessPix]

Women's Summer Cup

Olympia Warriors 4-2 South Hobart

Taroona 3-1 University

Photo:  Kingborough's Robbie New (No.5) chips the ball forward against South East United [PlessPix]

Social Summer Cup

South Hobart 5 (Reagan Andrews, Lucas Dzalakowski, Fergus Bridge 2, Samson Juju) beat Olympia Warriors 0

Photo:  South Hobart on the attack against Olympia [PlessPix]

Youth Friendlies


South Hobart 4-2 Launceston City


South Hobart 4-0 Launceston City

Photo:  Olympia's Lee Mason heads the ball in the game against South Hobart [PlessPix]

Photo:  A Kingborough winger takes on a South East United defender [PlessPix]

Photo:  Olympia's Adam Hedge watches South Hobart's Declan Foley volley the ball [PlessPix]


Anonymous said...

What’s Declan Foley doing playing social summer cup when he has been playing NPL.
Can’t you be cup tied anymore?

Anonymous said...

Great to see so much youth playing in a social cup. Surely they are taking the piss out of the comp.

Oxford said...

I notice in the background of the photo of Declan that is Adam Hedge who correct me if I'm wrong was playing NPL up until the end of last year, so fair match up one would think. It would just be getting game time in to certain players prior to season proper, nothing more.

Mils said...

Fair call Oxford however the point being made is - FFT 2020 Summer Cup Competition Rules state in 2.0 player eligibility "No player will be permitted to play both for their club’s Men Division A, Premier Women teams AND compete in the Social Summer Cups as well. A player can play in either a Division A competition or a Social competition but cannot participate in both".
From SportsTG team sheets Adam has only played in Social Summer Comp Tier 1, Declan has played in Mens Division A Summer Cup and Social Summer Comp Tier 1, that unfortunately as I understand it, is a breach of the rules.
One for the powers at be to sort no doubt!

Anonymous said...

South Hobart fined and forfeit game. 3-0 win to Olympia.

South Hobart knew this going into the game. Happy to pay.