Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Giants in women's football avoid each other in State-wide Cup semi-finals

Photo:  Hobart Zebras women's team with last season's State-wide Cup [PlessPix]

The semi-final draws were made today for the Women’s State-wide Cup and the Under-20s State-wide Cup.

In the women’s State-wide Cup, Clarence Zebras and Olympia Warriors, the two best women’s sides in the State, have avoided each other.

Both have been drawn at home, at Wentworth Park and Warrior Park, respectively.

Clarence Zebras will host Kingborough Lions United, and Olympia Warriors will entertain South Hobart.

It seems reasonable to assume, therefore, that Clarence Zebras will play Olympia Warriors in the final.

It is a cup competition, however, and giant-killing feats have been known to occur.

In the Under-20s State-wide Cup, which is for males, Somerset host Glenorchy Knights, while Riverside Olympic are at home to Olympia Warriors.

This means that both semi-finals in the Under-20s State-wide Cup will be held in the northern half of the island.

Under 20s State-wide Cup Semi-Finals

Somerset v Glenorchy Knights

Riverside Olympic v Olympia FC Warriors

Women’s State-wide Cup

Clarence Zebras v Kingborough Lions United

Olympia Warriors v South Hobart



Anonymous said...

Both the lioness and South are capable at their best of pushing both the other teams. Its no certainty yet.

Anonymous said...

South Hobart yes, Kingborough no. Clarence Zebras are a shoe in for the win.